Future Shape 360 Is Touching Down In Denver

Metanoise Future Shape 360

Future Shape 360 Is Touching Down In Denver

Things in Denver are already heating up for the summer. That is to say, different venues throughout the city are preparing to host a vast variety of musical talent. Local favorites along with regional and international artists are all scheduled to head to the Mile High City this year.

One of the most recent show announcements comes from Metanoise. On Saturday, July 30th, they are bringing Future Shape 360 to the Fillmore Auditorium on E Colfax Ave. In fact, this immersive experience will host five different artists, including one group that hasn’t played in the state of Colorado for quite some time! With a capacity of almost 4,000 people, this Denver venue is able to host large shows, events, and indoor music festivals.

Keep reading to learn about the artists playing at Future Shape 360!

Don Diablo

Don Diablo is a Dutch producer, songwriter, and DJ. This forward-thinking musician is always exploring new sounds and genres. Many will recognize his track “Problems” with JLV featuring John K. He has a modern approach to everything he does, continuously displaying his sense of future trends. Throughout his career, he’s collaborated with or remixed artists including Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Madonna, and more. Meanwhile, Don Diablo has performed all over the world, landing at internationally renowned festivals such as Tomorrowland and Ultra Miami.


Cherub is an electronic-indie duo from Nashville, Tenessee. Formed in the year 2010, this group brings a beautiful mix of electronic music with funk, pop, and more which creates a fun, addicting sound. One of their most popular tracks, “Doses & Mimosas“, came out in the year 2014. Their latest album, DJ BJ’s Faves, came out just short of two years ago during the summer of 2020.

Cherub has not performed in Denver in quite some time. Needless to say, the Mile High City is quite overdue for an energetic set from this duo. Is anyone else already getting antsy for their glorious return this summer?

Bass Physics

Denver-based musician, producer, and DJ Bass Physics is also set to perform on July 30th. His mission is “to have a positive impact on the world through the power of music“. He creates a wide variety of sounds and sub-genres including melodic bass, electronic rock, and more. For example, “Pull The Trigger” with SoDown does a great job of showcasing his heavier sound. His live sets are refreshingly diverse, with the use of live instruments including a guitar and keyboard. Furthermore, Bass Physics has performed at Red Rocks, Electric Forest, Global Dance Festival, and more.


Digital and acoustic percussion blend together with electronic sounds to create what is COFRESI. This DJ and producer has upbeat, energy-filled music and his live sets are no different. For instance, he captivates the audience with songs like “Early Night” with Flamingosis and “Keep U High” with Bass Physics. COFRESI has already performed at a few festivals this year including Infrasound Festival in Minnesota. Before his performance this summer at the Fillmore Auditorium, you can also catch him at Summer Camp Festival in Illinois.


The Minneapolis-based DJ and producer, Gigamesh, is an incredibly talented music producer. He is most well-known for producing the instrumentals for Mike Posner’s song, “Cooler Than Me“. After hearing one of his original tracks, like “Control” featuring Caroline Smith, it’s easy to hear his signature sound present itself throughout his tracks and performances. Throughout Gigamesh‘s career, he has completed multiple tours throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Countdown To July

Future Shape 360 is only a few months away! Therefore, Denver is beyond ready for this new immersive experience taking place at the Fillmore Auditorium. Cherub is making their triumphant return to the state, and other artists on the lineup are being welcomed back with open arms.

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Let’s get ready to boogie.

Photos by Gigamesh, Metanoise

Drum N Bass: 5 Female Artists You Need to Hear

Like most electronic music, drum n bass is dominated by male artists. If you don’t know drum n bass aka Dnb is 160 – 180 beats per minute songs consisting of breakbeats, heavy basslines and synthesizers, you are really missing. Its roots go back to the UK in the 90’s and now has grown into several subgenres. With these subgenres come amazing artists and sounds. Here are 5 female dnb artists you need to check out.

1) Nvrsoft

Hailing from Washington DC, this 28 year old brings the heat. Nvrsoft is signed to AudioPorn Records. Nvrsoft was the first US woman to perform at the renowned London nightclub, Fabric. She is mostly known for her liquid drum n bass. Liquid drum n bass is atmospheric, chill and highly melodic. This can really be heard in her song, “Falling.” She also recently dropped a teaser that she would be making and releasing some new music soon.


2) Kyrist

From across the pond, Kyrist has made waves in the Bristol drum n bass scene. Kyrist has wanted to be a DJ her whole life, even going as far as attending a DJ school while she was on summer break from her primary school. With a degree in music production, Kyrist came out swinging. You can hear how perfectly produced her latest track, “Translation” is. It really channels the dark, techy drum n bass she is known for.


3) Mizeyesis

Not only a woman, but a woman of color, Mizeyesis is giving a voice to a whole group of minority drum n bass listeners. From Boston, Mizeyesis believes in music for a cause, with a song featured on “Junglist Resistance” which was an international EP that raised money for various charities. Her Junglist vibe can be heard in her song, “Soundbwoy Haze.” Mizeyesis also announced that she will be visiting Denver sometime in July at a venue to be determined.


4) Flava D

Flava D is a DJ and producer of almost all bass genres, but her dnb is just absolutely gnarly. Hailing from London, Flava D has been going to dnb bars since she was just a teenager. She is mostly known for her liquid and garage style. Garage is more soulful but still super high energy. It is also known for being heavy while not being aggressive. This can be really heard in her song “Bandicoot”.

Flava D

5) Alion

The last woman on our list has a sound that travels all the way from New Zealand. Alion is relatively new to the dnb scene but her sound has an old Junglist soul. She just got signed to Kaitiaki Records back in January. With the announcement of her new label, Alion also released two new songs, “Square” and “History Repeats.”


All in all, these 5 women are creating waves within the drum n bass scene. Whether they have a jungle or liquid vibe, they are definitely worth listening to. Let us know what other female artists you are playing.

Krushendo Releases 2nd Song off Melodic Dubstep EP with Cheyenne Duba on Vocals

Krushendo Releases 2nd Song off Melodic Dubstep EP with Cheyenne Duba on Vocals

Krushendo strikes again with the 2nd melodic dubstep tune off his upcoming EP with Cheyenne Duba entitled,”Break My Fall”. Krushendo has taken Colorado by storm opening for massive acts including ILLENIUM, MiTiS, Crystal Skies, 1788-L, and Getter in just a short period of time.

Upcoming Krushendo Dates

His next upcoming plays are Defunk /w Kyral X Banko on Saturday, May 2nd at 830 North in Fort Collins. Then he hits Rekinection festival with LSDream, Spongle, SoDown, Maddy O’neal, and many more May 21st-23rd then he hurts back to Colorado to open for the man Jantsen in Boulder at the legendary Fox Theater on May 28th.

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Upcoming Shows + Pre-Save Final Tune on EP

Defunk Returns to Colorado Releases Collab with Marvel Years Following SoDown Collab in March

Defunk Returns to Colorado Releases Collab with Marvel Years Following SoDown Collab in March

Dirty funky bass music extraordinaire Defunk is returning to Colorado with Kyral X Banko & Krushendo to 830 North in Fort Collins on Saturday 5/7. This comes just in time for an absolutely massive collaboration with Colorado’s own Marvel Years entitled, “Break Away”. Defunk and Marvel Years years truly brought their a game on this wonky, funky, and heavily rock inspired bass music extravaganza.  

Defunk will be coming to Fort Collins on Saturday May 7th with Kyral X Banko & Krushendo to 830 North.

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Enter to Win 2x Free Tickets to 5/7 Defunk /w Kyral X Banko & Krushendo @ 830 North in Fort Collins!

Kyral X Banko recently just played a completely sold out show at Mission Ballroom with Liquid Stranger / Wakaan. They have taken Colorado by storm in the last few years and just recently sold out their biggest headliner to date at Larimer Lounge with Mport and Stoic. They have several releases and an EP on Liquid Stranger label WAKAAN. Keep your eyes out for these snoitchy bois.

Krushendo is another Colorado hometown hero who recently had his largest headliner at Cervantes Otherside. He just released the first single off his upcoming EP entitled, “Believe in Myself”. He also has plays in St Louis at Rekinection Festival with LSDream, Spongle, SoDown, and many more on May 21-23rd and then again with Jantsen in Boulder, CO on 5/28 at The Fox.

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Top 5 Music Venues To Visit In Arkansas

1. The Rev Room

Revolution Music Room is located in the historic River-Market district of Little Rock, Arkansas. Rev Room caters to a wide variety of music year-round. This venue has been serving the music community since 2006. From locals to top-level national touring artists, your night out here will be one to remember!

2. George’s Majestic Lounge

Established in 1972 and located in Fayetteville, AR, George’s Majestic Lounge features a full bar and frequent performances! This is presumably the oldest and longest-running club and live music venue in Arkansas. Many locals recall social events, dances, and music out on the old patio as far back as the 1930s. Some well-known artists who have graced their stage include Sam Hunt, Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line, Band of Horses and many more!

3. The Hall

Located in Little Rock, AR, The Hall is one of the newest live music & event spaces located on historic West 9th Street in Downtown. This venue has hosted a myriad of concerts across all genres of music as well as private events including weddings, galas, and corporate functions.

4. Jimmy Driftwood Music Barn

This unique music venue is in Mountain View, AR. The Music Barn is for bringing you the best local talent around. Frequent attendees describe this spot as having an amazing atmosphere and describe the staff and crowd to be warm and welcoming. They also have a Folk Hall of Fame!

5. First Security Amphitheater

First Security Amphitheater is located in Little Rock, AR and is Arkansas’s premiere outdoor concert venue. This outdoor stage has an incredible view located right on the Arkansas River and is within one of Little Rock’s largest and most popular public parks.


If you ever find yourself in Arkansas or want to travel somewhere new, keep in mind the music scene in Arkansas when planning. They have so many unique venues across the state that I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you’ll enjoy!

5 Chillstep Artists to Listen to

We introduced you to Chillstep earlier this month with an in-depth breakdown. Chillstep music has been an ever-growing trend in the EDM scene over the past few years, and it’s no surprise why. Chillstep combines the relaxing elements of ambient music with the syncopated beats of drum and bass to create a perfect sound for unwinding after a long day or just curling up on the couch and chilling out to some good tunes. Below are 5 chill-step artists that you may not know about that have recently released new tracks or EPs. Make sure to check them out and support them by buying their tracks!

1) Rameses B

Rameses B

First on our list, Rameses B is the artist that perfectly blends between hip-hop and chillstep. Based in the UK, Rameses B has been making music since 2003. He has a great selection of songs, many of which are based on video games. Many people recognize his music from League of Legends commercials. He has a trilogy out called “Spacewalk, Spacewalk 2, and Spacewalk 3” that is chillstep gold!

2) CMA


Next to bless your ears, CMA has been creating music for about a year now. He originally started making rap music and transitioned into chillstep when he discovered some of his favorite artists were creating their own takes on it. Based out of the Netherlands, CMA spent the pandemic recording his latest “Downfall.” His style combines elements of hip-hop with ambient synths to create a dreamy style that is both interesting and easy to listen to. With over 6 million plays on SoundCloud, you can tell that CMA‘s passion resonates with people all over the world.

3) Oliver Lie

Olive Lie

Third on our list, Oliver Lie is a long-time favorite of many chillstep listeners. Hailing from Norway, Oliver Lie brings his global sound into his music. His most popular song Reign has amassed over 1 million plays on SoundCloud, and he has released several full-length albums. His newest track, “Now that I Know You” just dropped on Soundcloud a few weeks ago.

4) SizzleBird


Up next, SizzleBird is a musician, producer, and DJ that has recently been on fire for chillstep music. His newest single, “City Lights” dropped on Soundcloud just a few weeks ago. His style of music makes it easy to find yourself moving your head along with him. Also a violin player, SizzleBird brings melodic harmony into all of his songs. Whether he’s playing violin or fiddling around with electronic sounds, he always seems to catch listeners off guard by implementing some unexpected melody into his tracks.

5) Cloudnone


Last on our list, Cloudnone produces a style of music that’s difficult to classify. He claims his sound is the intersection between chillstep and trap, a genre-bending description that actually makes sense after listening to his work. Listening to Cloudnone‘s tracks, you can hear what he means—it’s not quite chillstep and it’s not quite a hip hop; but at its core, it’s definitely soulful!


As you can see, there are plenty of new Chillstep songs to check out. Each artist in our list has their own style and sound that could help you travel to a new musical elevation. Take a look at these recommendations and let us know what you think! Which one is your favorite? Do you have a suggestion for another chillstep artist? Let us know!

The Top 5 Music Festivals To Attend In Argentina

Lollapalooza Argentina

The Top 5 Music Festivals To Attend In Argentina

The music scene in Argentina is vibrant and alive, and it’s no surprise why the country hosts some of the best music festivals in South America. They range from intimate underground music festivals to large-scale events held in massive outdoor venues, so you’re sure to find something that interests you no matter your taste in music. Read on to discover the top five music festivals to attend in Argentina.

1) Cosquín Rock

Cosquín Rock is a two-day music festival that takes place in Cosquín, Argentina. Its first year was in 2001 and it has been held every year since then. Every winter, more than 600 bands participate in Cosquín Rock. There are no genre limitations to who can play. Everything from jazz to punk rock is represented, so you’re sure to find something you like! Throughout the weekend, over 150 different artists perform live across the festival’s seven stages. Tickets for the festival are sold online as well as at various physical locations.

2) Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival

The Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival is a great way to kick off your music festival trip. This 10-day event takes place in December and features more than 30 live acts, mostly jazz and soul artists. If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, you can opt for smaller performances at bars and pubs throughout the city. Buenos Aires is known as one of Latin America’s Jazz capitals, so if you have an appreciation for good tunes, you should definitely try to attend.

3) Pepsi Music Festival

This festival takes place annually in Buenos Aires. It got its start in the year 2003 and is sponsored by the US company Pepsi. Attendees have the chance to enjoy 10 or more days of music at this festival. Furthermore, the festival takes place at a few different venues, including River Plate Stadium. This music festival has great displays of popular artists and bands that have risen to popularity over time, such as AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Elton John, etc. Over 200,000 people attend every year, making it one of the largest and longest music festivals in Argentina.

4) Personal Fest

This two-day festival is held every year in Buenos Aires and features many local and international artists. When you attend Personal Fest, you won’t only be listening to up-and-coming musical acts. In fact, artists that have previously performed at this festival include Lorde, MGMT, Arctic Monkeys, and more. This festival is perfect for those who want to experience good music while interacting with like-minded people. Not only that, but it’s easy to get there since buses are available from most neighborhoods in town!

5) Lollapalooza Argentina

Lollapalooza is one of South America’s biggest music festivals, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With big names like Aerosmith and The Black Keys headlining its 2014 lineup, Lollapalooza draws thousands of revelers to hear an eclectic mix of local and international artists each year. This year, it is taking place from March 18th – 20th at Hipódromo de San Isidro. Some artists on the 2022 lineup include Boombox Cartel, Chris Lake, Martin Garrix, Goldfish, and Channel Tres. For those in Buenos Aires looking for a great time during the summer months, there is no better option than Lollapalooza. Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to party!


When planning your next trip to South America, consider stopping by one of these fantastic music festivals in Argentina. There’s no shortage of incredible live music and unique experiences that are sure to thrill any traveler who loves exploring new places and trying out local culture. All it takes is a little research and a willingness to go with the flow. There are plenty of incredible music festivals in Argentina; these are just five we think you should check out during your next trip.

Photos by Cosquín Rock, d&b audiotechnik, garbage disco, Lollapalooza Argentina, Turismo Buenos Aires

5 Netherlands Music Festivals To Stack Your Summer

5 Netherlands Music Festivals To Stack Your Summer

The music festival season in the Netherlands starts in June and continues through August, with at least one major music festival happening every weekend. These five festivals span different genres and showcase some of the most popular performers including Disclosure and Alan Walker. Whether you’re into electronic music or pop music, there’s something here for you this summer! Grab your passport, get some discounted airfare, and travel to the Netherlands. Let Party Guru plan your summer in the Netherlands with this list!

1) Best Kept Secret

Crowd from Best Kept Secret

Taking place from June 10th to June 12th, this festival is kicking off our list. Best Kept Secret takes place on a grassy field surrounded by farmlands, which contribute to it’s charming atmosphere. There are no corporate sponsors or VIP areas—just four stages, one for each of their musical genres: rock, pop, electronic, and world. The Strokes and Alt-J are just a few of the many performers on this stacked lineup.

2) Defqon.1

Taking place from June 23rd through June 26th, this three-day music festival showcases hardstyle and other sub-genres of EDM. A relatively affordable ticket costs around $125 USD, a bargain considering admission gets you into three days of performances by industry leading DJ’s. This year is the 19th anniversary of the Netherlands festival. Some of the performing artists are Nosferatu and Miss K8.

3) Down The Rabbit Hole

From July 1st through July 3rd, this event is sure to be more than memorable. With a super-stacked line-up of 62 artists, including Disclosure, The Gorillaz, and Erykah Badu, Down the Rabbit Hole is one you don’t want to miss. No matter if you are camping, swimming, finding hidden discos, or eating at one of the dozens of restaurants, there will be music, art, and performers nearby for you to enjoy.

4) Lowlands Festival

A few hours south of Amsterdam, at Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands will host Lowlands Festival from August 19th through August 21st.This festival is a three-day event featuring some of today’s biggest names in music. You can find big names like the Arctic Monkeys, James Blake and Rufus du Sol gracing the stages.

5) Mysteryland

The Netherlands invites you to Mysteryland; a three-day electronic dance festival featuring some of the best producers and DJs out there. Mysteryland will kick off on August 26th through August 28th. A few of the artists scheduled to perform are Cat Dealers, DJ Snake, and Alan Walker.


Music festivals are a Dutch staple, and there is always something going on. Whether you’re looking for a festival filled with electronic sounds or pop music, there is a festival for everyone. With so many options, it should be easy to find one that will entertain you from beginning to end—and bring a whole new meaning to partying like a Party Guru.

5 Music Venues In Alaska To Blow Your Mind

5 Music Venues In Alaska To Blow Your Mind

Alaska’s got more natural beauty than you can shake a stick at, but there’s plenty of man-made magic to be found as well. If you’re looking to plan your next trip to Alaska, consider making it music-themed. This state has some of the best venues in the country! From intimate jazz joints to rowdy rock bars to laidback music cafes, you’ll find it all here. Here are five music venues in Alaska that will blow your mind!

1)The Seward Alehouse

You’ll find Alaska’s most beloved breweries at the Seward Alehouse. Their seasonal beers are delicious, but their menu of craft cocktails is to die for! You should definitely stop by and get something to eat while you enjoy one of their famous brews. The food is delicious, and even if it wasn’t, it would still be worth visiting for their great lineup of beer alone. Their music lineup is just as amazing as their beer lineup, with multiple genres of music rolling through. With everything from 80’s and Latin, to country and electronic, the Seward Alehouse will have something for everyone to love.

2) The Alaskan Bar

There are a lot of great music venues in Alaska, but the Alaskan Bar might be my favorite. Located right on the strip downtown (you can’t miss it!), you can hear some amazing local bands. Built in 1913, the Alaskan Bar operates inside of the Alaskan Hotel, the oldest hotel in Alaska. With weekly karaoke nights, jam bands and open mic nights, every night at the Alaskan Bar is a party!

3) Anchorage City Limits Music Cafe

Located just off of busy East Fourth Avenue, Anchorage City Limits (often called ACL) is a local favorite. What sets Anchorage City Limits apart from other local venues is their emphasis on supporting and showcasing Alaskan bands. If you’re an aspiring musician or are just looking for somewhere to have a fun night out with friends, check out Anchorage City Limits.

4) Juneau Jazz & Classics

The Juneau Jazz & Classics live music venue can be found on Front Street and offers a range of musical genres, including blues, rock, jazz and classical. The venue hosts local bands and musicians every night of the week and has been featured on numerous nationally syndicated radio programs. The club also features one of Alaska’s most impressive selections of spirits; many guests describe it as Juneau’s best bar.

5) The Malemute Saloon

A visit to Fairbanks, AK is not complete without a trip to The Malemute Saloon. If you like your music live and your beer frothy, then you’ll love a night out on their front porch. Listen to some of Alaska’s finest musicians while sipping local brews. This venue is filled with good music, good beer, and tons of history. It is attached to the Ester Gold Camp, which was founded in 1936. So grab a beer, listen to some tunes and take in some stories from the old gold mining days.


There are countless ways to have fun and take in awesome musical experiences when visiting Alaska. The above-mentioned venues offer a diverse collection of music, from classical to pop, rock, and electronic. Now that the world is reopening, the time to travel and see new places is now. If you’re looking for something new or love catching a performance by your favorite artist, then be sure to make one of these venues part of your next trip!

The Top 5 Music Festivals To Attend In New Zealand

Bay Dreams

The Top 5 Music Festivals To Attend In New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country located in the South Pacific Ocean. This country is home to breathtaking views, lots of volcanoes, and crystal clear waters. Additionally, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in New Zealand. So, not only can those traveling to New Zealand visit Hobbiton, but they can also enjoy some of the country’s great music festivals. Keep reading to learn about the top five music festivals in New Zealand. They are sure to be the perfect addition to your trip!

1) Rhythm and Vines

New Zealand’s largest music festival is located in the city of Gisborne. Rhythm and Vines is an internationally known festival that takes place over the course of three days. Most commonly, the festival takes place on New Year’s Eve weekend. However, the next edition of the festival is set to take place over Easter weekend. Attendees have the choice to buy single-day passes or weekend passes. Camping and hotel/motel packages are available for those staying for all three days. Furthermore, some locals in Gisborne even rent their houses out during the festival so that attendees can stay the weekend in style. Rhythm and Vines has previously hosted world-famous artists including RL Grime, Disclosure, and Juice WRLD.

2) Homegrown

Jim Beam’s Homegrown is a one-day festival at Wellington Waterfront. Known as “Kiwi Music’s Biggest Party” this festival celebrates music and community. Over 40 bands and DJs take to five massive stages to perform music of varying genres. For example, attendees can expect to hear reggae, hip hop, pop, drum & bass, and more. Music isn’t the only thing to enjoy here. Delicious food options and carnival rides help everyone kick off festival season with a bang. Unfortunately, the 2022 edition of Homegrown had to be cancelled. 2023 will most likely sell out, so those hoping to attend should secure their tickets soon.

3) Bay Dreams

Bay Dreams merges music and art in a truly beautiful place. This annual music festival is held in two different locations each year. 20,000 to 30,000 people attend the festival each year, making it one of New Zealand’s largest festivals. Artists that have previously performed at Bay Dreams include Flux Pavilion, Flume, Netsky, and many more.

4) Splore Festival

Splore Festival is a perfectly unique festival that takes place on the shores of Tāpapakanga Regional Park. This three-day boutique festival calls itself “Aotearoa’s greatest dress up party”. Splore Festival doesn’t just focus on music each year. Yes, it hosts a variety of musical acts, but it also focuses on art and surprises to delight each and every attendee. Discover workshops, flash mobs, and more around every turn. Additionally, each year has a theme that everyone can dress up to if they so desire. And, Saturday night is always the most extravagant, focusing on carnival and color!

5) WOMAD New Zealand

WOMAD stands for World Of Music, Arts, and Dance. Known as “the world’s festival”, WOMAD New Zealand takes place over three days. This festival features musicians, artists, speakers, dancers, and more. One of the missions that WOMAD New Zealand has is “to excite, to inform, and to create awareness of the worth and potential of a multicultural society”. This family-oriented festival continues to bring camping, vendors, and more to attendees every single year.


If you love arts, music, camping, and memories made to last a lifetime, you’ll surely love the music festivals that New Zealand has to offer. Local performers as well as world-renowned acts make appearances at these music festivals each year. One of the best parts about attending a music festival in New Zealand is getting to explore this beautiful country while there! Volcanoes, crystal clear water, and even movie sets are part of what makes New Zealand so special. We definitely recommend adding one or more of these amazing music festivals to your list!

Photos by Bay Dreams, Homegrown, Rhythm and Vines, Splore Festival, WOMAD New Zealand