Gridlife: Alpine Horizon Fest: Cars and a Stacked Lineup

Do you love cars, racing, video games, or music? Then we have just the festival for you. Alpine Horizon Festival is taking place this September 9th through 11th. It guarantees 72 hours of jam packed goodies, including car culture immersion, music, camping, and more. This festival has a goal of merging multiple cultures under one badass festival. We all have more than one hobby so why not get to enjoy all of our favorite things in one place? With 14 artists on the lineup and tons of car experiences, this is gonna be a festival for the record books.

Festival Details

 For the car junkies, there will be 100s of racecars, world renown drifters, and car shows.There are also track days available if you want to give your car a run or two. There are three different track options depending on your level of experience and all include both classroom and track sessions.  If you aren’t quite car crazy yet and want to do more than look at cars or drive cars, there is a video-game barcade, rc drifting, a crazy craft drifting course and a killer lineup with music Friday and Saturday. So who all is playing?

The Lineup

With 10 artists playing between Friday and Saturday, this lineup is sure to have something for everyone. Headlining the event is Trippie Redd. He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Mostly known for his SoundCloud bangers, he has over 1 million followers on the platform. His most liked song on the platform, “Dark Knight Dummo (ft. Travis Scott)” has gained over a million likes.

Also on the lineup is Sueco. Former beatmaker turned performer. Sueco has grown his rap career successfully, with artists like Offset, Illenium and Trippie Redd collaborating with him. Rap duo City Morgue is also performing. Formed in 2017, this duo has been through the game and back. Their first sold out show was in 2018 and they have only gained more of a following since then.

Lineup Part 2

Next on the lineup is Xavier Wulf. Born in Memphis, based in LA , Xavier Wulf is a founding father in the “trap-metal” genre. During the 2010s when it was just in its infancy, it went hand in hand with BMX culture. Xavier Wulf released his first solo project in 2012, although it wasn’t until the release of Blood Shore Season 1 in 2014 that Wulf started to develop the sound that he’s so well known for.

Up next, Coming all the way from Canada is Night Lovell. First going viral in 2014, Night Lovell is no stranger to fame and notoriety. He has been busy in the studio this year with his song, “Mr. Make Her Dance” that just dropped in April. Alabama rapper Jake Hill is also on the lineup. Most known for his diss track against Jake Paul’s, “It’s Everyday Bro”, his hype sound is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Haarper is also set to perform. Hailing from the Bay Area, Haarper has been on his grind and rise to top. His hard beats and grimy sound have led him to being a trending artist on SoundCloud. Wovvoka is also on the lineup. Getting her name from the shaman who created the Ghost Dance Movement, her music is described as high energy and you know she’s going to bring that same energy level to her set.

Adding some flavor to the mix, Puppet is bringing his punk-pop EDM sound to the festival too. Hailing from Chicago, Puppet is no stranger to the punk and grunge scene. Bringing the sounds from his childhood to the new sounds of EDM, Puppet has a unique sound. Wrapping up the lineup is the band Cliffdiver. Cliffdiver is an elevator emo pop band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. On their first tour since the pandemic, they are beyond excited to perform! 

Lineup Part 3 & Thriller Records Takeover

Lastly, there will also be a Thriller Records Takeover with 4 of their artists slated to play. First up is Call Me Karizma. His new song, “Sad Money” dropped on SoundCloud on May 20th.  His blend of hip-hop and punk music makes him a perfect addition to the lineup. Next on the Thriller Records lineup is Rain City Drive. Formerly known as Slaves, this band is no stranger to the limelight. Their song ,”Talk to a Friend” has over 17 million plays on Spotify.

Also on the lineup is AVOID. They are a band who avoids categorizing their sound into one genre. Known for being edgy, wacky and erratic; this is one set you are going to want to see.  Wrapping up the Thriller Records Takeover is Not a Toy. Not a Toy members consider themselves a genre-bending collective versus a rock band. Their new self-titled EP is out now and gaining traction among listeners.

You’ve Got the Lineup Let’s Chat Tickets

So, now that you’ve heard all the cool fun things happening at Alpine Horizon, and you’ve been introduced to the sick and stacked lineup, let’s chat about ticket prices. GA tickets start at $95. It includes access Friday to Sunday. Events included in this event are the Paddock, Barcade, Showcase, and access to the music.

If you want to get fully immersed in the festival, VIP tickets start at only $195. They get you all the GA stuff, plus an EXTRA day. That’s right!!  You will get early access on Thursday. On top of that, you also get a limited edition swag bag, a drift taxi raffle entry, a VIP only viewing area and bar.  There is also camping available. Vehicle camping passes are $125 for the regular sized lots and $195 for the XL vehicle sites that want more than one tent set up. RV passes are also available for only $195.  

Wrap Up

With camping, all things car lover, a barcade and a stacked lineup. This is one festival you just do not want to miss. With something for everyone, this is sure to be a banger! For more info and to purchase tickets, visit the Gridlife website.

When Hip Hop’s Rick Ross And Fashion Meet

When Hip Hop’s Rick Ross And Fashion Meet

This Sunday hip hop rapper, Rick Ross & Friends + the Life of Fashion Show will be gracing Reelworks. Opening in 1945, the original company in the building was a tinsmith manufacturing facility. They specialized in steel and aluminum film reels for Hollywood. Fast forward to the 90’s, this building was known as Exdo Center. Originally, the owners were trying to get the neighborhood to be nicknamed “Exdo” for “Extended Downtown” but ultimately “Rino” was chosen. 

The building remained Exdo Center until the pandemic, when all of the live event venues were shuttered. Fear not, for it was during the pandemic when the building was reborn again. With $250,000 in renovations, the building was refurbished to be able to host more music events. Now a sprawling 3-D projection mapping system and JBL sound system allow the newly named Reelworks to host all types of events, including hip hop events. All of these upgrades make Reelworks a perfect venue for this hip hop event.

The Fashion Show

Starting the event promptly at 3 PM is the Life of Fashion show presented by Fashion Experience. Hosted by Milk Chris and The Session, Kush Alumni, 719 – 303 Promotions,The Chelstine Brand, KDJ Above and DJ Distreet, this fashion show features local clothing brands and designers that are sure to wow the crowd. With 20-40 models walking the runway, this is one event you shouldn’t miss. On top of the models, the fashion show also has performances by hip hop artists Jay Triiiple, Troy Good, J4, and JSON. This fashion show is the perfect pre-game for Rick Ross.

Keep Hustlin’

After the fashion show and a short intermission, the concert begins at 9 PM. With a banging lineup, this concert is sure to pop off. Headlining is Rick Ross. L.A. native, Rick Ross started his musical career in 2006 with his debut single Hustlin.” Then, he went on to sign a multimillion dollar deal with Def Jam Records. From there, his empire only grew. He founded Maybach Music Group in 2009 and was voted the “Hottest MC” by MTV in 2012. Outside of music, Rick Ross is also an acclaimed author, with his book, “The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire” debuting in 2021. On top of Rick Ross, there are also some killer local support acts.

The Locals

First up are AP and A Meazy. AP has been touring Texas and California recently. Though, Denver is ready to have him back home. AP’s most recent album, “Big Homie 2” dropped last year so you know he is ready to bring his all to his performance. A Meazy is an advocate for mental health within the black community and uses his platform to preach self-care and self love. This message came across loud and clear in his album,“Protect Your Energy”, which dropped last year. He will be ready to keep spreading that message at the performance.

Also on the line-up is female hip hop rapper Mo-Luv. An independent artist, Mo-Luv is hitting the stage to prove that women can be rappers too. Her songs channel the struggles of living as a Black Woman in America, but also love and happiness. Last on the lineup is Tana 10 Birdz. He is also unsigned and is most known for his song, “Courtside.” His love for Denver is noticed in all of his songs and Denver will be ready to love him Sunday night.


This event is jam-packed with fun events and performers traveling from near and far. It is sure to be a banging event, so be sure to get your tickets now. For event details and tickets visit here.

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Action Bronson: Rapper, Author, Bread Maker

Action Bronson: Rapper, Author, Bread Maker

The concerts of 2022 are coming in hot! Action Bronson played a banger of a hip hop show last night at Mission Ballroom. Mission Ballroom, one of Denver’s newest venues, is known for hosting both intimate and large shows, thanks to the first-of-its-kind flexible stage. Last night, Mission Ballroom was graced by the NBA Leather Tour featuring rapper Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt, The Alchemist, and Boldy James. All of these artists have released or are releasing new music so it was sure to be a good night. 

First on stage were the Alchemist and Boldy James. The Alchemist is a rapper and producer hailing from Beverly Hills, California, while Boldy James is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan. With the perfect combination of East and West, these guys make hip-hop sound just right. The Alchemist, behind the decks, was dropping hot beat after hot beat. Meanwhile, Boldy kept the crowd singing and dancing. They played some bumping songs from their new album “Bo Jackson, which had the crowd getting down their whole set! 

The Beat Goes On

Up next after a brief intermission were Earl Sweatshirt and Black Noi$e on the decks. A Chicago-born rapper, Earl Sweatshirt brought that Chicago hustle to Denver for a night.  His brand new album, Sick just dropped on the 13th of this month, so he came ready with some fire from it. Black Noi$e hails from Detroit and his grimy beats showed it.  By the end of their set, the crowd was moshing and shouting, ready to keep the party going. 

Photos by Kyle Brim

Lights, Camera, Action

Finally, after another brief intermission, the crowd finally got what they came for: Action Bronson. From making bread in a New York bakery just a few weeks ago, to making that bread on the stage, Action Bronson gave it his all with each of his endeavors. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Action Bronson was born with the heart of a hustler. Outside of his music career as a rapper, Action Bronson is a TV persona, hosting his own show, “F*** that’s Delicious,” and an author, with his latest book, “F*** It, I’ll Start Tomorrow” on pre-order now. 


While his books feed the mind, and his show feeds any appetite, his music truly feeds the soul. With Daringer behind the decks, Action Bronson came out full of energy, throwing water bottles into the crowd and flexing. He played some of his top hits, including Baby Blue and Red Dot Music that got the crowd hyped. His experience as a story teller truly showed in his set, with many dramatic and high-energy moments .His hype and dramatic stage presence had the crowd begging for more. At one point, he showed some love by throwing pre-rolls into the crowd! He finished off his set with gratitude and love for Denver and the crowd gave it right back. 

Action Bronson and his NBA Leather Tour are traveling to Chicago next. Get the tour details here

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Wale Drops Hip-Hop Flower Bombs In Denver

The Ogden Theatre is one of Colorado’s oldest venues. On February 6th, it hosted one of 2022’s hottest acts last night: Wale and his Under the Blue Moon Tour. Opening in 1919, the Ogden saw its share of vaudeville and even live showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show when it was a movie theater in the ’80s. These days, thanks to a renovation in the ’90s, the Ogden hosts 150 shows annually, and it was Wale’s time to shine. This is Wale’s first tour since his most recent album “Forlarin II dropped, and his first tour since the pandemic. 

The Openers

With a sold-out show, the evening opened up with some amazing locals, including Ave Grim and Trayce Chapman. First up, Ave Grim has been hard on the grind with his new EP, “Therapy Session” dropping March 18th. However, Ave Grimm was feeling the love. Instead of dropping some of his heavier hip-hop songs, he was dropping it slow, with sexy jams for all the ladies in the building.

Next up was Trayce Chapman. He was happy to be back performing both of his newest EPs, both of which dropped back in 2021. His songs brought the grit and hustle that hip-hop listeners love. Both of these artists are true Coloradoans, bringing that Mile High energy and love to their hip-hop that had the crowd jumping. By the end of their sets, the crowd had filled in and was vibing hard. 

The Show goes on

Next on stage was Cam Wallace. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Wallace brings that Southern sound into his performance. A well versed- songwriter, producer and now recording artist, Cam Wallace puts his heart and soul into everything he does on stage. Cam Wallace lifted the energy in the venue even higher, dropping hard and fast verses. He definitely got the crowd hype and people were shouting along to his songs. 

Next up was Guapdad 4000. Bringing that California vibe he grew up around, Guapdad 4000 came with the party songs and dance moves that had the crowd lit. He was extra hype because the last time he was in Colorado and performed here was actually at the Ogden, weeks before the initial venue shutdowns happened during the pandemic. The highlight of his set was when he Facetimed Thundercat and performed their song, “Dragonball Durag”. By the end of their song, the venue was completely full, and everyone was ready to keep the party going with Wale.

Wale came out on the stage and the crowd went wild. The Grammy Award winner had the most vibrant stage, with a recliner chair surrounded by the most colorful flowers. Performing a mix of his music old and new, everyone got to hear their favorite song. Wale also didn’t forget about the ladies. Singing some of his sexier tracks, including Lotus Flower Bomb,” Wale threw roses out to the ladies, who were already head over heels for him. Just because he was serenading the ladies doesn’t mean he left out the fellas either. He ended his set with his verse on Waka’s “No Hands that left the crowd hype.

Photos by: Idalis Richardson

All of these rappers brought their A-game to Denver, and the crowd was loving it. Continuing on the Under the Blue Moon tour, next up the boys are traveling to Seattle and then onward to California. Check out tour details here.

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Migos Brings “Halloween Tings” To CU Boulder

Migos, largely recognized as some of the top figures and performers in the global hip-hop scene today, are bringing their “Halloween Ting” event to the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado at the end of this month. Composed of individual artists Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset, the three Migos are constantly topping the Hip-Hop charts, and are individually as successful as they are together. Migos hardly ever comes to Colorado, so it is a real treat to have them out for this one. Migos are truly some of the top artists in hip-hop today. It is going to be one lit Halloween up at the University of Colorado Boulder this year!

Supporting Artists Coming In Hot

The supporting lineup featured is equally as hot. Jacquees, Blxst, Omb Peezy, and June Poole perform before Migos hits the stage – we expect them to heat up the venue all night in preparation for the three headliners. Jacquees hit singles “B.E.D” and “Trip” are some top highlights – and we can’t wait to see these songs performed live. Featuring beats by the legendary DJ Cook, the night is going to be a can’t-miss event for any rap and hip-hop lovers in the state.

Ticket and Event Information

The event takes place at the CU Events Center Arena on Saturday, October 30. Tickets start at only $39. 
Tickets can be found online at Grab them while they still last – and get ready to turn up this Halloween!

Tripp At Knight

Trippie Redd came through Denver Colorado this past Tuesday for a stop on the Tripp At Knight tour with SoFaygo and K Suave.

Starting out the evening, K Suave came out with all the energy truly igniting the crowd! Throughout his performance K Suave displayed his appreciation for his supporters, getting in the crowd amongst everyone while continuing to perform! Following K Suave, SoFaygo came to the stage with some heat starting the set with his song “Off the Map”. While performing he took off the hoodie he was wearing and threw it into the crowd as the beat dropped.

Article & Photos By: Ethan Klement

Rounding up his North American tour Trippie Redd has truly made his mark. From the massive LED screen, Co2 canons and light show this tours production is one to be reckoned with! Aside from the amazing display of the production and his visuals Trippie Redd ended the night with a bang. Rinsing through numerous of his platinum songs such as “F**k Love” a collaboration with XXXtentacion and “Taking a Walk” a track from a previous album, Life’s A Trip. The Crowd was eager for him to perform his latest hit “Miss the Rage” with Playboi Carti, right when the beat dropped for the song the crowd went crazy! Trippie Redd truly performs like a rock star!

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Mile High Concert with Em Possible, Know Self


Last Sunday, singer-songwriter extraordinaire Em Possible put on a mesmerizing concert. It was at Mile High Spirits in downtown Denver. She hails from the mile high city herself. Em has been singing since before she could talk. She’s spoken and performed at TEDx events. You might have seen her at Denver’s Stars and Stripes Streetfest this summer. Now, her albums Stupid Love and Time are available everywhere.

Following Em tonight was talented rapper Know Self. He formally calls himself Knowledge Thyself. During the concert, the rapper translated his name into his art exceptionally. Know Self‘s mission is to heal and activate through music. His top songs are “Conscious Thought” and “The Healing.” Clearly, his music is full of philosophy and enlightenment. Check out his recent album Flight of the Phoenix.

Accompanied by a lively band, Em Possible’s voice hypnotized the audience immediately. Ranging from sweet and raspy to funky and resounding, the artist defined herself tonight as truly genre-defying. Her performance was sweet yet spicy. It was girly yet, funky. Also, soothing yet, invigorating. Above all, angsty electric guitar accentuated powerful vocals perfectly. The downtown street echoed her unique sound as concertgoers enjoyed the show. Ted Kleist on the guitar truly showed out.

Em’s most entrancing moment was her performance of “Monday Morning.” Raw emotion from the singer filled the venue during this song. Immediately, the funky ballad echoed an excellent combination of soul and rock. Then, she closed her part of the concert with a cover of Emotional Oranges’ “West Coast Love”. Em’s voice complemented the lyrics and vibes with perfect precision. The artist added an edgy twist to the cool beach bop.

Em Possible and Know Self performed a surprise collaboration. Her lovely vocals and his hype lines bounced off each other in awesome harmony. The intimate venue glowed with pink and purple, blue and green lights. Enchantingly, the unexpected duo collaborated onstage. In conclusion, this collaboration cemented the night as fantastically genre-defying.

Spiritual rapper Know Self followed Em’s wonderful set. Refined and uplifting, Know Self’s lyrics took Mile High Spirits on a journey of encouraging enlightenment. It is no exaggeration to say that Know Self was absolutely spitting bars. Continually, I was impressed by his smooth voice and flawless delivery. DJ Roadhouse’s harmonic melodies complemented the rapper’s words. The lyrics were enlightening. Vulnerably, his words were raw and real. No doubt about it, Know Self is a rapper to look out for.

Chat With Em Possible

I caught up with Em Possible after her captivating set. Have a look into her artistic development:

Question: Who inspired you to make music?

Em: My friend Craig in high school taught me how to play a little bit of guitar. Unfortunately, he passed away a year after. I felt like I had to keep going for him.

Question: Which person would you love to collaborate with? Dead or alive?

Em: Amy Winehouse! Someone alive, though, who inspired me to step outside my comfort zone, would be ZZ Ward.

Question: How would you describe your music?

Em: Funk rock!

Party Guru has a full interview with Em Possible by Danielle Sparano here.

Go check out these two superb artists!

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