Migos Brings “Halloween Tings” To CU Boulder

Migos, largely recognized as some of the top figures and performers in the global hip-hop scene today, are bringing their “Halloween Ting” event to the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado at the end of this month. Composed of individual artists Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset, the three Migos are constantly topping the Hip-Hop charts, and are individually as successful as they are together. Migos hardly ever comes to Colorado, so it is a real treat to have them out for this one. Migos are truly some of the top artists in hip-hop today. It is going to be one lit Halloween up at the University of Colorado Boulder this year!

Supporting Artists Coming In Hot

The supporting lineup featured is equally as hot. Jacquees, Blxst, Omb Peezy, and June Poole perform before Migos hits the stage – we expect them to heat up the venue all night in preparation for the three headliners. Jacquees hit singles “B.E.D” and “Trip” are some top highlights – and we can’t wait to see these songs performed live. Featuring beats by the legendary DJ Cook, the night is going to be a can’t-miss event for any rap and hip-hop lovers in the state.

Ticket and Event Information

The event takes place at the CU Events Center Arena on Saturday, October 30. Tickets start at only $39. 
Tickets can be found online at www.cubuffs.com. Grab them while they still last – and get ready to turn up this Halloween!

Tripp At Knight

Trippie Redd came through Denver Colorado this past Tuesday for a stop on the Tripp At Knight tour with SoFaygo and K Suave.

Starting out the evening, K Suave came out with all the energy truly igniting the crowd! Throughout his performance K Suave displayed his appreciation for his supporters, getting in the crowd amongst everyone while continuing to perform! Following K Suave, SoFaygo came to the stage with some heat starting the set with his song “Off the Map”. While performing he took off the hoodie he was wearing and threw it into the crowd as the beat dropped.

Article & Photos By: Ethan Klement

Rounding up his North American tour Trippie Redd has truly made his mark. From the massive LED screen, Co2 canons and light show this tours production is one to be reckoned with! Aside from the amazing display of the production and his visuals Trippie Redd ended the night with a bang. Rinsing through numerous of his platinum songs such as “F**k Love” a collaboration with XXXtentacion and “Taking a Walk” a track from a previous album, Life’s A Trip. The Crowd was eager for him to perform his latest hit “Miss the Rage” with Playboi Carti, right when the beat dropped for the song the crowd went crazy! Trippie Redd truly performs like a rock star!

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Mile High Concert with Em Possible, Know Self

Last Sunday, singer-songwriter extraordinaire Em Possible put on a mesmerizing concert. It was at Mile High Spirits in downtown Denver. She hails from the mile high city herself. Em has been singing since before she could talk. She’s spoken and performed at TEDx events. You might have seen her at Denver’s Stars and Stripes Streetfest this summer. Now, her albums Stupid Love and Time are available everywhere.

Following Em tonight was talented rapper Know Self. He formally calls himself Knowledge Thyself. During the concert, the rapper translated his name into his art exceptionally. Know Self‘s mission is to heal and activate through music. His top songs are “Conscious Thought” and “The Healing.” Clearly, his music is full of philosophy and enlightenment. Check out his recent album Flight of the Phoenix.

Accompanied by a lively band, Em Possible’s voice hypnotized the audience immediately. Ranging from sweet and raspy to funky and resounding, the artist defined herself tonight as truly genre-defying. Her performance was sweet yet spicy. It was girly yet, funky. Also, soothing yet, invigorating. Above all, angsty electric guitar accentuated powerful vocals perfectly. The downtown street echoed her unique sound as concertgoers enjoyed the show. Ted Kleist on the guitar truly showed out.

Em’s most entrancing moment was her performance of “Monday Morning.” Raw emotion from the singer filled the venue during this song. Immediately, the funky ballad echoed an excellent combination of soul and rock. Then, she closed her part of the concert with a cover of Emotional Oranges’ “West Coast Love”. Em’s voice complemented the lyrics and vibes with perfect precision. The artist added an edgy twist to the cool beach bop.

Em Possible and Know Self performed a surprise collaboration. Her lovely vocals and his hype lines bounced off each other in awesome harmony. The intimate venue glowed with pink and purple, blue and green lights. Enchantingly, the unexpected duo collaborated onstage. In conclusion, this collaboration cemented the night as fantastically genre-defying.

Spiritual rapper Know Self followed Em’s wonderful set. Refined and uplifting, Know Self’s lyrics took Mile High Spirits on a journey of encouraging enlightenment. It is no exaggeration to say that Know Self was absolutely spitting bars. Continually, I was impressed by his smooth voice and flawless delivery. DJ Roadhouse’s harmonic melodies complemented the rapper’s words. The lyrics were enlightening. Vulnerably, his words were raw and real. No doubt about it, Know Self is a rapper to look out for.

Chat With Em Possible

I caught up with Em Possible after her captivating set. Have a look into her artistic development:

Question: Who inspired you to make music?

Em: My friend Craig in high school taught me how to play a little bit of guitar. Unfortunately, he passed away a year after. I felt like I had to keep going for him.

Question: Which person would you love to collaborate with? Dead or alive?

Em: Amy Winehouse! Someone alive, though, who inspired me to step outside my comfort zone, would be ZZ Ward.

Question: How would you describe your music?

Em: Funk rock!

Party Guru has a full interview with Em Possible by Danielle Sparano here.

Go check out these two superb artists!

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CO-OP: Building A New Ideal

For rappers Nick Sanville and Phonosapien music has been a way of life since childhood. “I came out of my mother’s womb trying to write music. Just from the get-go”, elaborates Phonosapien. He goes on to say that he started trying to write music around age 6 or 7. It started out with an NSYNC style of writing but changed toward rap when his elder sister went off to college and left him with all her rap records. That in turn helped steer him in a new direction. That new direction was rap.

Both Nick and Phonosapien say that they only knew how to write horror-core lyrics until they discovered artists like Atmosphere and Eyedea which opened them up to other styles of rap. That transition included visiting online hip-hop forums that allowed like-minded individuals to interact with each other. “One thing led to another and I ended up moving to Colorado. I have just met so many people here it has been an easy path to follow in terms of continuing to make music. Honestly, it would be harder to not do it for sure,” Nick explains. An event called Groundwaves inspired them to start CO-OP.

Groundwaves is an open mic that Murs began hosting in June 2019 in collaboration with The Music District in Fort Collins. Nick and Phonosapien saw a need for such an event after rappers from all over Colorado showed up for a chance to rap in front of Murs. However, they wanted to take it to the next stage. Literally. The stage at the Music District could not even really be called that. It did not have a PA system nor did space allow for a large audience. The stage was a slightly raised platform in the corner of a room with a microphone and a few speakers. CO-OP needed something more.

Hodi’s Half Note was that something more. There was a real stage with a real PA system and stage lights. Hodi’s gave the rap/hip hop community an opportunity to perform in front of an actual crowd. The best part was, there was no pay-to-play requirement like other venues have. Rappers could sign up for the open mic at the CO-OP. Nick and Phonosapien both know what it is like to be the first to go on stage and perform. An experience like that is nerve-wracking. They wanted to be different so the shows would open with a song from either Phonosapien or Nick who would perform to warm up the audience. The event quickly grew to where there would be over 100 people at the open mic who would either perform or were there to support the artists. Sadly, right as CO-OP was picking up steam, tragedy struck.

COVID-19 has been a tragedy unlike any other to date. Forced closures have affected people in every industry. However, the music industry has been particularly affected. Venues nationwide have been forced to close their doors. Hodi’s Half Note is one such victim. Nick was working as a bartender/manager for Hodi’s when the pandemic struck. As an employee, he had the opportunity to suggest events such as CO-OP for the venue. With the closure of Hodi’s and other venues not being able to open their doors, CO-OP shut down as well. That was short-lived as Nick found work at Moxi in Greeley, CO. A new chance was born to revitalize CO-OP.

On Saturday, September 12, 2020, CO-OP started back up. The turn out was impressive considering the restrictions in place and the new location. About 50 people had shown up to support the acts that were performing. There was no open-mic since the logistics of doing an open-mic safely still need to be worked out. However, Phonosapien put it this way, “Our first show in Greeley did better than our worst show in Fort Collins”. That show was just the beginning.

Moxi has some cool features that allow CO-OP to try new things. One of those things is live streaming the show using Moxi’s 3 camera setup. This allows a larger number of people to take part while adhering to social distancing requirements. They also are thinking up different solutions for having an open-mic return. These solutions range from asking artists to bring their own mics or swapping out cones and sanitizing between performances.

When asked what their plan was for future events Nick had this to say, “It’s every month. We’re doing it monthly from now on. I think the next one we are looking at doing it on the 16th or 17th of October”. But they are not just stopping there. They are already thinking of a big one-time event to recap the CO-OP shows that happened throughout the year. That could take the form of a festival-type event where each artist that took part in the CO-OP events over the past year could get a full set. Another idea they have is to host a showcase style show.

There are still many details to work out so Nick and Phonosapien are focusing on rebuilding CO-OP. One goal they have right now is to get CO-OP in multiple cities. They already have access to the Moxi, but Nick is also talking with The Coast who took over the Downtown Artery ground level for a possible location to host CO-OP in Fort Collins. The Coast is just down the street from where CO-OP got its start so it would be ideal.

What is CO-OP? “It’s an ideal. To me, CO-OP is an ideal”, Phonosapien explained. CO-OP continues to help local acts prepare for larger shows. Artists can perform on a real stage in front of real people without paying for a spot on the bill. Additionally, CO-OP is also a way for the venue to efficiently find local acts to open for national artists. CO-OP is special because it is changing the narrative that smaller acts need to buy stage time to get exposure. The community is helping the community grow. The ideal that Phonosapien was talking about is in the very name: CO-OP.

Photos By Jesse Haswell

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SOUNDCLOUD: https://www.soundcloud.com/allelomorph

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Lupe Fiasco Brings a Night of Hip-Hop to Denver

Lupe Fiasco brought his legendary music to the Summit Music Hall on February 8th, marking almost fifteen years since his debut album was released. Hailing from Chicago, he began rapping in the eighth grade. The artist drew inspiration from artists like Nas and Ice Cube when he first began creating music. Lupe Fiasco has an impressive discography, from 2006 album Food and Liquor to The Cool in 2007 and Tetsuo & Youth in 2015. Most recently, he released a set of singles in 2019. Soon, Lupe Fiasco will complete the last of his final three albums following the releases of DrogasLight in 2017 and DrogasWave in 2018. Last summer, the artist made a documentary-series about his travels in China available on his website. His show on Saturday night in Denver preludes the 2020 Food & Liquor North American tour. The tour will kick off in March and feature dates across the country.

The Openers

Saturday’s concert began with OTIS & HYP3. They kept their stage lit with red light, performing the songs “Act Like You Know” and “Diamond Dimes”. The duo was wildly energetic with complementing personalities. They successfully warmed the crowd up for a night of rap music. The two certainly possessed a talent that confirmed that the two young rappers are artists to watch.

Next, Old Man Saxon took the stage and the venue was continuing to fill up with fans from Denver. He has music featured on an HBO show, a Netflix film, and more. With a lively and humorous charisma, Old Man Saxon built up a rapport with the crowd. He performed his hit song “The Perils”, which has over four million listens on Spotify. After performing his final song, Old Man Saxon dipped off the stage and then reappeared in the crowd, mingling with concertgoers on his way out.

Lupe Fiasco Takes the Stage

At this point, the Summit was undoubtedly standing-room-only with the number of fans who had gathered to see tonight’s performers. After an energetic introduction from the two opening sets, Lupe Fiasco finally took the stage at the Summit for an amazing night of hip-hop. Lasers flashed green and red off the stage as Lupe Fiasco launched into his first song of the night, “Around My Way”.

Later, a song off of Food & Liquor II was followed by a performance of “The Coolest” from the rapper’s 2007 album. This promised the crowd music from across Lupe Fiasco‘s entire discography. He continued with another song from The Cool, effectively delivering a hype rap song with an almost-nostalgic vibe. This nostalgia, felt by fans of Lupe Fiasco ’s oldest albums, was further cemented to the end as the rapper launched into his classic hit “Kick, Push.” The crowd was proven to be composed of dedicated fans; almost every person in the crowd was shouting along to such a memorable song.

The Show Goes On

The crowd couldn’t get enough of Lupe Fiasco‘s smooth vocals and talented delivery as the night continued. Music was matched seamlessly with visuals throughout the show. Smoke from an on-stage smoke machine complemented a colorful light show illuminating the venue as the night fell upon Denver. The rapper added more songs to his setlist of the night, continuing to focus on the 2007 album The Cool with “Hip-Hop Saved My Life.” He continued to perform songs from across his discography, hyping up the crowd with Food & Liquor’s “Never Lies.” Lupe Fiasco exemplified his talent by flowing seamlessly between the subtle variations in style between each of his albums.

A Legacy to Continue

The rapper ended the night with a heartfelt goodbye to the crowd. Saturday night was in itself a tribute for Lupe Fiasco‘s legacy as an artist. Music venues in Denver have hosted the rapper many times over the years. Saturday night’s turnout for the famed rapper shows that Lupe Fiasco will surely be nothing but success during this year’s tour.

Photos by Patrik Essy

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Snoop Dogg Brings the Party for the Fillmore – Photo Gallery

The one and only, multi talented, Snoop Dogg, took over Fillmore Auditorium and turned it into a party. For 25 years, Snoop has consistently released quality albums, and most recently, I Wanna Thank Me. Being a 16+ show, Snoop was able to bring together a crowd of all ages. There were fans that were there since day one, and there were younger fans that weren’t even born when Snoop emerged into the music scene. We all came together for a night full of fun, nostalgia, and singing along to all the classics.

With beautiful dancers, and songs like, “Young Wild, and Free,” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot,”  we were guaranteed a good time from the start. The crowd went crazy when Snoop started playing Akon’s “I want to love you” featuring Snoop. Everyone was teleported back to 2006 when the song was released, and we all still remember all the words, definitely one of the best moments of the performance.

Photos By Luis Morales-Castro

New Gangsta Rap

Opening for Snoop Dogg, was RJ, a newer gangsta rapper who differentiates himself from the modern day mainstream rapper. None of that mumbo jumbo mumble Rap, he complemented Snoop, and had quite a fanbase here himself. Looking through the crowd during his set, there were true fans singing along word-by-word to his songs. 

OG Snoop Dogg

Snoop has also delivered a new album for the youngins; a lullaby album. With songs like, “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” “California Roll,” and “Doggy Dogg World,” the new generations will be exposed to legendary music from a very young age, just like a lot of us were. 

Snoop is a legend, an OG, one of the best to ever do, and is still going strong. Not even a year after headlining Red Rocks, he showed us love and we hope to see him back soon.

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Wale Brings Everything Is Fine Tour to Boulder

Recently releasing his billboard number one album, Wow… That’s Crazy, Wale came to Boulder, Colorado for one night. This one night event took place at the Fox Theater in Boulder. From new songs, such as “BGM”, to classics such as “90210”, Wale was sure to play it all. Being no stranger to a Colorado stage, Wale also supported the Denver Nuggets during his performance by wearing one of their t-shirts.

Wale has been almost everywhere. From MTV, to being a special guest on multiple television shows, he came to fame around 2006 through various ways. Years later, The Gifted released. The album was nominated for BET Hip Hop Award for Best Album of the Year, as well as World Music Award for Best Album of the year. Making for great features on multiple of his albums, he has a sound like no other artist.


Photos By Patrik Essy

More on the topic of the theater, the Fox Theater in Boulder makes for a great show. Being a smaller venue, it makes for a more intimate concert. With the crowd being only inches from the artist, Wale kept the crowd engaged the entire time. The audio in this venue was great as well as the production.

This tour will continue around the U.S until the end of October. Young Chris, ADE and Deante’ Hitchcock were a few of the special guests that are support on this tour. For a Monday night in a University town, Wale sure does know how to bring the vibes, and also a great crowd. More music and social media pages can be found below.

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515 Alive Keeps our Hearts Pumping the Entire Weekend!

Crowd condenses as they eagerly wait for Wiz Khalifa to take the stage

515 Alive Music Festival absolutely outdone themselves at the Water Works Park in Des Moines, Iowa. Despite a quick switch up in venues and some set time cuts, the people behind the event managed to pull it off and more. With over 100 unique acts from nearly every single genre, there really was a little something for everybody. 515 Alive hosted four different stages, including a funky silent disco. Something to look for in a great music festival is the music separation from stage to stage to ensure you get the best production for every set, and 515 Alive did just that!

Griz performing on the main stage at 515 Alive Music Festival

Kicking off the “rager” on Friday were the kings of their own genre, Black Tiger Sex Machine AKA BTSM. BTSM, who threw down one of the best sets of the weekend, and completely set the tone for the rest of the day. Playboy Carti was next up at the main stage, and played some of his top hits, including “Shoota,” which features Lil Uzi Vert. Dabin, who came out with a hit album Wild Youth earlier this year, played arguably the most beautiful and emotional set of the festival. Catching the end tail of GRiZ made all attendees of the after party that much more excited to go, as he played some of his newest tracks like “Griztronics,” but also brought home the funky heat we know and love him for. Wiz Khalifa brought the night to an end by playing some of our favorite nostalgic hits, jumping around stage, leaving attendees excited for what was to come the next day. 

Illenium plays the main stage at 515 Alive Music Festival

The very quickly growing 1788-L jump-started Saturday night, bringing all of the nasty sounds that have led him to his success. Attendees jumped between 1788-L and UK dub producers Um... Saturday was the day for experimental bass and wonky wubs as 515 also hosted heavy hitters like Mersiv, G-space and SFam. To mix things up, $uicideboys$ went absolutely bonkers at the main stage, attracting a crowd that brought some wild vibes. One of the EDM scene’s favorite OGs, Flux Pavilion came on next, bringing that new and old sound that we all know and love him for. On Friday, crowd favorite Illenium dropped his new album Ascend. llenium closed Saturday with the first set since his new album release, one that everyone knew they could not miss seeing. Illenium played the “sadboi” classics, also featuring new songs off his album like “Sad Songs,” and “Takeaway.” Illenium did not disappoint bringing stellar visuals as well as all the bops Illenials obsess over.

Overall, 515 Alive was absolute insanity in the best way possible! From the weather, to the sets and the organization of the whole event, the people at 515 held up and we can’t wait to see how it continues to grow in the future. To stay up to date on what’s to come make sure to check out their Instagram and website!

Photos by David Cohn

Goldrush Music Festival Announces Daily Lineups

Relentless Beats has just released their daily artist lineups for Goldrush Music Festival 2019 festival in Arizona, on September 27th and 28th. With an incredible lineup playing this fall, check below to see when your favorite artists is playing! Stage lineups, and a few yet to be announced special guests will be released in the following weeks.

Adventure Club; BIJOU; Blossom; Boogie T; DJ Scheme; Don Diablo; Getter; Green Velvet; Lil Skies; PAZ; Pouya; Shlump; Troyboi; Will Clarke; Woof Logik; Zhu, and Zomboy.

Alison Wonderland; Barely Alive; Blunts & Blondes; Destructo; Dr Fresch; Funtcase; Ghastly; Hermitude; Jayceeoh; Killy; Kyle Watson; Lil Texas; Lucati; Oliver Heldens; Sheck Wes; Trippie Redd; Umek, and VNSSA.

Daily lineups may be out, but there is still one spot that could be filled be any of our readers! Relentless Beats is hosting a Goldrush DJ Competition. Applicants must submit a 30+ minute demo set to their SoundCloud or MixCloud account, featuring their style of music. For full rules and submission details, visit RelentlessBeats.com. The winner will be receiving an opening slot at this year’s event! If you make music there is no reason not to apply, you never know what might happen.

In addition to the festival, Relentless Beats has been hosting Goldrush expeditions around with artists who will be playing at the festival this fall. Tonight at the BLK live in Arizona, Ghastly, Blossom, Rampant, Austin Feldman and Housekneckt will be playing a pool party starting at 8pm.

The festival is offering three different passes, starting at $159 before fees for General Admission. Two levels of VIP are offered; Gold and Platinum, which come with their own unique gifts, access to viewing areas, as well as food and drink accommodations for the Platinum VIP’s.

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Goldrush Music Festival Returns to Arizona

Once again, Goldrush Music Festival will be returning to Phoenix, Arizona, on September 27th and 28th of this year. In 2019, Goldrush is aiming to be bigger and better than ever. With Global Dance, Relentless Beats, and Universatile Music sponsoring the event, the sky is the limit. The second phase of the lineup has just been released. If for some crazy reason you weren’t interested before, you will be now.

Adventure Club, Barely Alive, Ghastly, Getter, and many more have all just been added to the Goldrush lineup! They will be joining artists Alison Wonderland, ZOMBOY, Dr. Fresch. and many others in September. While there is a heavy EDM presence on the lineup, it is not the only genre. Goldrush seems to be going all out for their 2019 event, with popular rappers Sheck Wes, Pouya, and Lil skies, and many more also taking the stage at Goldrush.

Goldrush music festival is being held at the Rawhide Western Town and Event Center, just a short 20 minute drive from the center of Phoenix. Many hotels are in the close proximity, but they are going fast so you’ll want to book soon! The festival is offering three different passes, starting at $159 before fees for General Admission. Two levels of VIP are offered; Gold and Platinum, which come with their own unique gifts, access to viewing areas, as well as food and drink accommodations for the Platinum VIP’s.

Goldrush is coming up fast, and you don’t want to miss out! Some of the biggest names in EDM and Rap are going to be performing. Purchase tickets here to make sure you get to be a part of Goldrush 2019!

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