Krushendo Puts Out EP Announces Show with SoDown, DMNO, Bass Physics, Defunk, and More!

Krushendo Puts Out EP Announces Show with SoDown, DMNO, Bass Physics, Defunk, and More!

Krushendo returns with the last song off his EP entitled Believe in Myself which features BVLVNCE on vocals. This tunes reminicent of old Adventure club mixed with emo/rock inspired vocals which are beautifully executed by BVLVNCE. This concludes his biggest EP to date.

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Krushendo with Cheyenne Duba and 1/3rd of ZOA at X Games Aspen, CO

Krushendo has been on a roll this year since directly supporting ILLENIUM at X Games in Belly up; he has since played with MiTiS, Crystal Skies, 1788-L, Opiuo, and Defunk all in the short span of a few months. His most recent headliner at SHIFT Thursday’s at Cervantes Otherside was one of our favorite local shows to date. He has a bunch of shows on the calendar including Rekinection Festival in St Louis with LSDream, Shpongle, SoDown, Dirtwire, Maddy O’neal and many more this coming weekend May 19-21. He also has shows coming up with SoDown at The Mishawaka on July 29th and he hits Boulder May 28th with Jantsen.

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Eazybaked & DMVU Co-Headline Cervantes

Eazybaked and DMVU co-headlined this week’s shift Thursday, at Cervantes’ masterpiece ballroom. The lineup for this special night was impeccable. Starting the night is Ceiva, followed up by Gangus. Then DMVU Takes the stage then Eazybaked to end the night.

Matthew Jones, aka DMVU is a Denver local and has been blowing up in the bass music scene. His career got some recognition when He dropped the song “Bloccd” with Deep Dark and Dangerous in 2016, which has over a million plays on Spotify.

Co-headlining along with DMVU is the rising duo known as Eazybaked. Eric Ray and Andrew Principe also known as “Eazybaked” have been friends for over 15 years and they have been making their mark on the bass music scene. The duo has already played the legendary Red rocks and festivals such as EDC Orlando, Okeechobee, and more.

The Openers

As doors open and people begin to fill the dance floor, the up-and-coming Ceiva takes the stage. Ceiva plays his deep experimental bass tunes with Patrick Boyle on the visuals, setting the mood for the night. Following up was The Denver local “Gangus”. The Denver local just dropped a 2 song ep with “Onhell” and has dropped a couple of tracks with the infamous “Tsurda“. Gangus came out playing his heavy deep bass hitting tunes, which was getting the crowd moving and grooving.

As you made your way around the venue, there were vendors selling merchandise, glasses, pins, and other small fun things. Alongside the vendors were live painters adding to the experience of the night. Some of the live painters were @itsmarisalove, @365dazeofgab, and @mommadose.


The first headliner in the co headlong show didn’t need to travel far being a Denver-based artist known as DMVU. As he takes the stage, the venue is packed and filled with anticipation for the following acts. Dmvu came out playing his unique style of deep bass music. With some notable remixes of classic songs like the “Banana Boat” song by Harry Belafonte, “Bullet Proof” by La Roux, and “X” by 21 Savage, he also dropped a crowd favorite “Let em Drip” by Hydraulix and Dj Afterthought featuring Wi-Fi’s funeral.

Now closing out the night is the rising duo known as “Eazybaked“.  The duo did not disappoint one bit, they came out and blessed the people of Denver with their deep and charismatic bass tunes. They played out some new collabos one being with “Milano” and another with “Fly”.  Near the end of their set, they played the timeless song known as “Old Ways” by Lab Group.


Altogether, it was another incredible night in the beautiful city of Denver. All of the musical and visual artists and vendors came together to make an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of these young bright artists.


Photos by Ethan Klement

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BTSM Brings The Movie Experience II To 1st Bank Center

BTSM Brings The Movie Experience II To 1st Bank Center

Canadian trio Black Tiger Sex Machine, better known as BTSM has been on the forefront of the dubstep electronic music scene for quite a while now. Additionally, BTSM own the label Kannibalen Records, which has signed top artists such as Kai Wachi, Apashe, Dabin and more.

One year ago, BTSM had their movie experience I show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Following after, on May 7th, 2022, BTSM brought “The Movie Experience Live Show Chapter II” to 1STBANK center in Broomfield, Colorado. Alongside Black Tiger Sex Machine was Hairitage b2b SWARM, Reaper, Jessica Audiffred, and Lucii.

The openers

At 2pm, individuals started to lineup outside of 1STBANK center in hopes of receiving a floor wristband. Every individual was excited to go to Church and seen in Black Tiger Sex Machine jerseys and other merchandise.

Doors opened at 7pm, and attendees were ready to get food, drinks, and merchandise. Kicking off the night first was Hairitage b2b SWARM. The two brought major heat in their b2b playing dubstep and other genres that set the tone for the evening. By this time, the floor was starting to fill up.

Next up was Reaper, who followed Hairitage b2b SWARM major heat. Following afterwards was Jessica Audiffred who blew everyone’s minds away with each drop, and remixing top artists like HE$H and Monxx. Individuals were noticed to be headbanging and in moshpits.

The last opener before BTSM took the stage was Lucii. She had a wonderful blend of melodic and heavy dubstep, as well as her own vocals and songs.

The Movie Experience

Attendees were seen inching closer for the perfect view as Black Tiger Sex Machine started their unique intro. Starting off, BTSM played a small clip that led attendees to yelling in excitement. They played a mixture of dubstep, house, and other genres that got the crowd hyped. Major songs BTSM played from their newest albumOnce Upon A Time In Cyberworld were Cheatcode with Hairitage and Hyro The Hero, “Deathstalker featuring Yookie, “Sleepwalker with Ryan Perdz, and Utopia featuring YMIR. Also, Black Tiger Sex Machine played part of G JonesIn Your Head ” single and other remixes of top electronic dance music artists.

Throughout their whole set, every person was seen dancing and moving in pure bliss. There is no doubt, Black Tiger Sex Machine brings a unique experience for attendees each show with their mind-blowing visuals and video clips, lasers, and even fire. Additionally, after the show, BTSM announced they were meeting people at the rail, everyone rushed over there to talk to them, get signatures, and take photos.


Black Tiger Sex Machine, Hairitage b2b SWARM, Reaper, Jessica Audiffred, and Lucii brought their all with pounding basslines, heavy dubstep and other genres, creating the perfect night for everyone. Party Guru Productions can’t wait to see where each of these artists go next and hope to see them back in the bass capital soon. Follow BTSM‘s socials down below to keep updated with their music and tour.

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Krushendo Releases 2nd Song off Melodic Dubstep EP with Cheyenne Duba on Vocals

Krushendo Releases 2nd Song off Melodic Dubstep EP with Cheyenne Duba on Vocals

Krushendo strikes again with the 2nd melodic dubstep tune off his upcoming EP with Cheyenne Duba entitled,”Break My Fall”. Krushendo has taken Colorado by storm opening for massive acts including ILLENIUM, MiTiS, Crystal Skies, 1788-L, and Getter in just a short period of time.

Upcoming Krushendo Dates

His next upcoming plays are Defunk /w Kyral X Banko on Saturday, May 2nd at 830 North in Fort Collins. Then he hits Rekinection festival with LSDream, Spongle, SoDown, Maddy O’neal, and many more May 21st-23rd then he hurts back to Colorado to open for the man Jantsen in Boulder at the legendary Fox Theater on May 28th.

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Upcoming Shows + Pre-Save Final Tune on EP

Tripp St Takes Over the Ogden

Seeming to come out of nowhere, the enigma known as Tripp st. took over the Ogden, in which he showcased his music. Adding to the night was an extraordinary visual experience from the Denver local “Nox Lumina“. The lineup included Maxfield, followed up by Templo. Then the one and only Kill Smth play as direct support for Tripp St. 

All night, I kept hearing the same question being asked by curious fans, “who is Tripp St.?” He made his debut in just 2021 with an all-original 47-minute mix known as “Welcome to Tripp St.” Following up was his debut album “Welcome to Tripp St ” released on Clozees record label Odyzey. Not much is known about Tripp St. With speculations floating around that it’s a side project of a much larger artist such as Pretty Lights, Tipper, or GvO. Although many are skeptical of these rumors, one thing we are sure of is that he’s not new to producing. So the question remains who is Tripp St

The Openers

He got the night started in one of Denver’s most beloved venues, the Ogden with a capacity of about 1,600 people. The building is filled with history, closing its doors in 1917 as a theater and re-opening in 1993. Tonight, it will host Tripp St. as he takes over the Ogden.

Starting the night off as people fill in the dance-floor was Maxfield. With a slow-building eerie intro that drops into his unique style of production in which he seemed to blend ambient sounds with some trip-hop-inspired drums, layered with some deep bass . Contributing to the Maxfield experience was Alyssa Rose on visuals giving fans a visual experience of the music. Following up was Templo coming out the gate strong with his glitchy hip-hop-inspired tunes that had the people moving. At this point in the night, the Ogden is starting to feel like a sold-out event. The energy in the room was high and filled with excitement for the night ahead.

A wave of silence hits the crowd as everyone prepares themselves for the underground legend Kill Smth. The Denver local put on a jaw-dropping performance living up to the hype that surrounds his name. He played his deep experimental bass tunes with a touch of some drum and bass that had the crowd going nuts. In addition, Glass Crane and Actulize were on visuals taking fans on an all original pilgrimage through bass and time.


At this point in the night, the venue is filled with people shoulder to shoulder. Tripp St. takes over the Ogden with a slow-burning intro with cinematic properties, which leaves the audience in an almost meditative state, preparing themselves for what is to come. For the next hour, Tripp St. took the people on a journey through sound mending genres together. This was carried by the steady flow of euphoric free form bass and a combination of classical instruments with a touch of hip hop and funk to tie the whole thing together.


Overall, It was another incredibly unforgettable night at the beloved Ogden. Tripp st. along with his stunning lineup of support, gave his fans an experience they will never forget. Although we did not find out who the man behind Tripp st. is, he did speak on the mic for the first time leaving us more curious about who this man is. We are excited to see what all these amazing artists have in store for the years to come. You can catch Tripp St. again traveling to Iowa for Kosmic Kingdom in June.


Photos by Ethan Klement

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Krushendo Releases First Song entitled Through The Fire off Upcoming EP Believe In Myself

Krushendo Releases First Song entitled Through The Fire off Upcoming EP Believe In Myself

Krushendo has been making waves in 2022 with recent plays with ILLENIUM, MiTiS, Crystal Skies, and Opiuo already as well has a huge headliner in Denver at Cervantes on 3/03/22.

Krushendo’s blend of melodic dubstep and heavy dubstep has been pleasing crowds for years now and his project look primed for the next evolution of his sound. Without further adeu, I give you Through The Fire ft Brittany Bouchard on vocals. His next show is 4/16 in Albuqueue, NM with 1788-l and Lick at The Electric Playhouse. Presave the other songs on his upcoming EP here.

Listen to Through the Fire

OPIUO Returns to Colorado in 4 day run at The Aggie and Boulder Theater April 13-16th with Canabliss, A Hundred Drums, Krushendo, MZG, Graymattr, and Phyrphyr

Opiuo Returns to Colorado in 4 day run at The Aggie and Boulder Theater April 13-16th with Canabliss, A Hundred Drums, Krushendo, MZG, Graymattr, and Phyrphyr

Opiuo Returns to Colorado with an epic 4 day run at The Aggie in Fort Collins on April 13th and 14th and Boulder Theater in Boulder on April 15th and 16thh with Cannabliss, A Hundred Drums, Krushendo, MZG, Graymattr, and Phyrphyr presented by Party Guru Productions and The Rooster.

Opiuo with the Syzergy Orechestral at Red Rocks

Opiuo has been making waves in Colorado since his absolutely legendary Red Rocks show with Sunsquabi and The Syzergy Orchestra which was a New Zealand collaboration of classical musicians that came out and played with Opiuo in an absolutely legendary flex of classical love and bass music coming together in a beautiful orchestra. He has also headlined Sonic Bloom in recent memory and is one of our favorite shows to see.

He is joined by Canabliss who has a recent EP release with WAKAAN and A Hundred Drums as direct support who has been on tour with REZZ recently, played Red Rocks with Zeds Dead, and released an EP with Zeds Dead’s label.

A Hundred Drums on a tour stop with REZZ

The openers include MZG who recently announced a show opening for Big Gigantic at Red Rocks, Krushendo who recently headlined Cervantes Otherside and opened up for ILLENIUM two days at X Games, graymattr who recently headlined The Aggie in Fort Collins in May, and Phyrphyr who is known for shows with Manic Focus recently.

4/13 – Tickets for Opiuo /w A Hundred Drums & Krushendo at Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins – Use code PartyHere

4/14 – Opiuo /w Cannabliss & Graymatter at The Aggie Theater in Fort Collins

4/15 – Tickets for Opiuo /w Canabliss & Phyr at Boulder Theater in Boulder

4/16 – Tickets for Opiuo /w Megan Hamilton & MZG at Boulder Theater in Boulder

Boogie T Graced The Stage For His First Headline At Red Rocks

Boogie T Graced The Stage For His First Headline At Red Rocks

Louisiana Native Brock Thornton aka Boogie T has been playing and writing music since he was 8 years old. His unique sound and artistic abilities, whether that is on the decks, the guitar, or singing have led him to be on the forefront of the Electronic Music Scene in recent years.

Since Boogie T released album 2KFO in 2018, he has had collaborations with popular dub-step artists, including Ganja White Night, Flava“,Reminisce, and Subtronics, Gummy Worm, and Nuclear Bass Face” with Subtronics and NGHTMRE. In addition, Boogie T has released numerous singles such as, “Get Down The Clown, “Mouth Orchestra“, Don’t Fear The Reefer.

Beyond just his DJing and producing skills, Boogie T debuted “Boogie T.RIO” in 2018 at Electric Forest. Boogie T.RIO consists of Boogie T on vocals and guitar, Andriu Yanovski on the keys, and Frank Castro on the drums.

On April 8th, Boogie T.RIO released EP 3rd Coastwith songs, “Main Street”, “Space Man”, and “Southern Coast” . Also on April 8th, Boogie T and Boogie T.RIO graced the stage at Red Rocks Amphitheatre for Boogie T‘s first headline event at Red Rocks. Alongside the band and the man himself was, Bawldy, Khiva, Minnesota, and SoDown.

Red Rocks Season Is Back

There is no doubt that music lovers are thrilled to be back at Red Rocks. As soon as clocks turned to 4pm, individuals started to line up at the gates, filled with delight and excitement for the evening ahead. Once inside, attendees were seen finding the perfect view, their friends and building new friendships. At the top of Red Rocks, attendees were seen waiting in line for a wide array of drinks and foods including, White Claws, Beer, Nachos, Burgers, and more. Also there were many ecstatic individuals in line waiting for the exclusive merch that included, a Boogie T Jersey, Shirt, Pashimina, pins, and even more.

Starting The Night Off

Kicking off the evening was Louisiana Native dub-step producer Bawldy. He has been a rising artist since 2018 with singles “Spliff” and “Bloop”. Just in 2021, Bawldy released singles “Whatcha Hearin”, “Wait”, “Surreal”, “RIP Mom I love You”, Doobadoo”, and “Blargh!”. As well in 2021, he dropped “Bawls Deep” EP featuring four songs. Besides his own songs, Bawldy has released numerous collaborations, including “Routine”, “Let U Know”. “Put Down The Liquor”, with Blunts & Blondes, “Slackin'” with TVBOO, and “Ole Possum” with Boogie T . For a little over 30 minutes, Bawldy brought major heat and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Following right after was Canadian DJ and songwriter Khiva. Since her release of “Fresh Cut Love” and “Aphrodite” in 2018, Khiva has been gracing the stages at top festivals. To name just a few, Khiva has played Shambala, Okeechobee, Yonderville, Camp Bisco, The Untz, and more. This year thus far, Khiva is set to play Electric Forest, Sonic Bloom and more. Khiva brought deep wubs with low frequency soundscapes and fierce beats. As well, Khiva played her newest release Love Note, which got everyone sitting down in pure bliss.

By this time, the Red Rocks stands were filling up as individuals were waiting for Boogie T.RIO‘s sunset set. For the hour, music lovers listened to popular Boogie T.RIO songs, and had the chance to listen to Boogie T.RIO‘s new EP “3rd Coast. In addition, Boogie T brought his grandma on stage, which, had everyone delighted.

Minnesota took the stage next. He brought energy with each song, including his newest release Into the Void, and Old Ways by Lab Group. Pounding bass was heard through each row at Red Rocks. The last opener was Denver Local saxophone and DJ SoDown, who got the crowd ready for Boogie T. SoDown recently released EP “Get Up, which got attendees getting up and dancing.

Boogie T

Highly anticipated, Boogie T took the stage next and did not disappoint. Every single person at Red Rocks was standing up, dancing, and smiling. Throughout his set, not only did he shout out numerous artists, but, Boogie T played different VIP’s and remixes, getting the crowd hyped. Some songs he played include “2KFO“, “Hit Em” with Subtronics, and “Raven Master“.

An Unforgettable Night

With every artist bringing the heat, exculusive merch, and an after party event, the evening was sure an unforgettable night with memories that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait to see where every opener, Boogie T and Boogie T.RIO flourish next. Keep up to date with Boogie T down below to be sure to catch him the next time he is in Denver!

Photos by Ethan Klement

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Breaking News: Phoenix Lights Has Landed in Arizona

Breaking News: Phoenix Lights Has Crash-Landed in Arizona

As the sun sets on the Arizona horizon, Phoenix Lights: Altered Orbit beamed down and crash-landed for the weekend. This out-of-this-world two day festival, produced by Relentless Beats, abducted the EDM community and left no crumbs when it came to revamping this beloved event. The return of Phx Lights has been long-awaited and fans have been beaming with excitement to experience it again.

Location, Layout, and Production

Phx Lights calls Phoenix Raceway home for the weekend of April 1st and 2nd. This new festival property is located in Avondale, AZ which is only 20 minutes outside Downtown Phoenix. Parking was easy and so was finding the box office and entry lines. ADA parking was also available with no charge for either lots. Entrance and exit of the property went very smoothly with minimal traffic. 

I really appreciated the huge open space and how Relentless Beats was able to utilize it for the attendee’s benefit. This never used before location was able to fit not only RB’s megastructure, but also a very attention-grabbing VIP area, loads of food and drink stands, shop vendors, a silent disco, an art car stage, Monster semi-trucks, and various art installations. There was also plenty of room for dancing and the crowd never felt squished. 

The two-day event also featured three stages known as the Mothership, the Invasion, and the Fallout.

Line up

Attendees could feel the cosmic energy flowing through the crowd when multiple phenomenal artists took the stage this past weekend. 

Day 1 featured Griz, Liquid Stranger, Rusko, Champagne Drip, Smoakland and Proper

Day 2 featured RL Grime, Zomboy, Flosstradamus, Jansten, Leotrix, and Saas

Besides the infamous megastructure, Phoenix Lights also had a silent disco that was hosted by BeatBox Beverages and they had an art car stage that featured new and upcoming artists along with local favorites. To name a few, we were able to experience the styles of Dark Mark, VooDreau, Electric Polar Bears, Medicine Mike, Peachy Keen, and more. Fans were able to get their fix of dubstep, house, techno, trance, dnb, and various other genres throughout the weekend!

Sponsors, Vendors, and Art

Phoenix Lights had so many incredible sponsors showing their love and support this past weekend! To name a few, fans were able to see and get more information on Monster Energy, Bud Light, Kona Brewing Co., Project Rave, White Claw Hard Seltzer, and more.

To fill all your rave accessories and needs, there were plenty of shop vendors to choose from! Attendees were able to shop from Kandies World, Kritter Klips, Elite Wear, We Rave Hard, and more. 

To view the full list of sponsors and vendors, you can do so here

Some art installations included multiple spots for photo ops and a mural letting attendees know that “YOU ARE AMAZING” by

Bringing art to life this weekend, the Weird & Wonderful Cast were there and performed in various locations throughout the festival grounds.


I would 100% recommend Phoenix Lights to my fellow festival lovers. Relentless Beats is constantly evolving with every show they put on and I am so excited for their future plans. Be sure to follow all of RB’s socials for the most up to date information regarding upcoming events. And be sure to be on the lookout for the official afterparty movie of Phoenix Lights: Altered Orbit.

Photos by Alexander Peet 

A Moment To Catch Up With Colorado’s Talented SLASHA

A Moment To Catch Up With Colorado’s Talented SLASHA

I got a chance to catch up with SLASHA before he embarked on a stop to Kansas City to show what he’s been cooking recently. Fresh off signing with “WASTELVND Records“, and expanding his brand across states, he’s someone that is bound to blow up overnight. This seemed like the perfect chance to spend some time with him to pick his brain.

Originally known as “Slimee”, “SLASHA” has had huge endorsements from big names in the dub-step scene. Most notably from SNAILS when he came through for his headlining Red Rocks show. The rebranding was to have something that provided more uniqueness and better represented the energy that he is aiming for. Not a lot of artists are confident enough to make these changes, but this is why I couldn’t have asked for a better person to interview in our Colorado music scene.

Now The Questions

Party Guru Press: I first want to thank you for your time to sit down and answer a few questions. What were the short-sight consequences of rebranding from “Slimee”?

SLASHA: It was unfortunate, but it has only made my craft stronger. Having someone in the scene with a similar name posed the problem of sticking out. I believe that it would’ve been easy for me to see it as a step backward, but it only provided me with time to look back and really handle everything more calculated. In moments like this, as long as you’re prepared for those short-term consequences, you can achieve your dreams.

Party Guru Press: It is pretty amazing what you’ve accomplished after the rebranding, as far as breaking the mold of just being a part of the local scene and pushing outside of your comfort zone. What has been your biggest performance to date?

SLASHA: I was fortunate enough to play a stage at “Paradiso” in Washington, which happened to be one of the larger-scale music festivals that year. It was absolutely insane, but that ties back to following your dreams to accomplish them.

Party Guru Press: I noticed that you’ve been pushing out music like crazy, with “Dark Side” being the most recently released on the 14th through “WASTELVND Records“, what is the inspiration for your style of music?

SLASHA: I initially got into producing in high school, but then I got very big into Illenium, which led me into EDM music. I was blown away when I started going to my first shows with how hype the crowd could get off of just one track. This led me into wanting to find a way to create that same energy throughout the whole set. This is where I really got into producing heavy hitters.

Party Guru Press: Where do you see the future taking you?

SLASHA: I really hope that I’ll get a chance to play at my favorite music festivals, Lost Lands and Bass Canyon. That is my main goal at this current point, so I’m gonna keep on pushing till we get there.

Party Guru Press: I’m sure with how focused you’ve been on your craft, that you’ll accomplish that with no problem. Is there any advice that you would like to pass on to anyone who’s trying to break into the scene or is just starting?

SLASHA: It’s insane what you can accomplish if you keep on pushing no matter what roadblocks you may face. It’s very surreal what you can control by working hard and never losing track of where you want to go. It’s not an overnight process, but you can take it day by day by working hard.

Party Guru Press: Besides Kansas City, do you have any upcoming shows that should be on everyone’s radar?

SLASHA: I’m actually playing the Black Box on April 27th for the WASTELVND takeover, and I’ll be performing a lot of new mixes with my most recent releases.

Party Guru Press: I’m sure we’ll be seeing you there and thanks again for your time, we’re very excited to see what the future has in store for you!

To Conclude Time Well Spent

Slasha showcased where hard work can take you as he was able to open up about the challenges that he’s recently overcome to get onto the map. It’s refreshing that we have faces like this in our music scene that acknowledge that it’s a process. For mostly everyone, it is not an overnight thing, which helps represent how hard work and dedication are needed to pursue this craft. Check out Slasha at the Black Box to see first-hand what he has been pushing himself for.

Photos provided from Zaya Casi

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