Decadence Arizona Starts The Countdown To The New Year

Decadence Arizona Starts The Countdown For The New Year

As the countdown begins to the New Year of 2022, Relentless Beats and their partner, Global Dance, have been working day and night to curate such an exclusive lineup for this year’s Decadence Arizona. Global sensation, Marshmello, has just announced that he will be celebrating the new year solely at Decadence! Him and amongst other talented artists, such as Loud Luxury and TVBOO, will also be joining this stacked line up that will be held at Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, Arizona on December 30th and 31st, 2021.


To give you the full details on the day to day lineup, Relentless Beats and Global dance just released Decadence’s schedule: 


Alesso; Alison Wonderland; BIJOU; Chris Lake; DJ Snake; Gem & Tauri; Kaskade; Madeon (dj set); Martin Ikin; Nora En Pure; Purple Disco Machine; Seven Lions; Austin Feldman and Dark Mark.


Alan Walker; Destructo; Diesel, aka Shaquille O’Neal; Dillon Francis; Excision; Fisher; Gordo; Lost Kings; Loud Luxury; Marshmello; Sonny Fodera; TVBOO; 2SOON, and Animate.

Travel Packages

New to Decadence AZ this year, Relentless Beats has introduced Travel Packages for both those local in-town fans and those traveling in from other parts of the country. Attendees can reserve packages for as little as $80 down, which includes a two-night hotel stay, a two-day festival ticket, festival Merch, expedited entry into the festival, access to the Travel Saloon, after-party access, and two penny drinks (1 per day/21+). Various tier levels and payment plans are available to book now. Additionally, Relentless Beats is now accepting Table Service Requests and Reservations.


Two-Day General Admission passes for Decadence Arizona are on sale now for $179, before fees. Two-Day VIP passes will be available at two levels: Standard VIP, including everything that a GA ticket provides, plus express VIP entrance, a commemorative lanyard, access to VIP lounge, VIP front row viewing, premium restrooms, and passed desserts in the VIP areas. A Two-Day Platinum VIP includes everything that the Standard VIP pass has, plus: complimentary drinks, side stage viewing, access to artist hospitality lounge, steakhouse quality dinner, exclusive festival gift bag, and festival concierge. You must be age 21 and up to purchase Platinum VIP passes. Single-day General Admission, VIP, and Platinum ticket options have recently gone on sale. For full details and all ticket options, including payment plan options, visit Decadence Arizona is an 18+ event.

This is going to be such a memorable weekend and I cannot wait to ring in the New Year at Decadence Arizona. Where will you be? 

Be sure to follow all of Decadence’s socials so that you can stay up to date on all the latest news! 




Said The Sky: A Red Rocks Debut

Said The Sky: A Red Rocks Debut

The evening of September 4th had finally arrived. For sky gazers across the state of Colorado, the significance of the day could not easily be put into words. The entrances at Red Rocks Amphitheater were set to open for a very special night featuring a headlining performance by Trevor Christensen, AKA Said The Sky.

Seeing as performance would be the first of its kind with the melodic prodigy taking the stage at his very first headlining performance at the legendary venue; the excitement was shared and magnified through Trevor himself. 

Said The Sky has made several appearances in Colorado recently, once at Global Dance Festival for a triple back to back performance with Dabin and Illenium. Said The Sky again surprised the crowd as a special guest for Slander at their own Red Rocks show. Trevor has been very vocal about his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to have his very own show at Red Rocks. He has previously mentioned that this has been one of his biggest dreams as an artist for a very long time, a dream that was not becoming a reality.

Doors to the sold out event opened at 6:00pm and fans began filling the Amphitheater. Many kicked off the evening by running straight to the merch booths. The booths offered a variety of exclusive Said The Sky at Red Rocks apparels such as jerseys, shirts, jackets, hats, and flags that were sure to sell quickly.

As 7:00pm came along the music finally began. An opening performance by Sundial, as the sun began to set, was a perfect way to set the tone for the sure to be emotional and tear jerking evening. The California based pop duo provided what was a rather intimate atmosphere for such a large venue. Their performance featured their own live vocals, as well as bass guitar and keyboard. 

Night had fallen and following Sundial the large LED screen, near the back of the stage, had lit up. Things were taken up a notch with a beautifully crafted performance by CloudNone. The masked Monstercat artist played their signature blend of ambient breaks and feel-good chill out music. The set started slow and progressed into a variety of melodic house and trance vibes that got the crowd jumping and energized while featuring nostalgic vaporware style visuals in the background.

As the night progressed, a cool early September breeze swept through the Amphitheater. Next up on the decks came Kyle Girard AKA Midnight Kids; known for his and previous duo member Dylan Jaggar Lees’ quality remixes of popular songs. He made sure to bring plenty of twists on tracks that would provide some good old fashioned sing along vibes for the crowd. Remixes included: “Ready 2 Go” by Martin Solveig, “The Island” by Pendulum, and “Bulletproof” by Laroux to name a few. 

Transitioning between throwbacks, electro house tunes, some unreleased music, and ending with Midnight Kids original “Run It”, the set was definitely a crowd favorite. Midnight Kids set the vibes high before the highly anticipated Said The Sky headlining set.

After a brief intermission whilst the stage was set, it was time for the main event.

This was the moment everyone had been waiting for.

The stage went dark; while lightning, visible from higher in the crowd, flickered through the clouds over Denver. The cool breeze continued to sweep through the Amphitheater. The anticipation built as cheers rang out throughout the audience.

As the stage began to light up, every LED panel on stage started to glow brightly with footage of clouds and sky as if you were floating amidst a radiant orange sunset. The music started to build as an intro version of Said The Skys’ “We Know Who We Are” began to play. The words “Said The Sky” were spelled out on the big screen as the crowd cheered, while the man himself walked out from backstage and up to his gear. With stage production in full force, the long awaited headlining set was underway. 

The set featured bright and colorful visuals that transitioned between b-roll of breathtaking nature shots and beautiful scenes that resembled a well written and almost vintage love story that served as a poetic accompaniment to the songs that were being played. Pyrotechnics and fireworks were frequently used to accent the ups and downs of the overall story and flow of the wonderfully crafted journey that the song selection provided to the audience.

He moved around the stage with passion and enthusiasm, jumping between his keyboard and drum pads. He would occasionally stroll to the raised platform behind his electric keyboards, mics, and DJ equipment to sit at a large and elegant white piano for the more intimate, warm and heartfelt moments of the set. The expressions on his face and motions of his body spelling out just how much the performance meant to him. He was truly showing his heart and passion on stage, sincerely grateful to be connecting with his audience in such a magnificent setting. 

Drummers would frequently join him on stage to accent the drum lines in many of his songs as well as a full string quartet to play along in the melodic journey.

Diving deep into the emotional discography, Said The Sky seemed to be hitting all the fan favorites and even made sure to include some unreleased music for the special occasion. Joined on stage by Olivver The Kid, they performed an emotional live vocal version of “Hero” followed by what was said to be the final song of the night, Said The Skys’ newest single “Treading Water”. 

The supposed finale ended with Trevor expressing his gratitude to the audience saying “Thank you Red Rocks, I love you”. He walked off stage but the stage stayed dark, hinting that the headlining artist had one more trick up his sleeve for the special night.

After a few moments of silence and the crowd chanting “one more song” an acoustic guitar was heard, followed by a spotlight hitting center stage where Said The Sky was sitting up front on the stage floor. Joining him in the special moment was vocalist Annika Wells. They sat facing each other as Trevor strummed the guitar and Annika sang. It was a truly intimate and heartfelt finale as they performed an acoustic rendition of “Sad Songs ft. Illenium” whilst a ring of lasers circled around them on the floor.

Following the heartwarming finale, Said The Sky yet again expressed his eternal gratitude to his fans who attended the show that night. He invited every artist and performer from the night out onto the stage for a family photo with the crowd and one final goodbye.

Rufus Du Sol Make Triumphant Return to Red Rocks

In the early days of COVID becoming a household term, it became pretty clear that live music would be taking a backseat for a while. With that said, many hoped that by late Summer, it would be behind us and we could all join our friends at red rocks for a beautiful night of music with Rufus Du Sol. Unfortunately, this proved not to be the case and was rescheduled twice to finally land on dates in 2021. However, in the end this is what made this night so truly special. This was a return for Rufus of nearly 18 months and boy, did they deliver!

No Party is Complete Without Friends

No party is complete without some friends, which is why Rufus Du Sol brought some great ones to party with them. Cassian, a longtime friend of the group graced the stage as the first act of the night. The crowd provided a welcome vibe as the night opened up, clearly excited for what was to come. The artist had some great guitar skills which clearly impressed the audience. He made for a great opening which paved the way for the next act to follow.

Next up was Monolink, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter. He brought an awesome, melodic, one-of-a-kind auditory experience for the crowd. He was a perfect blend of ambient vibes and upbeat energy, a great bridge between Cassian and Rufus. The music carried throughout the rocks, bodies ebbed and flowed and smiles were abundant.

Rufus Du Sol Grace the Stage

At the conclusion to Monolink’s set, there was a set change to build up to the moment the crowd was waiting for. The stage lit up, and three platforms appeared, each wrapped in their own LED panels. The energy soared, and we could feel it from the front to back. It was time. Each of the three musicians entered the stage, and the night was on. Opening with the dance anthem “Underwater,” Rufus started simply and built their way up. Lead vocalist and frontman Tyrone Lindqvist captured the crowd and support of his bandmates in a way we have come to expect from the trio.

The crowd was extremely energized and filled with cheers. They played through old and new songs, including their brand new song “Next to Me”. The crowd cheered and ate up every second of the ethereal sounds of their newest track. Pretty impressive as the song only just released.

A major high point of the night was the iconic track, “Eyes” which brought in a huge round of crowd support. It was a clear connecting point across all Rufus du Sol fans and they all chanted in unison. The lights were perfectly matching the mood, with spots coming and going on the three musicians and lazers bouncing of the beautiful rocks.


Its been a long time since Rufus Du Sol was originally set to walk on the Red Rocks stage. This is why the night was a long time in the making. Because of this, it was clear that fans had been waiting with bated breath. This couldn’t have been a more perfect show for fans and for the prestigious venue. It was truly a magical night.

Entering Sky World: STS9 Red Rocks Tour Kick-Off

Live music is back and a three-night run in Colorado is an outstanding start for five-piece livetronica band Sound Tribe Sector 9’s return to live performance. The Sky World tour – rescheduled from last year – is the second part of their 2019 Push The Sky tour. Traditionally, STS9 plays a multi-night run at Red Rocks Amphitheater over Labor Day weekend. However due to the pandemic, the band had not played for well over a year until now. Having the opportunity to witness Tribe kick off this special tour at one of the best venues in the world and a place I call home was an outstanding live music experience. Tribe delivered a true night to remember.

Red Rocks is operating at full capacity again. So, it wasn’t long before both Friday and Saturday’s STS9 shows were sold out. I attended the first night this past Friday, July 23rd. The show consisted of three sets. One of the three sets was Classic Tribe hits, that included some lesser-known songs, and new content alike intertwined in a magical, funky, and at times a spooky musical journey. Exemplifying the true jamtronica sound, STS9 carried songs into the next, seamlessly blending sound.

Starting The Night Off

The show kicked off with a smoky horizon and a low-hanging early evening sun. A melodic voice rang out. The song “Sky World” by Theresa Bear Fox of the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation played, a song of remembrance for those who have passed on. Screams of excitement emerge in a wave from the crowd of nine thousand and some attendees. The illustrious Red Rocks stage was graced with keyboardist and synth master David Phipps, percussionists Jeffree Lerner and Zach Velmer, guitarist Hunter Brown, and badass bass playin’ babe Alana Rocklin.

Tribe played some of their best bangers in the first set, including “Better Day”, “Breathe In”, “Poseidon”, and “Ramone & Eglio”. Also Tribe played “When the Dust Settles”, which transformed into their rendition of Sly and the Family Stone’s “Family Affair”. The second set included “Out of this World”, “Strange Games”, and “Lift You Up”. A blanket of light on the rocks from Friday’s full moon blended with the ambient colorful beams of STS9’s top-notch lighting production. Which painted a perfect backdrop for the final set – my personal favorite of the night. “World Go Round” metamorphosed into “Dusk”, “Monkey Music” into the soul-churning “Golden Gate”, and “Arigato” mutated into “Orbital”.

One of the most notable experiences of seeing an STS9 performance is witnessing the raw love and passion these musicians have for their art. An undeniable look of pure hypnotic bliss possesses Rocklin’s face as she crafts the basslines. David Phipp’s serene expression as his fingers effortlessly glide across the keyboard. The sweaty, beaming focus on Jeffree and Zach’s faces as they hammer and thump the drums. Hunter biting his lip, somehow grimacing and smiling at the same time, when he masterfully takes over the song for a moment with his guitar. And the crowd – the fan base of Tribe – is so special in itself. “This is my 150th tribe show”, said one of the guys standing next to me. His eyes tear up a bit as the song Golden Gate creeps into fruition. 

Tribe encored Friday with the song “We’ll Meet In Our Dreams”. A final pulse of energy exploded from the stage in the ending drum solo. Then came the typical moments of a Red Rocks show after the encore is over – “back to life, back to reality”, we heard. A bittersweet sadness ascended on the crowd as the realization set in that the show was really over for the night. Although, it only felt as though so little time had passed since the journey began. I reluctantly pulled myself off the side planter box, following the herd down the stairs in a pure joyous haze.


Overall, I highly recommend experiencing an STS9 performance at least once to those who haven’t yet. After more than two decades of making music, Tribe is an expert at producing a truly original sound and presenting live music in a way that offers so much substance to fans of electronica and rock music alike. Upcoming performances for STS9 include Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois August 20th – August 2021, and three additional October shows in Lake Perris and Napa, California. 

Photos by Julien Deroeux

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Kygo’s Spectacular Return To Red Rocks

Kygo, known to family and friends as Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, is a world-renowned producer, songwriter, and DJ. This Norweigan prodigy caught the music industry’s attention with his remix of Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” in 2013. Soon after, his tropical house track “Firestone” also blew up, skyrocketing his career into something unspeakable. This 29 year-old has accumulated billions (yes, billions) of streams on Spotify alone since his first release.

Over the years, Kygo has performed at countless venues and festivals worldwide including TomorrowWorld, EDC Las Vegas, and Ultra Music Festival. Some of Kygo‘s most well-known tracks include “It Ain’t Me” with Selena Gomez, “Stole The Show” (feat. Parson James), and “Higher Love” with Whitney Houston. All of these songs are a perfect example of his signature lighthearted, upbeat, feel-good sound.

The Rebirth Of Red Rocks

Nestled in the hills near Morrison, Colorado, lies Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. This beautiful outdoor venue was opened in 1941 and hosts various events including concerts, film screenings, yoga classes, and more. This past year, they adapted to COVID-19 restrictions when possible by hosting drive-in movie screenings and limited-capacity shows. Furthermore, they took this time off to completely renovate the stage to help protect artists from inclement weather.

On Thursday, June 24th, Kygo returned to Red Rocks for the first time since 2018. This show was one of the first full-capacity shows that Red Rocks has been able to hold since the COVID-19 pandemic, and Kygo’s first live show in 18 months!

Once parked in one of the four main parking lots, attendees make the trek up to the venue either by stairs or a long ramp. Upon getting their tickets scanned, each attendee received a plastic bracelet with Kygo’s logo on it. This show had reserved seating, except for the top section which was dedicated to general admission ticket-holders. Various food and drink vendors are set up along the sides of the amphitheater as well as at the very top of the 193 stairs. Each show typically has two merchandise booths, with one at the Lower South entrance and one at the top near the visitor center.

Forester Up First

By the time that music started, the entire venue was almost full. Attendees were extremely excited to make their way into the venue and get settled for the night, so lines were already forming at restrooms and food and drink stands before the music even started. The first group to hit the stage was Forester. This indie-electronic duo is based in Los Angeles and was formed in 2019. In a few short years, they already have a record deal with Palm Tree Records as well as millions of streams on their songs.

Forester does an amazing job of incorporating live instrumentation and vocals with smooth electronic elements. Their stage setup consisted of a keyboard, drum pad, microphone, and mixer. Multicolored overhead lights amplified their set, and their name and logo were shown behind them as well. According to Forester, this was their first live show ever. Original songs like “Symphony” got a great crowd reaction from both their fans and people hearing their music for the first time. After their set, audience members could be heard discussing how much they enjoyed Forester‘s set and how talented they were. This seems to only be the start for Forester.

Frank Walker

By the time that the first set was finished, the venue seemed to be completely full. The next DJ to take the stage was Frank Walker. This Canadian musician and DJ started producing in 2016 and has played multiple international shows and festivals. Some of his most popular tracks are “Like Gold” with Loud Luxury (feat. Stephen Puth) and “Can’t Let Go“. His Red Rocks set was his first show in the United States in a year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For his set, Frank Walker used a small table with CDJ’s set up on the front of the stage. He also had an LED wall behind him, which was part of Kygo‘s full set up. Overhead lights shined multiple colors out into the audience and flashed along to his music to add to his set. Frank Walker really increased the energy in the venue with his high-energy set. He incorporated both original tracks and remixes of popular songs that had been trending this past year. Examples include “Levitating” by Dua Lipa (feat. DaBaby) and “Deep End” by Fousheé.

Kygo’s Return To The Rocks

After a short changeover, the lights on stage turned off and the amphitheater echoed with everyone’s cheers. Then, the huge LED wall on stage flashed clips of Kygo‘s previous performances at Red Rocks. Lights shined into the audience, and Kygo made his way on stage. Kygo‘s stage setup consisted of a semi-circle deck that had his CDJs, microphone, and anything else needed for his set. While performing, he was standing on top of two levels of smaller LED screens, so it looked like he was in the middle of this massive display.

“What’s up Red Rocks? Let’s see your hands in the air,” shouted Kygo. For his first song, he brought out Valerie Broussard to sing “The Truth“. His stage production was massive! Fog machines, lasers, bursts of fire, and fireworks were all used throughout the show. Attendees in the first half of the crowd could literally feel the heat from these whenever a chorus dropped and the stage lit up.

Remember how every single attendee received a plastic bracelet when entering the venue? Each bracelet was able to light up and was synced with the show. This added yet another unique element to his performance because the audience members were able to connect with each other and with Kygo on a crazy cool level. When looking at the crowd, it would be a sea of blue or pink, and they even twinkled and changed colors with the drop. At the end of the show, attendees were asked to recycle the bracelets, but a lot of people kept them as momentos.

Golden Hour

Throughout Kygo‘s two-hour set, he played a glorious mix of older tracks along with tracks from his most recent album release, Golden Hour. According to Kygo, this was his first time playing these new songs to a live audience. In addition to bringing out Valerie Broussard, he had a few more singers join him on stage. Parson James sang “Stole The Show” and Justin Jesso sang “Firestone“. Each singer was able to perform multiple songs as well, so the audience got to see them each a few times.

Kygo did a wonderful job of incorporating his original, bubbly, feel-good music with upbeat, house music breaks. He kept the crowd on their toes throughout, as no one could really tell what was coming next. Sometimes, you would expect the original chorus from a song and it would transform into a high-energy drop with lights and lasers.

At two points in his set, he slowed it down for some breathtaking acoustic pieces. A clear piano was brought out to the center of the stage. As Kygo made his way down to the piano, an eight-piece orchestra of string instruments also set up on an elevated part of his stage. Valerie Broussard came out once more to sing “Lose Somebody“. During his encore, he brought out the piano and orchestra again along with Justin Jesso to do an acoustic version of “Firestone“. The song eventually transformed into the full, upbeat version of the track, and Kygo went back up to his elevated part on the stage to finish out his set.

Can We Go Back?

Overall, Kygo put on a truly amazing set. The energy in the venue was so elevated the entire time, from the openers to the very last second Kygo was on stage. Every single performer, including the openers, singers, and orchestra, was extremely talented and it was so much fun to watch. Kygo‘s set was a dynamic audiovisual experience and it was clear to see that the audience enjoyed themselves.

This summer, Kygo is set to perform at a festival in Poland in August, at Breakaway Ohio in September, and at the Banc Of California Stadium, also in September. To keep up with Kygo, visit his website and social media accounts below!

Photos by David Cohn

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2020 Denver Arts Week(end) Features Music, Visual Arts, and More

A Week(end) Celebration

Denver, Colorado has always thoroughly embraced their artistic culture and history. No matter what time of year it is, art has always played a huge roll in the city. Pop-up art displays such as Crush Walls, live music and local art installations at The Big Wonderful, and performances at the Denver Center For The Performing Arts allow locals to always feel, hear, and see the life of the city.

This weekend, Denver Arts Week(end) is returning to the Mile High City. Known as “a celebration of the city’s vibrant arts and cultural scene”, Denver Arts Week(end) is taking place from November 6th to the 8th. This year, Denver Arts Week(end) will be taking place over one weekend with a mix of virtual and in-person events due to current public safety guidelines regarding COVID-19.

The 14th annual edition of the event is sponsored by the city of Denver, Imagine 2020, Denver Arts and Venues, Westword, and CBS Denver.

Events and Activities

Denver Street Art provides lists of different murals, graffiti, and street art in five different neighborhoods within the Denver area. Furthermore, they offer descriptions of each piece listed as well as the address of where to find them. Public Art In Denver also provides a list of the must-see pieces of sculptures and abstract art around the city. This list can guide your own walking tour, or you can click here for a more comprehensive tour!

Additionally, various art pieces and exhibits are able to be safely visited at places including the Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, History Colorado Center, and Denver Botanic Gardens. For a full list of these exhibitions complete with descriptions, click here.

Theatrical performances and comedy shows will also be showcased throughout the weekend. Some have already been pre-recorded and are free to view virtually, while others are actual in-person ticketed events. Click here to view a schedule of diverse events taking place during Denver Arts Week(end). Whether you’re trying to stay at home or go out and see a show, there is something for everyone.

Denver Film Festival

The 43rd annual Denver Film Fest looks a little bit different this year, but the concept is still the same. The festival has been going on since October 22nd and ends this weekend on November 8th. The 2020 edition of the festival is completely virtual, allowing people all over Colorado access to the incredible films.

According to Denver Film Festival, viewers who want to participate need to first create a free Virtual Fest Hub account. Then, you can connect to your television for streaming using either Roku, AppleTV, or the “Cast” or “AirPlay” options. Denver Film Festival did offer a few drive-in screenings in one of the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre parking lots this year. However, the last screening was on October 29th. Hopefully, this can be a new tradition that continues next year!

Mile High Safety

For anyone not familiar with Denver’s current safety guidelines and mandates, the city of Denver has made an extremely all-encompassing guide for everyone to reference by clicking here. This guide provides an “at a glance” version in the form of a graphic as well as an exceptionally detailed list. For example, sections covered aside from the general city and state guidelines are “special event venues”, “attractions & cultural institutions”, and “transportation”.

VISIT DENVER is continually monitoring developments surrounding COVID-19 and is following the lead of local, state and national health and travel authorities. The safety and well being of our community, partners and visitors is our number one priority. We are fully engaged with local and state officials to coordinate a safe return for visitors and meetings. Our hospitality community is working together to implement enhanced procedures to safely welcome you back with our Mile High Standards.


Exploring Art

Denver Arts Week(end) is a fantastic way to get involved with Denver’s local arts and cultural aspects this upcoming weekend. A beautifully wide variety of events are going to be available for everyone to enjoy. So, get outside and go on an art walk downtown to explore beautiful murals and statues, or visit a new museum. If you want to stay in the comfort of your home, check out some live virtual performances or cuddle up to stream a Denver Film Festival film.

Denver Arts Week(end) is a Denver tradition that can’t be missed. For more information, check out their official links below!

Photos by Denver Arts Week(end), Denver Arts Week(end) Facebook, Denver Film Fest

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The ZHU-mans Had a Blast at Winter on the Rocks

ZHU is a singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ based out of Calfornia. He has gained hundreds of thousands of listeners on both Soundcloud and Spotify since the release of his first EP, THE NIGHTDAY, in 2014. He’s also traveled worldwide to grace the stages of countless festivals including Holy Ship, Electric Forest, and Voodoo Music + Arts Experience.

A few of ZHU‘s most listened to tracks are “Faded“, “My Life” with Tame Impala, and “Came For The Low” with partywithray. His most notable sounds and features are highlighted in these tracks. For instance, he records and uses his own vocals which blend perfectly with intricate synths and instrumentation.

Vendors, Food, and Warm(ish) Weather

On Friday, January 31, Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks returned to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. This unique, outdoor venue welcomed over 9,000 people for the event. A handful of different vendors were set up at the very top of the amphitheatre. These included Jeep, Visible Mobile, Ski Monarch, Never Summer, Fireball, Pacifico, Oskar Blues, Green Dragon, DabOlio and a few others. Food for the event was provided by Quiznos. A large metallic display in the center of all of the booths enclosed a fire to keep attendees warm. VIP ticket holders had access to drinks, food, and merchandise inside the visitor center at the top of the venue as well as a private patio with live painters.

Compared to past editions of Winter on the Rocks, the weather on Friday was quite warm. The temperature held around the mid-40s (Fahrenheit), but the high winds made for a fairly chilly night. The high winds also proved to be an issue for the vendors at the top of the venue as their booths and signs were being blown over. Only a fraction of the bars and food stands normally in function were open since it was off-season for the venue. Lines at every restroom and bar were about 15 to 30-minutes due to this being an extremely sold-out event.

Starting off Strong

DJ Matt Cassidy opened the night with an hour-long set. Thousands of attendees were at the venue early to secure their spot at the front of the amphitheatre. A small table and CDJ setup accompanied beautiful multicolored lighting. His music was a smooth combination of relaxed Electronic and R&B sounds, which was perfect for the crowd who engaged with his positive, interactive stage presence. He did increase the tempo and energy of his set as the night went on.

SNBRN took the stage next with another hour-long set. This House music king has been producing beats since the year 2013. “Beat The Sunrise” featuring Andrew Watt, “Move All Night” with Autograf and Kole, and “Six Shooter” are a few of his tracks that have gained the most listens throughout the years. SNBRN adorned a dad hat and a large, puffy winter jacket to keep him warm during his set. After signing the infamous Red Rocks Tunnel, he took to the stage to perform to the full amphitheatre. Multicolored abstract visuals played on the large LED panel behind the stage which made for a beautiful audiovisual experience.

After SNBRN‘s set, Icelantic Skis did a short crowd address which featured a dance-off with DJ Matt Cassidy. Shortly after, THEY. took to the stage. This R&B duo racked up over 73 million streams in 2019 on Spotify alone. Their popular, upbeat tracks, including “U-RITE,” kept the crowd on their feet throughout their set. At one point in the night, they brought a lucky girl up on stage, handed her a rose, and serenaded her with a slow jam. Their stage presence was absolutely amazing and full of high energy and smiles.

ZHU’s Glorious Return to Red Rocks

Finally, the moment that the entire amphitheatre had been waiting for: ZHU. His introduction was a flawless instrumental buildup that led into his newest release, “Came For The Low” with partywithray. He was wearing one of his signature ZHU faux fur jackets, gloves, ski goggles, and a hair clip which was perfect for the windy weather.

ZHU performed in a large triangular DJ booth in the center of the stage with LED panels on both sides. Throughout the night, fog, pyrotechnics, abstract visuals along with clips from his music videos, and bright lights were used. Smaller elevated platforms with LED screens on both sides of ZHU were where his guitarist and saxophonist played. They were also wearing ZHU faux fur jackets. At one point in the middle of his hour-and-a-half long set, his guitarist and saxophonist went head to head in a battle of sorts, showcasing their insane talent and skills.

ZHU’s set was upbeat for the most part, keeping the crowd on their toes. However, he made sure to take the time to slow down and play the piano for a few minutes. He spoke directly to the crowd at this point, appreciating the moment along with everyone who came. “It’s not just me being here, it’s all of us being here”, he said.

Breaking News: New ZHU

Newer songs such as “Desert Woman” and “Stormy Love, NM” featuring JOY. mixed perfectly with older classics including “Superfriends” and “Generationwhy“. THEY. even came out during “Working For It” which really brought the entire show together. To end his set, he played his beautiful rendition of “Hometown Girl“.

When ZHU made his way off stage, the lights remained dim. The wind blew throughout the amphitheatre, and the crowd remained quiet. Then, the phrase “the most captivating project by ZHU is coming this year” flashed onto the LED screen. ZHU revealed via social media the next day that this was an official album announcement, and a new album will be released this year! ZHU then came back onto the stage with his band and played “Faded“.

Until Next Time

Winter on the Rocks is an event that we can highly recommend, no matter which artists are performing. Skiers, snowboarders, music lovers, and more can all come together for one night to enjoy the crisp weather, look at vendors, and listen to music. This year, ZHU and everyone else on the lineup made for an absolutely perfect night. For information on next year’s event, keep up to date with both Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks and Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. Until then, follow ZHU below for show and music updates!

Photos by Julien Deroeux

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Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks Unveils an Amazing 2020 Lineup

Winter Stoke

Even though it’s not officially winter yet, Colorado has seen some record snowfall over the course of the recent months. A lot of us can already feel the winter stoke and are very excited about the upcoming snow-packed season. Whether you’re a skier, snowboarder, or Red Rocks lover, you’ve surely heard of Winter on the Rocks.

Every January, concert-goers have braved the snow and frigid temperatures at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre to enjoy a breathtaking mid-winter show. Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks has become a winter staple for Colorado because it kicks off the new year of shows at the iconic venue. Red Rocks? In one of the coldest months of the year? As icy as it sounds, thousands of people have visited the outdoor amphitheatre for Winter on the Rocks for eight years now. Therefore, this upcoming edition will be the ninth annual edition of the event.

House Music Heaven

This next year, the event will take place on Friday, January 31, 2020. Hosted by Icelantic Skis, the ninth edition of Winter on the Rocks will feature five massive artists that Colorado is no stranger to. ZHU, They., SNBRN, Channel Tres, and DJ Cassidy will all grace the stage for a truly magical winter night. House music lovers rejoice!

Most of these acts have recently touched down in Colorado so it’s exciting to have them back. Within the last few years, ZHU has played at both Red Rocks and Global Dance Festival in Denver. Meanwhile, SNBRN dropped some beats at Temple Denver and Channel Tres has performed at the Ogden Theatre.

Over the years, featured artists have included Atmosphere, Jauz, ZEDD, Adventure Club, and more. In other words, this is a perfect event for anyone that loves electronic music and cold weather. This event continues to be a huge hit, showing how truly special it is to experience Red Rocks in January.

Perfect Snow Celebration

This year, the event is presented by five different companies: Oskar Blues Brewery, Visible, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Jeep, and Pacifico. In addition, they have over 20 sponsors that are all coming together to help make this event happen. A few sponsors included are Red Bull, Green Dragon, Kleen Kanteen, and Aksels. During this event, the top section of the venue near the visitor center transforms, with booths set up by sponsors and vendors, making for a truly interactive event.

Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks coincides with the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show. The Colorado Convention Center houses the expo from January 29 to 31. It houses various retailers, panels with experts in the industry, and more. Therefore, the last weekend in January is going to be a perfect snow celebration for everyone involved.


For any music lovers looking to have an adventure this winter, Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks is highly recommended! Seeing Red Rocks covered in snow is absolutely beautiful. Certainly, experiencing a show here in these conditions only happens a few times a year. Before you venture out to the amphitheatre, you’ll want to bring lots of warm clothes. For example, a hat and gloves, a winter coat, snow pants, hand warmers, and your dancing shoes.

You can purchase tickets for the event here. See you on the rocks!

Tech N9ne Sets Strange Spell on Red Rocks

Red Rocks Amphitheater felt a bit stranger than usual this past Saturday night. Under a dark October sky and in front of a sold-out 10,000 person crowd, Tech N9ne took the stage for a night of raucous hip-hop music. For this visit to the rocks, Tech N9ne invited both label-mates and familiar faces. Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, Jelly Roll, and CES Cru came along to round out the lineup.

CES Cru and Jelly Roll Open Up

Indeed, the show was a smash hit from start to finish. Both opening acts, CES Cru and Jelly Roll, came in like streaks of lightning. They were spitting bars faster than the speed of light. Additionally, to add to their impeccable opening performances, the October early-sunset allowed for full production and lights to be utilized. Weaving their way through beats and rhymes, CES Cru and Jelly Roll left no audience head un-bobbed and perfectly primed the stage for the Strange Music founders.

Tech N9ne Comes in for the Kill

 On the whole, Tech N9ne is no stranger to rowdy shows. Over his 20+ years of performing under the moniker, Tech N9ne has stirred up a frenzy in music venues around the world, and has garnered a following of devoted fans that bring every ounce of energy they have to his shows. Indeed, this Red Rocks performance was no different. Jumping from new tracks to classics, Tech N9ne pummelled the crowd with a healthy dose of hardcore hip hop and freestyles.

Tech N9ne

Joining him onstage was Strange Music co-founder and longtime friend Krizz Kaliko. After decades of performing together, the duo have little (if anything) left to prove. Yet, their Red Rocks performance could have swooned even the most jaded of naysayers. From raw energy to pure passion, you could feel the rappers on stage emitting everything they had. The hour and a half spectacle concluded with a crowd photo and a promise that next time would be even bigger and better than ever.

Photos By: Jason Myers (Memorandum Media)

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Logic: Peace, Love and Positivity


Who is Logic?

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, most commonly known as Logic, was given his shot to chase his dreams in 2013 when Kid Cudi brought him on tour. He made his debut at Redrocks Amphitheater on September 16, 2013 for the Cud Life Tour. In his early 20’s, Logic crushed every stage he stepped foot on, debuting many underground mixtapes: Young, Broke and Infamous, Young Sinatra, Young Sinatra: Undeniable, and Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever. He created a huge following through these lyrical mixtapes and freestyles, called his #Ratpack. In 2014 he signed a record deal with Def Jam Records, premiering his debut album Under Pressure. Huffington Post, iTunes and MTV claim Under Pressure to be the best Hip Hop album of the year.

Logic continued to emerge in the music scene with his first headlining tour at Red Rocks Amphitheater on August 14, 2017, debuting his newest album Everybody. This album is considered to be his best, because it resonates with millions of Americans who suffer from depression and anxiety. With 6.8 million views, “1-800-273-8255 (Ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid)” continues to be one of the most powerful songs in his career thus far. As a result of this album, his transparency about modern day societal issues continues to bring people together from all walks of life.

Silas, YBN Cordae and JID to Start the Night

In the midst of a windy fall October night in Colorado, Logic took over Red Rocks for the second time on October 16, 2019. The night was one of a fantastic beauty. Once you get inside the amphitheater, the wind calmed and got disguised by the best rocks in the world. The crowd began to roar as Silas came onto the stage. This was a very touching moment as he made his Red Rocks debut. The energy you saw at this moment was breath taking. Silas translated that energy to the crowd and worked to get the night started off right.

Nevertheless, the crowd got even louder when YBN Cordae came onto the stage, making his first appearance at Red Rocks as well as debuting his mixtape YBN. His interaction with the crowd called for a dance party from beginning to end. YBN was making everyone go wild, by using his unique sound mixed with variety, changing up the energy with every track. The crowd was absolutely going bonkers, chanting and jumping up and down with the beat. Most importantly, YBN was taking the crowd into a new dimension with his music.


Destine Choice Route, who is most commonly known as JID, was on direct support duties. He premiered tracks produced by J-Cole that have a smooth lyrical flow mixed with a variety of tempos, resembling Logic himself. After every track he got the crowd to roar, saying “make some noise for yourself”. This was very sentimental, because it makes his set about his supporters, not himself. JID’s hype man kept the energy high each and every song, preparing for the build ups and drops.

Logic and The Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Then, it was time for Logic to take the stage. His influence to inspire his #Ratpack was on a new dimension. Logic spoke about Peace, Love and Positivity. He gives many hope and prosperity to live through the battle of depression, anxiety and racism. His crowd interactions were exceptional, flowing from music to comedy, to inspiration. The crowd was not being loud enough, so he would cut the track and restarts it until the energy was at the perfect level. When he says dance, you danced, when he says put your hands up, you put your hands up, when he says jump, you jumped.

Following his performance, Logic cut the music to talk about his inspirations. Kid Cudi is his biggest inspiration. He is so humble and respectful of the people that gave him a chance to be himself, Kid Cudi did just that by bringing him on tour in 2013. Wu-Tang and Eminem are others who inspire him to be the best person he can possibly be. He honored their influence by throwing back the tracks produced by them.


Next, he brought up Silas on stage and spoke about his earlier days when he put out a few mixtapes. He mentioned that he received a letter from a 12 year old, stating that his mixtapes are legendary. While getting this letter from the 12 year old, Logic also received a mixtape from this 12 year old. As an underground artist, Logic was incredibly inspired by the boy. The boy then turns, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and now 21. Exchanging letters and mixtapes for 9 years, Logic had no choice other than signing him to Bobbyboy records. The boy he is referencing is of course Silas. JID then came up on stage and began to rap battle with Logic, inspired by how Eminem began to become known.

In the end, Logic got the whole crowd to light up the sky by premiering his #1 hit “1-800-273-8255 (Ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid)”. The crowd was in sync during the whole track, waving side to side. Tingling sensations were climbing up and down everyone’s body due to the monumental message that this track brings to the #Ratpack. On the whole, the prosecution of his band and production was on cue all night. #PeaceLovePositivity

Photos by Roberto Loya