Eazybaked & DMVU Co-Headline Cervantes

Eazybaked and DMVU co-headlined this week’s shift Thursday, at Cervantes’ masterpiece ballroom. The lineup for this special night was impeccable. Starting the night is Ceiva, followed up by Gangus. Then DMVU Takes the stage then Eazybaked to end the night.

Matthew Jones, aka DMVU is a Denver local and has been blowing up in the bass music scene. His career got some recognition when He dropped the song “Bloccd” with Deep Dark and Dangerous in 2016, which has over a million plays on Spotify.

Co-headlining along with DMVU is the rising duo known as Eazybaked. Eric Ray and Andrew Principe also known as “Eazybaked” have been friends for over 15 years and they have been making their mark on the bass music scene. The duo has already played the legendary Red rocks and festivals such as EDC Orlando, Okeechobee, and more.

The Openers

As doors open and people begin to fill the dance floor, the up-and-coming Ceiva takes the stage. Ceiva plays his deep experimental bass tunes with Patrick Boyle on the visuals, setting the mood for the night. Following up was The Denver local “Gangus”. The Denver local just dropped a 2 song ep with “Onhell” and has dropped a couple of tracks with the infamous “Tsurda“. Gangus came out playing his heavy deep bass hitting tunes, which was getting the crowd moving and grooving.

As you made your way around the venue, there were vendors selling merchandise, glasses, pins, and other small fun things. Alongside the vendors were live painters adding to the experience of the night. Some of the live painters were @itsmarisalove, @365dazeofgab, and @mommadose.


The first headliner in the co headlong show didn’t need to travel far being a Denver-based artist known as DMVU. As he takes the stage, the venue is packed and filled with anticipation for the following acts. Dmvu came out playing his unique style of deep bass music. With some notable remixes of classic songs like the “Banana Boat” song by Harry Belafonte, “Bullet Proof” by La Roux, and “X” by 21 Savage, he also dropped a crowd favorite “Let em Drip” by Hydraulix and Dj Afterthought featuring Wi-Fi’s funeral.

Now closing out the night is the rising duo known as “Eazybaked“.  The duo did not disappoint one bit, they came out and blessed the people of Denver with their deep and charismatic bass tunes. They played out some new collabos one being with “Milano” and another with “Fly”.  Near the end of their set, they played the timeless song known as “Old Ways” by Lab Group.


Altogether, it was another incredible night in the beautiful city of Denver. All of the musical and visual artists and vendors came together to make an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of these young bright artists.


Photos by Ethan Klement

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Tripp St Takes Over the Ogden

Seeming to come out of nowhere, the enigma known as Tripp st. took over the Ogden, in which he showcased his music. Adding to the night was an extraordinary visual experience from the Denver local “Nox Lumina“. The lineup included Maxfield, followed up by Templo. Then the one and only Kill Smth play as direct support for Tripp St. 

All night, I kept hearing the same question being asked by curious fans, “who is Tripp St.?” He made his debut in just 2021 with an all-original 47-minute mix known as “Welcome to Tripp St.” Following up was his debut album “Welcome to Tripp St ” released on Clozees record label Odyzey. Not much is known about Tripp St. With speculations floating around that it’s a side project of a much larger artist such as Pretty Lights, Tipper, or GvO. Although many are skeptical of these rumors, one thing we are sure of is that he’s not new to producing. So the question remains who is Tripp St

The Openers

He got the night started in one of Denver’s most beloved venues, the Ogden with a capacity of about 1,600 people. The building is filled with history, closing its doors in 1917 as a theater and re-opening in 1993. Tonight, it will host Tripp St. as he takes over the Ogden.

Starting the night off as people fill in the dance-floor was Maxfield. With a slow-building eerie intro that drops into his unique style of production in which he seemed to blend ambient sounds with some trip-hop-inspired drums, layered with some deep bass . Contributing to the Maxfield experience was Alyssa Rose on visuals giving fans a visual experience of the music. Following up was Templo coming out the gate strong with his glitchy hip-hop-inspired tunes that had the people moving. At this point in the night, the Ogden is starting to feel like a sold-out event. The energy in the room was high and filled with excitement for the night ahead.

A wave of silence hits the crowd as everyone prepares themselves for the underground legend Kill Smth. The Denver local put on a jaw-dropping performance living up to the hype that surrounds his name. He played his deep experimental bass tunes with a touch of some drum and bass that had the crowd going nuts. In addition, Glass Crane and Actulize were on visuals taking fans on an all original pilgrimage through bass and time.


At this point in the night, the venue is filled with people shoulder to shoulder. Tripp St. takes over the Ogden with a slow-burning intro with cinematic properties, which leaves the audience in an almost meditative state, preparing themselves for what is to come. For the next hour, Tripp St. took the people on a journey through sound mending genres together. This was carried by the steady flow of euphoric free form bass and a combination of classical instruments with a touch of hip hop and funk to tie the whole thing together.


Overall, It was another incredibly unforgettable night at the beloved Ogden. Tripp st. along with his stunning lineup of support, gave his fans an experience they will never forget. Although we did not find out who the man behind Tripp st. is, he did speak on the mic for the first time leaving us more curious about who this man is. We are excited to see what all these amazing artists have in store for the years to come. You can catch Tripp St. again traveling to Iowa for Kosmic Kingdom in June.


Photos by Ethan Klement

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OPIUO Returns to Colorado in 4 day run at The Aggie and Boulder Theater April 13-16th with Canabliss, A Hundred Drums, Krushendo, MZG, Graymattr, and Phyrphyr

Opiuo Returns to Colorado in 4 day run at The Aggie and Boulder Theater April 13-16th with Canabliss, A Hundred Drums, Krushendo, MZG, Graymattr, and Phyrphyr

Opiuo Returns to Colorado with an epic 4 day run at The Aggie in Fort Collins on April 13th and 14th and Boulder Theater in Boulder on April 15th and 16thh with Cannabliss, A Hundred Drums, Krushendo, MZG, Graymattr, and Phyrphyr presented by Party Guru Productions and The Rooster.

Opiuo with the Syzergy Orechestral at Red Rocks

Opiuo has been making waves in Colorado since his absolutely legendary Red Rocks show with Sunsquabi and The Syzergy Orchestra which was a New Zealand collaboration of classical musicians that came out and played with Opiuo in an absolutely legendary flex of classical love and bass music coming together in a beautiful orchestra. He has also headlined Sonic Bloom in recent memory and is one of our favorite shows to see.

He is joined by Canabliss who has a recent EP release with WAKAAN and A Hundred Drums as direct support who has been on tour with REZZ recently, played Red Rocks with Zeds Dead, and released an EP with Zeds Dead’s label.

A Hundred Drums on a tour stop with REZZ

The openers include MZG who recently announced a show opening for Big Gigantic at Red Rocks, Krushendo who recently headlined Cervantes Otherside and opened up for ILLENIUM two days at X Games, graymattr who recently headlined The Aggie in Fort Collins in May, and Phyrphyr who is known for shows with Manic Focus recently.

4/13 – Tickets for Opiuo /w A Hundred Drums & Krushendo at Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins – Use code PartyHere

4/14 – Opiuo /w Cannabliss & Graymatter at The Aggie Theater in Fort Collins

4/15 – Tickets for Opiuo /w Canabliss & Phyr at Boulder Theater in Boulder

4/16 – Tickets for Opiuo /w Megan Hamilton & MZG at Boulder Theater in Boulder

Breaking News: Phoenix Lights Has Landed in Arizona

Breaking News: Phoenix Lights Has Crash-Landed in Arizona

As the sun sets on the Arizona horizon, Phoenix Lights: Altered Orbit beamed down and crash-landed for the weekend. This out-of-this-world two day festival, produced by Relentless Beats, abducted the EDM community and left no crumbs when it came to revamping this beloved event. The return of Phx Lights has been long-awaited and fans have been beaming with excitement to experience it again.

Location, Layout, and Production

Phx Lights calls Phoenix Raceway home for the weekend of April 1st and 2nd. This new festival property is located in Avondale, AZ which is only 20 minutes outside Downtown Phoenix. Parking was easy and so was finding the box office and entry lines. ADA parking was also available with no charge for either lots. Entrance and exit of the property went very smoothly with minimal traffic. 

I really appreciated the huge open space and how Relentless Beats was able to utilize it for the attendee’s benefit. This never used before location was able to fit not only RB’s megastructure, but also a very attention-grabbing VIP area, loads of food and drink stands, shop vendors, a silent disco, an art car stage, Monster semi-trucks, and various art installations. There was also plenty of room for dancing and the crowd never felt squished. 

The two-day event also featured three stages known as the Mothership, the Invasion, and the Fallout.

Line up

Attendees could feel the cosmic energy flowing through the crowd when multiple phenomenal artists took the stage this past weekend. 

Day 1 featured Griz, Liquid Stranger, Rusko, Champagne Drip, Smoakland and Proper

Day 2 featured RL Grime, Zomboy, Flosstradamus, Jansten, Leotrix, and Saas

Besides the infamous megastructure, Phoenix Lights also had a silent disco that was hosted by BeatBox Beverages and they had an art car stage that featured new and upcoming artists along with local favorites. To name a few, we were able to experience the styles of Dark Mark, VooDreau, Electric Polar Bears, Medicine Mike, Peachy Keen, and more. Fans were able to get their fix of dubstep, house, techno, trance, dnb, and various other genres throughout the weekend!

Sponsors, Vendors, and Art

Phoenix Lights had so many incredible sponsors showing their love and support this past weekend! To name a few, fans were able to see and get more information on Monster Energy, Bud Light, Kona Brewing Co., Project Rave, White Claw Hard Seltzer, and more.

To fill all your rave accessories and needs, there were plenty of shop vendors to choose from! Attendees were able to shop from Kandies World, Kritter Klips, Elite Wear, We Rave Hard, and more. 

To view the full list of sponsors and vendors, you can do so here

Some art installations included multiple spots for photo ops and a mural letting attendees know that “YOU ARE AMAZING” by Jayarr.art

Bringing art to life this weekend, the Weird & Wonderful Cast were there and performed in various locations throughout the festival grounds.


I would 100% recommend Phoenix Lights to my fellow festival lovers. Relentless Beats is constantly evolving with every show they put on and I am so excited for their future plans. Be sure to follow all of RB’s socials for the most up to date information regarding upcoming events. And be sure to be on the lookout for the official afterparty movie of Phoenix Lights: Altered Orbit.

Photos by Alexander Peet 

Frequency Sound Series Becomes the Talk of the Town

Frequency Sound Series Becomes the Talk of the Town

As the month slowly comes to an end, one thing that is far from being over is the sweet sounds of dirty beats in the hottest new venue in Denver. Every Wednesday at Beacon Denver, the Frequency Sound Series was set out to immerse you in new genres, artists, performers, and stunning visuals. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint on March 30th when Ganeesha, Visional & Pvzzlr took the stage for an epic night of tribal-infused bass music.

Ganeesha, Visional & Pvzzlr

The Openers

First up, we had the pleasure to see Pvzzlr take to the stage for the first time in his career at an official venue. From where the audience was standing, it felt like Pvzzlr had been spinning the filthiest trap beats for decades. Amazing stage presence, connecting with the crowd on all levels, and he really turned up the heat for a perfect start to the evening.

Visional was up next and he was set out to show us his skills and talent as a bass-heavy producer/DJ. Usually performing the fast-paced, heavy bangers like Trash Talk by JAWNS, Visional kept with the vibe of the night giving us the feet moving sounds of Tribal Trap. One song that got the crowd moving was actually a collaboration by the night’s very own, Visional and Ganeesha called Till The Morning.

The Headliner

Not only did Pvzzlr get to show us his finesse with the faders for the first time, but Ganeesha was also making his live debut at this gorgeous venue. Playing over an hour’s worth of all original music, Ganeesha took us on an adventure that forced the “stank face” on every single person in that building. The crowd was truly feeling it and enjoying this new weekly installation by Party Guru Productions and Beacon Denver, it was truly the Wobble we needed in the week.


Photos By: Casey Raser

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Aminé Delights The Fillmore With Charm And Charisma

Aminé Delights The Fillmore With Charm And Charisma

On Monday March 21st, 2022, a breeze of excitement rushed through the Fillmore Auditorium.

Aminé is a Portland-based rapper, singer and songwriter. While playing basketball in high school, he rapped for fun. After graduating in 2012, he decided to make rapping his passion. After releasing his first two mixtapes independently, he signed a deal with Republic Records. With the label, he released his debut hit single, “Caroline”, which became an instant success.

The Openers

The room darkened as 454 stormed the stage to open the show. He had a very chill and relaxed vibe that soothed the Monday-night crowd. Draped in a grey long sleeve shirt and denim jeans, he performed songs like “Pisces” and “4 Real” that contained a soft R&B feel with a hip hop tempo. 454‘s style of music emulated popular hip hop artists such as Tyler, the Creator and Polo G. His performance was very calming, and it resonated with the contention of his crowd.

After a very brief intermission, British rapper AJ Tracey and his DJ quickly rushed onto the stage. With a calm and confident presence, he blazed through his set with an energetic voice that matched his grimy beats. During his set, Tracey asked the crowd kindly to open up the mosh pit. The crowd delivered a pit with intensity and passion as he performed his drill-infused song, “Pasta”. Towards the end of his set, Tracey brought out fellow rapper, Swoosh God, as he performed his smash track, “Just Do It”. He then saluted the crowd and told them that they might be his favorite crowd on the tour so far. Overall, AJ Tracey’s fiery performance turned the mood of the crowd from relaxed to hyped-up. Getting nods from artists like Skepta, it was clear why his performance on-stage cemented his status as a UK hip-hop icon.


After 15 minutes of stage setup, the crowd roared with anticipation when the lights dimmed down. Following this development, a miniature set design of the city of Portland, Oregon lit up the center stage. In front of a podium that read “The Best Tour Ever”, Aminé‘s DJ, MadisonLST, appeared before the crowd. For the next 15 minutes, he mixed together some favorite hip hop hits to hype up the audience. This included throwbacks such as Soulja Boy and Sammie’s “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” and Kanye West’s “Runaway”.

After a barrage of hip-hop’s notable hits, the crowd went into a frenzy. Emerging from the Alberta Market stage prop, Aminé rummaged through the stage with excitement and energy. Dressed in a bright orange jacket, he opened up with his “Mad Funny Freestyle”, invigorating the phone-savvy crowd. He followed up with his hit “Shimmy”, as the audience’s sang-along to the lyrics that echoed throughout the building. Shortly after performing a few of his songs, he talked about the set design for his tour. It was designed around his childhood in Portland. This included a sign of Woodland Park and a giant statue of his dog, Oliver.

What made the night really special was Aminé‘s relationship with his fans. He really helps his audience to feel special about themselves. Throughout the night, Amine or MadisonLST would shout “You’re beautiful!”, to which the crowd responded with “I know”. He also had a lucky fan sign a patch on his pants and took a photo with him on stage. His on-stage attitude defines his amazing persona, not just as an artist, but as a human being as well.

Aminé delivered a breathtaking and vibrant performance for the Denver crowd. He proved that he is so much more than the rapper who wrote “Caroline”. Aminé is an artist in his own league, and his unique on-stage presence reflected his modesty and creativity as a performing artist.

Photos by Venceas Whipple

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Two Friends Rock The Fillmore For The Adventureland Tour

Two Friends Rock The Fillmore For The Adventureland Tour

Two Friends has described their music as “songs that are fun and get you dancing and moving, but also hopefully resonate with you on a more emotional level at the same time…[They are] kind of a melting pot of a lot of different elements and influences- whether from dance music, from pop, even from alternative rock or hip-hop.” On March 4th, Two Friends graced the stage at the Fillmore Auditorium. They proved the statement above with mind-blowing visuals and epic lighting that had the whole crowd moving all night long.

Two Friends

The Openers

Opening up the evening was Łaszewo. Łaszewo brought out all the feels with future bass, sprinkles of pop and surprise heavy trap beats. Which, got the crowd’s shoulders shrugging up and down. The high-energy trio created the perfect flow to kick off this once-in-a-lifetime event. The crowd was more than half full even before the show started, so you could definitely feel the anticipation building over the masses.

Up next, was the famous duo Ship Wrek. They always comes in hot and makes one hell of a party. We have never seen someone jump off the DJ booth as smooth as Tripp Churchill did!

After a 15 minute break to set up an impressive display of spaceship-like stage design, lasers, and clouds of confetti, the audience wasn’t ready for the unique experience they were about to receive. With this being the last date of a very successful tour, Two Friends wanted to give Denver a night to remember. Blasting off from House music to dirty beats, this was quickly becoming the next Big Bootie mix we’ve all come to love from this dynamic duo. The crowd was bouncing the entire time without a care in the world and with smiles that stretched for miles. Not only did we hear some unreleased tunes, but we got sent back in time to the early 2000s.The duo played throwbacks like Blink-182, Afroman, and our childhood favorite – Toy Story’s “You Got A Friend In Me. Denver will never forget this insane and mind-blowing evening!

Photos By: Casey Raser

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SHIFT Thursdays At Cervantes In March

SHIFT Thursdays At Cervantes In March

Electronic music lovers are in for a treat this March. Five SHIFT Thursdays at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom will showcase an array of artists. This month, start your weekend early! Tickets from $10 to $20 offer a vast variety of music. The double-sided venue stacks its SHIFT evenings with both well-known and up-and-coming artists. Ultimately, the dual-venue is Denver’s most unique.

Check out all of the upcoming shows below!

March 10th: Tech House Nigh

Guz and Offaiah headline Cervantes on March 10th. Prepare for a night of masterful tech house! Opening the night is Stereo Nine of Denver House Music. Headliner Guz hails from the Netherlands. His sound started as a small studio project before blowing up with the massive single, “Dancing Kinda Close.This past week, he’s been performing in London with Toolroom Records. Represented by the Sink or Swim Label, Guz will bring full-on party vibes to Cervantes. Check out a clip of one of his past sets here!

He’s joined by Offaiah of the Defected label. The DJ has more than 400,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Offaiah grew up in East London. Considered a phoenix-from-the-ashes story, his stage name is a play on the words “all” and “fire.” He’s been producing hits since 2000. His debut, Trouble, was one of 2016’s biggest dance records. A helicopter crash in 2017 took the artist out of commission for a bit, but the DJ is back on the scene in full force right now. His most recent single Up All Night is out now. Don’t miss this frontrunner of progressive house music.

March 17th: VCTRE + A Whole Lot More

March 17th continues stacking the eclectic SHIFT music collection. This night, see multiple artists on both sides of the venue! This will be an evening of signature dub and dance blends. VCTRE and Sumthin Sumthin headline the Ballroom. These two have a recent song together, check out Flutter. VCTRE pops off with his guttural bass and boisterous swagger. Get hyped for special guest Saka! Saka brings bass music from Hong Kong. Click here for Saka‘s song with Sumthin Sumthin, Damage.

Simultaneously, see Somatoast, Drrtywulvz, Dillard, and Quite Possibly perform on the Other Side. Somatoast takes listeners on a “multi-instrumental voyage through wacky circus dance music, expansive jazzy nuances, and left-field sound design.” Drrtywulvz brings his take on glitch and psydub music. Check out his newest album here.

March 24th: Black Carl & Player Dave

Next on March 24th, Black Carl and Player Dave headline. Hailing from Alabama, Black Carl has opened for Boogie T, Liquid Stranger, and more. He offers neurotic bass, both classic and progressive. Player Dave is an innovative artist from San Diego. Check out his latest release, Dumb.

Additionally, Oakk and Chmura are the featured guests. Performing first is Chmura from Vermont. This month, Chmura is performing in Salt Lake City, Dallas, and Denver. Don’t miss this popular artist’s set! Then, all the way from Canada, comes Oakk. He’s a master of blissful, organic tunes.

March 31st: Zeke Beats Digital Death Tour

Finally, the Zeke Beats Digital Death Tour closes out on March’s Shift Thursdays. Zeke Beats‘s new EP came out last month, check it out here. He blends hip-hop and grime into signature bass. The talented Australian musician is playing eleven shows across the U.S. this year. If you’re a fan of Blunts & Blondes or Shanghai Doom, you’ll love this headliner. Huxley Anne supports with her unique sound. She mixes abstract hip-hop, heavy bass, experimental electronica, and textural ambiance. Anne opened for Nghtmre and Slander‘s Alchemy Tour. This DJ is also a famed creative director. She’s directed videos and sets for Vince Staples, Migos, and Kehlani. Check out her creative video work here!

Cervantes and River Beats offer a plethora of amazing electronic music this month. From local Colorado talent to European stars, every artist is a master of unique sound. If you’re out of state, SHIFT Thursdays are well worth a trip to Denver.

Grab your SHIFT tickets here!

An Inside Look To Kosmic Kingdom 2022

An Inside Look To Kosmic Kingdom 2022

Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival returns to Sleepy Hollow Sports Park in Des Moines, Iowa this summer. Headliners include CloZee and G Jones, two of the most popular and innovative DJs in the world today. Kosmic Kingdom will bring a massive range of great artists to Des Moines, while also bringing out some local legends.

Looking at the headliners, G Jones is coming in hot as one of America’s most promising bass producers. We also see CloZee, a powerful female presence in electronic music, bringing together incredible visuals and emotionally charged live performances. We can expect to see many more incredible artists. Party Guru Press was recently lucky enough to have the chance to chat with the producer of Kosmic Kingdom. Check out the entire interview below!

Getting Started

Party Guru Press: What differences can attendees see this year that haven’t been seen in previous years?

Kosmic Kingdom: We are actually experimenting with some new stage ideas and layouts for 2022. Might even be a new castle stage but we can’t say too much yet. One goal for this year is to incorporate even more of a medieval vibe. In 2019 we introduced our knight fighters who fight with REAL weapons and armor, it’s absolutely insane.

We had some renaissance-themed characters walking around last year and we are looking to really push as hard as we can on the theme this year. I think every year we try and really improve aspects of the festival that might have been slightly lacking so we’ll, of course, be making changes that are needed to improve the festival goers’ experience as a whole.

Past To Present Headliners

Party Guru Press: With previous headliners such as Liquid Stranger and Caspa, to now CloZee and G Jones, what made you choose these two as headliners? Seeing that G Jones was also the headliner in 2018, what are some of the biggest changes that have been made since then? 

Kosmic Kingdom: This niche is extremely hard to find proper headliners for. I’ve told my partners many times that there are maybe 6-8 true headliners in the underground bass world that the fans would consider actual top card acts. CloZee was a super obvious choice for us this year, she is absolutely crushing it. Amazing sets and we think her ethos and brand fit really well with what we believe in. We also love seeing a woman in this space getting the attention she deserves and with so many amazing female producers and DJs out there right now, we thought it was only fitting to have a true queen on the top of the bill this year.

As for G Jones, the man is iconic. A producer’s producer if you will. He’s the guy that every producer idolizes and looks up to, also pushing the limits and the sound. He’s grown right along with the festival, we’ve gotten bigger and so has he. The festival has more than doubled in size, increased production on all fronts, and has become an even stronger family since he first played. I remember him tweeting “Iowa needs more parties like that.” after his set and I think he is going to be even more impressed now. It’s truly a special festival that is different than any other I’ve attended (or organized).

Party Guru Press: What was the heaviest inspiration behind the lineup for 2022?

Kosmic Kingdom: This year the inspiration was 100% the underground bass scene. Putting together a full card of national acts for the ones that know, the real heads. There are acts on here that may not be known by a lot of people, but the ones who are fans will fly across the country to catch them in a club. I went from the commercial EDM world to the underground bass world really fast when I discovered electronic music over a decade ago and that’s really where my heart has always been.

Iowa also loves the weird and deep stuff, it’s crazy. We’ll have as many people at a Yheti headline show in a club as we will for a Zomboy tour. Very few markets are like that. So not only do we get to give the people what they want, I’m able to book what I truly love. Plus we can show some new faces a different side of bass music which I love.