A Stunning Display Of Sound: Opiuo At Mission Ballroom

This weekend at Mission Ballroom, Opiuo Stopped by with 1788-L, Esseks, BRUX and a whole lot of funky bass. Fans quickly filled the venue dancing along to the diverse line up.

First on the agenda for the evening, Brux waisted little time getting the crowd moving. Her vocals carried throughout the venue and washed the over the entranced onlookers. Esseks took the stage afterwards and kicked things up a notch with his heavy bass mix. Mosh pits began to open up around the venue. That energy would cary over into the set of 1788-L. With his unique electronic sound design, he was able to carry fans through various peeks and valleys during the night. Last on the docket was Opiuo. His funky/groovy bass design was a well received shift in the evening’s sound.

Photos By Kyle Brim

Opiuo was set to Headline at Red Rocks the following night but this show at Mission Ballroom was a welcomed treat for fans of his music nonetheless. Though his Red Rocks Show was spectacular, tonight showed that he plays his heart out no matter what venue he is in. Be sure to check out Opiuo if you haven’t already.

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RL Grime Community Outreach Tour Comes To Denver

This past weekend RL Grime stopped in Denver at Mission Ballroom for his Community Outreach Tour. He brought out artists from his label, Sable Valley, which included artists Jawns, Knock2, and Pauline Herr. If you have yet to attend a show at Mission Ballroom now is the time! From their in-house sound system, LED screen, and lighting display this venue is truly amazing.

Starting off the night was Pauline Herr. She started the vibes for the rest of the night. Next up was Knock2 who definitely brought the heat with upbeat sounds getting the crowd ready to dance the night away. Following the dance beats was Jawns. With good beats and throbbing bass lines throughout the evening, the energy from the crowd never seemed to decline.

Article & Photos By: Ethan Klement

RL Grime closed out the evening with an hour and a half long set. He played some of his hit tracks like “UCLA ft. 24 Hrs”, I wanna know, ft Daya”, and his popular remix of “In your head” by G Jones.

The Community Outreach Tour has three more stops left after this Denver stop. Catch the Community Outreach Tour in a city near you!

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Krushendo Krushes The Melodic Bass Scene With A New Remix

Denver local Karlyle “Krushendo” Walker has released another banger of a remix. He has certainly continued to rise to the top of the melodic bass scene here in the Bass Capital. Krushendo hails from Santa Monica but was raised and currently resides in the mountains of Fort Collins. He remains one of the top local artists in the state and is a force to be reckoned with. Krushendo‘s large following and an impressive roster of bookings to date is reason to keep an eye on this one.

His most recent tune release “MiTis – TRY featuring RØRY (Krushendo Rekrush)” is a prime example stylizing just how far this local heavyweight has come since he opened up for MiTis in 2018. Since then, Krushendo has been grinding in and outside of the studio, constantly improving himself and his craft by incorporating the heavier melodic bass elements with the smooth tempos of slower, heavy-hitting bass music.

The tune is an emotional remix that will give you chills and leave you wanting to hear more. We are very excited to see what Krushendo continues to do in the music scene here. Krushendo will be opening up for Champagne Drip next weekend in his home city Fort Collins at the infamous Aggie Theater, featuring Mize as support. Tune in to Party Guru Productions for future updates and events by Krushendo!

Check out the tune here.

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Tripp At Knight

Trippie Redd came through Denver Colorado this past Tuesday for a stop on the Tripp At Knight tour with SoFaygo and K Suave.

Starting out the evening, K Suave came out with all the energy truly igniting the crowd! Throughout his performance K Suave displayed his appreciation for his supporters, getting in the crowd amongst everyone while continuing to perform! Following K Suave, SoFaygo came to the stage with some heat starting the set with his song “Off the Map”. While performing he took off the hoodie he was wearing and threw it into the crowd as the beat dropped.

Article & Photos By: Ethan Klement

Rounding up his North American tour Trippie Redd has truly made his mark. From the massive LED screen, Co2 canons and light show this tours production is one to be reckoned with! Aside from the amazing display of the production and his visuals Trippie Redd ended the night with a bang. Rinsing through numerous of his platinum songs such as “F**k Love” a collaboration with XXXtentacion and “Taking a Walk” a track from a previous album, Life’s A Trip. The Crowd was eager for him to perform his latest hit “Miss the Rage” with Playboi Carti, right when the beat dropped for the song the crowd went crazy! Trippie Redd truly performs like a rock star!

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Supertask Leads A Super Concert At Cervantes

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom was full of life at the Shift night concert. Last Thursday, seven talented musicians performed on two stages. With headliners Supertask and Sully, it was bound to be a success. 

A Thundering Start to the Night

Before and during the concert, there was plenty of unique artwork and live painting to check out. At eight o’clock, the venue’s resident DJ began. Mikey Thunder set the mood for a fantastic evening. Above all, Mikey is a master of unsuspecting vibe switches in his DJing. He alternated frenetic wubs with ethereal tunes. Then, his mixing became more futuristic and edgy. Truly, an amazing set. As one of the bartenders told me when I asked who was on stage: “Mikey Thunder is THE man!”

The Openers

Coming all the way from Pennyslvania, Tiedye Ky delivered a unique combination of smooth melodies and distorted bass. Check out his latest release, “I Want 2 Fly Away.” The song is dually soothing and energetic.

Then, we heard the intense grooviness of Mport. His latest song “Fearless” was my favorite neck-breaker of the night.

Dual Stages!

Cervantes boasts two stages. The main ballroom and the “Other Side” give the venue its name. Also, it’s charm and uniqueness. The iconic venue has been around since 2003. However, the building itself has been hosting concerts and parties since the 1930s. One can sense the decades-old charm that exists between the two stages.

On one side, fans could dance to Supertask and Tiedye Ky. Then, take a short walk through the venue! The sounds of Sully, Pierce, and Mport bounced and boomed from the other stage. Truly, an outstanding and distinctive experience.

Visual Perfection

It was “Shift Thursday” at Cervantes. Undoubtedly, the music was elite. The aura of the crowd was fun, leaving nothing to be desired. But also, the evening was aptly named due to the visuals on-screen. Any regular EDM patron knows that concert visuals can be just as good as the music. Sometimes, better! The art on the screen can make or break a venue’s vibes. At Shift night, the colors on screen swirled, shifted, and dripped. Certainly, the backdrop complemented the music fantastically.

The Headliners

Supertask and Sully headlined the two stages. Supertask’s top songs are “Get to You” and “Divide”. They each have nearly two million plays on Spotify. Check out his latest EP “Captcha”! It has three fantastic songs. Certainly, the crowd could not get enough of Supertask and his super sounds. 

Simultaneously, Sully performed on the other side of Cervantes. Hailing from Detroit, Sully provided an unforgettable bass experience. I was most excited to finally see his breakout single “Duck Hummus.” Check out his latest song, “How Much Further.” It features G-Rex and The Arcturians.

A Night to Remember

Certainly, this past Shift Thursday was a success. The openers and headliners alike created a superb evening in Denver. This week, Cervantes will feature six artists on Thursday. Be sure to check out the venue downtown!

Photos by Ethan Klement

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Said The Sky: A Red Rocks Debut

Said The Sky: A Red Rocks Debut

The evening of September 4th had finally arrived. For sky gazers across the state of Colorado, the significance of the day could not easily be put into words. The entrances at Red Rocks Amphitheater were set to open for a very special night featuring a headlining performance by Trevor Christensen, AKA Said The Sky.

Seeing as performance would be the first of its kind with the melodic prodigy taking the stage at his very first headlining performance at the legendary venue; the excitement was shared and magnified through Trevor himself. 

Said The Sky has made several appearances in Colorado recently, once at Global Dance Festival for a triple back to back performance with Dabin and Illenium. Said The Sky again surprised the crowd as a special guest for Slander at their own Red Rocks show. Trevor has been very vocal about his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to have his very own show at Red Rocks. He has previously mentioned that this has been one of his biggest dreams as an artist for a very long time, a dream that was not becoming a reality.

Doors to the sold out event opened at 6:00pm and fans began filling the Amphitheater. Many kicked off the evening by running straight to the merch booths. The booths offered a variety of exclusive Said The Sky at Red Rocks apparels such as jerseys, shirts, jackets, hats, and flags that were sure to sell quickly.

As 7:00pm came along the music finally began. An opening performance by Sundial, as the sun began to set, was a perfect way to set the tone for the sure to be emotional and tear jerking evening. The California based pop duo provided what was a rather intimate atmosphere for such a large venue. Their performance featured their own live vocals, as well as bass guitar and keyboard. 

Night had fallen and following Sundial the large LED screen, near the back of the stage, had lit up. Things were taken up a notch with a beautifully crafted performance by CloudNone. The masked Monstercat artist played their signature blend of ambient breaks and feel-good chill out music. The set started slow and progressed into a variety of melodic house and trance vibes that got the crowd jumping and energized while featuring nostalgic vaporware style visuals in the background.

As the night progressed, a cool early September breeze swept through the Amphitheater. Next up on the decks came Kyle Girard AKA Midnight Kids; known for his and previous duo member Dylan Jaggar Lees’ quality remixes of popular songs. He made sure to bring plenty of twists on tracks that would provide some good old fashioned sing along vibes for the crowd. Remixes included: “Ready 2 Go” by Martin Solveig, “The Island” by Pendulum, and “Bulletproof” by Laroux to name a few. 

Transitioning between throwbacks, electro house tunes, some unreleased music, and ending with Midnight Kids original “Run It”, the set was definitely a crowd favorite. Midnight Kids set the vibes high before the highly anticipated Said The Sky headlining set.

After a brief intermission whilst the stage was set, it was time for the main event.

This was the moment everyone had been waiting for.

The stage went dark; while lightning, visible from higher in the crowd, flickered through the clouds over Denver. The cool breeze continued to sweep through the Amphitheater. The anticipation built as cheers rang out throughout the audience.

As the stage began to light up, every LED panel on stage started to glow brightly with footage of clouds and sky as if you were floating amidst a radiant orange sunset. The music started to build as an intro version of Said The Skys’ “We Know Who We Are” began to play. The words “Said The Sky” were spelled out on the big screen as the crowd cheered, while the man himself walked out from backstage and up to his gear. With stage production in full force, the long awaited headlining set was underway. 

The set featured bright and colorful visuals that transitioned between b-roll of breathtaking nature shots and beautiful scenes that resembled a well written and almost vintage love story that served as a poetic accompaniment to the songs that were being played. Pyrotechnics and fireworks were frequently used to accent the ups and downs of the overall story and flow of the wonderfully crafted journey that the song selection provided to the audience.

He moved around the stage with passion and enthusiasm, jumping between his keyboard and drum pads. He would occasionally stroll to the raised platform behind his electric keyboards, mics, and DJ equipment to sit at a large and elegant white piano for the more intimate, warm and heartfelt moments of the set. The expressions on his face and motions of his body spelling out just how much the performance meant to him. He was truly showing his heart and passion on stage, sincerely grateful to be connecting with his audience in such a magnificent setting. 

Drummers would frequently join him on stage to accent the drum lines in many of his songs as well as a full string quartet to play along in the melodic journey.

Diving deep into the emotional discography, Said The Sky seemed to be hitting all the fan favorites and even made sure to include some unreleased music for the special occasion. Joined on stage by Olivver The Kid, they performed an emotional live vocal version of “Hero” followed by what was said to be the final song of the night, Said The Skys’ newest single “Treading Water”. 

The supposed finale ended with Trevor expressing his gratitude to the audience saying “Thank you Red Rocks, I love you”. He walked off stage but the stage stayed dark, hinting that the headlining artist had one more trick up his sleeve for the special night.

After a few moments of silence and the crowd chanting “one more song” an acoustic guitar was heard, followed by a spotlight hitting center stage where Said The Sky was sitting up front on the stage floor. Joining him in the special moment was vocalist Annika Wells. They sat facing each other as Trevor strummed the guitar and Annika sang. It was a truly intimate and heartfelt finale as they performed an acoustic rendition of “Sad Songs ft. Illenium” whilst a ring of lasers circled around them on the floor.

Following the heartwarming finale, Said The Sky yet again expressed his eternal gratitude to his fans who attended the show that night. He invited every artist and performer from the night out onto the stage for a family photo with the crowd and one final goodbye.

Ookay Brings The Heat To His Temple Denver Debut

Exploding onto the dance music scene in 2016 with his hit, electro-funk infused single Thief, dance music legend Abraham “Ookay” Laguna remains an unstoppable force of electronic nature, and a Denver favorite. The Chula Vista-raised artist stopped by Temple Nightclub this Friday for his debut performance at the venue, and left fans speechless with an insanely well-crafted set.

Ookay’s performances feel different than most DJ sets. The multifaceted musician is incredibly gifted, and his musical knowledge shines throughout the music he plays. The 29 year-old producer uses a variety of instruments in his own works, including drums, trombone, piano, bass, and guitar, and of course, his own vocals. His sets typically combine bubbly pop synths with the more traditional elements of electronic music, and everything in between. Because of this, Ookay has become a household name in any electronic music lover’s home – and touches outside of the realm of electronic, too. Ookay’s musical knowledge is evident in everything he plays throughout his sets, and this weekend was no different. His set at Temple this past weekend left the crowd demanding and encore – and wishing the night would never end.

Party Guru Productions had the chance to chat with Ookay before the event and learned a bit about his new hit single with Flux Pavilion and Elohim, how his Temple debut tonight will stack up against the rest, and more.

Ookay: The Man Behind the Music

Party Guru Press

Artist name: Ookay

Party Guru Press: It’s your Temple nightclub debut tonight! What do you have to say about Denver, and are you ready for your DJ set tonight? 

Gotta love this city! Bass capital aint it? Best not dissapoint!

Party Guru Press: How does it feel to be touring again?

Well, after a year of not touring, I can only say I’ve missed it dearly. 

Excited to play what I’ve been working on all quarantine.

Party Guru Press: What is one thing going through 2020 has taught you as an individual? And as an artist in the music industry? 

As an individual? Nothing really. I was chillin. As a music artist? I’ve trained my ear a lot while mixing and have picked up some amazing tools to use in the studio! 

Party Guru Press: How would you say “Ookay” both as a brand and as a project musically has changed over the years? 

I mean, it’s definitely grown in a way I never really saw to begin with. I didn’t expect to be singing, playing keytar and having dancers. That’s not what I had in mind when I made trap music in the clubs with a bandana mask and Ookay hat 4-5 years ago. I’m only happy with the turnout honestly. 

Party Guru Press: You posted last month, ‘After a year of change and discomfort, the world can use a song about hope” – in reference to your new song “Be Ok” with Flux Pavilion & Elohim. Amazing song, by the way. How would you say this song reflects your journey as an artist the past few years?

Life can suck sometimes and you lose hope. I think that’s a normal human experience. One that I have experienced as well as most others. This song is about not giving up even when it gets tough out there. Life got hands.

Party Guru Press: On that note, how was working with Flux Pavilion and Elohim?

They’re so talented it’s crazy. An absolute pleasure. I’ve learned a lot of the process of creating this song.

Party Guru Press: You’ve spoken on the topic of mental health before. How important would you say mental health is being in your position, in someone in the music industry but – also just as a human?

Oh, it’s the most important! I’ve seen too many suicides, overdoses and accidents happen because of poor mental health. I’ve lost friends, people have lost loved ones and family members and it’s all just the worst. Learn to check in and tell those you love, that you love them. 

Party Guru Press: What do you want people to leave your set feeling or thinking tonight?

“I’m glad I came, even though i had to get ready and shower and not smell bad”

Who knows, you might meet the love of your life…it’s happened before.

Photos by: Dru Cook

A huge shoutout to Abraham for taking the time to chat with us tonight at Party Guru Productions. From fun and bouncy sounding electronic synths all the way to his older, trap-heavy originals, Ookay brings a unique musical experience every time and proves himself to be one of those can’t-miss artists. His performance this past weekend at Temple was nothing short of incredible, and the whole city of Denver will be eagerly awaiting his return.

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Oreoku’s Big Unicorn Energy Is Here To Stay

Oreoku is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He focuses on genres including trap, house, and dubstep while also bringing insane energy to his music. Throughout this past year, he’s done an impeccable job of keeping his momentum in these ever-changing times.

Party Guru Press recently got the chance to ask Oreoku a few questions via email. We learned about his hard-hitting music, his experiences playing shows in 2020, and what fans can expect from him in the near future.

Introducing: Oreoku

About a year and a half ago, Oreoku dove straight into the producing world. However, he’s had his stage name ready since 2008 when he was in high school. His favorite anime, Naruto, inspired it. His first EP that he worked on was with Broken Inglish, who is also based in Colorado Springs. Previously, he’s used FL Studio to produce his music.

If you haven’t heard one of Oreoku’s slammin’ tracks yet, he suggests that you listen to his latest release titled “Work It!“. This piece starts off with a bright, upbeat melody backed by light vocal chops. Quickly, it transitions into a more energetic track with intersecting rhythms and sounds. Oreoku’s favorite part of this track is the second drop when he adds “the huge bass into it and then it kind of flips into a jersey house mix,” he explained.

The album cover of this track is bright baby blue with a picture of an animated unicorn that is, yes, twerking. This image combined with the sound of the track does an amazing job of capturing what Oreoku calls “big unicorn energy”. He uses this term a lot on social media platforms, so we asked him what it means. “Big unicorn energy is the best energy in the world because it’s magical! The meaning of big unicorn energy to me is that moment at a show where you lose all control and the music just completely takes you,” said Oreoku.

Family Matters

Family has always been a key factor for Oreoku. In fact, it is what keeps him so motivated and driven. “Early last year, me and my wife found out that our daughter has cancer and knowing that has pushed me to work even harder to make things better for her for her future,” Oreoku said.

In addition to this major life change that he and his family had to adjust to, he’s also had to slightly change his career path. Before COVID-19 hit, he was able to support himself and his family by playing shows and selling merch. Now, he has to work a supplemental day job.

We asked Oreoku what his typical day-in-the-life looks like. He said, “I usually just wake up, go to work, home by 2:00, spend some time with the wife and kid until she goes to work, and then work on music while she’s working.” This definitely sounds like a juggling act, but so far Oreoku has done a great job at balancing everything.

Maintaining Momentum in 2020

In the early stages of COVID-19, lockdowns, closures, and travel restrictions were mandated almost everywhere. All venues had to temporarily close and there weren’t any alternative methods to live shows yet except for live streams. Oreoku played plenty of shows on Facebook Live and other platforms, but he missed feeling the rush of being in front of a crowd.

When he finally got to play at drive-in shows and venues again, he was elated. He elaborated by saying, “the in-person events and the drive-in events were amazing! Just feeling the energy of the crowd again was something different. Like I went so long with just playing on Facebook Live and other virtual shows that I almost forgot what it felt like to perform in front of a crowd again.”

This past year, Oreoku played at various locations in Colorado. Additionally, he was able to travel to other states including Florida to bless them with big unicorn energy IRL. The most recent show that Oreoku played was at Your Mom’s House in Denver, Colorado. This show was a fundraiser for the Black Lives Matter movement. “The rappers that performed had an amazing message and all of them had amazing performances,” Oreoku shared.

Coming Up

Fans of Oreoku can expect quite a lot from this up and coming house, trap, and dubstep artist. Regarding music, he has an EP scheduled to be released next month. After that, a bunch more music is on the way. Oreoku said, “my plan for this year is to drop at least one song each month.” By the end of the year, he hopes to have an entire album.

Colorado and the rest of the country will have multiple opportunities to experience the big unicorn energy of Oreoku in person this year. “Colorado will for sure see me play a lot more here in 2021. As far as the rest of the country, I’ll be playing in Florida quite a bit this year and there’s a possibility that I might get booked for Michigan this summer,” Oreoku explained. This year, he also hopes to play a Dapper Promotions show at Sunshine Studios if everything opens up again to allow for that.

For those that want to rep Oreoku, he currently has items like hats, hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, and masks available for purchase. This year, he is going to re-launch his tank tops and is hopeful that those will be successful as well. In order to get your hands on some of these sweet items, send Oreoku a message on his Facebook.


To any of our readers that love high energy music like trap, jersey house, dubstep, and more, we highly suggest that you check out Oreoku. This Colorado local has been killing the game both here and around the country.

Considering that he’s only been producing for a year and a half, he’s been able to make a solid mark on the music industry. Last year, he was able to stay active in the scene, and he’s not stopping in 2021. Be on the lookout for new music, merch, and show announcements!

We asked Oreoku for words of advice or a motto for everyone to remember going into 2021. He said, “don’t get discouraged when you can’t figure something out musically the first time. Stay consistent and eventually, things will click.” He also wanted to thank his wife. “I would just like to give a shout out to my beautiful wife Lauryn. If it wasn’t for her I would have never even started this career,” Oreoku exclaimed.

To wrap up the interview, we asked Oreoku if he would consider himself a Party Guru. To this, he said “HELLS YEAH!!!!”

Photos by Patrik Essy

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A Chat About The New Keep Pushing EP

You are probably always on the search for new music and artists, right? Well below you can find an interview with Colorado’s own Longevity Productions! We were lucky enough to have a moment with Bri Long, owner of Longevity Productions. The full interview can be found below!

A bit of background first, they bring ones from diverse backgrounds into a realm of similar objective parallelism. “Creates happiness or invokes emotional response. Overall bridges a gap unimaginable by many but for seen by few.”

Longevity Productions is a company that thrives to bring you the best acts and all around musical experiences they can provide. Working with people in the local Northern Colorado community to bring art of all styles together. We focus on artist booking, artist management, promotion, and event facilitation.

Longevity Productions began in September of 2017, by Bri Long of course. Community and close friends helped Bri begin her dream that shortly turned into a career. We were lucky enough to have a moment of Bri’s time to talk about the new EP and other future projects.

EP Talk

Patrik Essy: Very glad to see an EP on the way! We are very excited for this. What makes this project different from let’s say the next artist’s EP?

Bri Long: This project is unique because of the collection of artists, these are mostly Colorado artists that have worked together in some capacity but haven’t released music together. It also will be the first release from Longevity Productions, which make this very exciting.

Patrik Essy: How long have you all been working on this project?

Bri Long: The idea originated around December of 2020.

Patrik Essy: You say there’s 8 artists on this EP, why so many artists? What made you choose these artists? Besides the fact a lot of them are on your label.

Bri Long: A majority of the artists are under Longevity Productions management, the other artists are producers that we’ve worked with on many events in the past. Each one of these artists continue to push themselves and their sound to the next level, we’re always stoked to see what’s coming out from them.

Patrik Essy: Who did the album artwork for this? Can we be on the lookout for anymore collabs between you and them? 

Bri Long: I did the artwork so hopefully haha. 

Patrik Essy: Any merch drops to be on the lookout for? Any livestreams that will be associated with the drop of this EP?

Bri Long: I don’t think we’ll have either of those for this one, but we’ll probably do some livestreams in the near future.

Past and Future

Patrik Essy: Any plans for 2021-2022 besides this EP release?

Bri Long: We hope to get back to throwing events in a safe capacity before the end of the year. We have some releases in the works for spring. I think overall you can count on a lot more content from Longevity artists as a whole this year. 

Patrik Essy: How long has Longevity Productions been alive for? Have you ran other production companies before? What are some of the most important things you’ve learned from running your own promo company?

Bri Long: Longevity Productions has been alive since 2017. I had thrown quite a few shows, and a couple music festivals before branding Longevity. 

Patrik Essy: “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams” that’s a very beautiful quote. Did you create this? If no where did you discover this? Does this quote have any sort of impact on the work you do?

Bri Long: It’s a quote from Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. I’ve loved it since I was a child and I do think it impacts the work that all of us do. As far as a company goes, I’m the dreamer and the artists are the music makers, together we create magic.

Patrik Essy: Alright just a few more questions here, do you plan on doing any live shows for 2021? How are those shows going to be different from what we have seen before? Obviously besides all the covid precautions.

Bri Long: We plan on getting back to shows this year. We strive to bring artists that haven’t been to the area as well as some returning favorites, I think the pool of artists will be very unique in 2021. 

Patrik Essy: How is Longevity Productions different from than the rest? What makes you all stand out?

Bri Long: Longevity Productions has always stood out in Fort Collins because we started from such a strong friend group. There is so much respect throughout our crew, for each other, artists in the community, and the community as a whole. We have members that mentor children music in the community.

Party Guru or No?

Patrik Essy: Would you consider yourself a Party Guru? If yes, why? If no, why? I would say you are!

Bri Long: I would definitely consider myself a Party Guru! I’ve been throwing parties since as early as I can remember, I’ve always loved getting people together to party in any sense of the word, whether it be food, music, art, or comedy. Partying is what I do. 

Patrik Essy: What kind words of advice would you have for somebody trying to make it in this industry? For someone who might like to run their own production company or label one day? 

Bri Long: Be prepared for a lot of learning, not every show will be a sellout, don’t do business deals after 2am.

Patrik Essy: Final question, what can we be on the lookout for? Plug yourself here hahahah. Tease the fans of what we can be on the watch for! 

Bri Long: It’s still pretty early to tell, but we’re planning on bringing back Blissfall Music and Arts Festival this year in some capacity, you can count on a few livestreams, and we’re working on some philanthropy for this year. Be on the lookout for good vibes all around coming from the crew!


As we get excited for the new EP to release we can check out all of Longevity Production’s past projects below. They have done a ton to impact the community. Learn even more about them all in the links found below!

You can also view a full gallery of artists that will be on the new EP below. They are all ones to be on the lookout for. Plus you never know, maybe they have some tracks that you could add to your weekly playlist.

Photos Provided by Longevity Productions

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