DUSK Takes Over Tucson!

DUSK Takes Over Tucson!

DUSK Music Festival takes over Tucson, Arizona for the weekend of November 11th and 12th. This annual festival never fails to impress with its curated lineup, vendors, and art installations. DUSK has been able to evolve over the years with the amazing support of many sponsors and community partners such as Rio Nuevo, Iridius Capital, HSL Properties, and more. To see the full of sponsors, click here.

Location, Layout, and Production

DUSK is a two day festival that is located within the boundaries of Jàcome Plaza in Downtown Tucson. One of the best qualities of DUSK is that it brings a big production of a major festival down the style of a neighborhood block party. This unique location was able to hold three main stages, various art installations, plenty of hang-out spots for attendees, and over forty vendors. The layout made it easy for attendees to move around and no area felt crowded. There was also street and garage parking in the surrounding areas and entry to the festival was easy to find.


Over the weekend, DUSK featured many artists that come from a variety of genres such as Rock, EDM, Alternative, and more. 

Day 01: Griz, Young the Giant, Cannons, Nora En Pure, Zomboy, Aluna, Breakup Shoes, KennyHoopla, Kyle Walker, Slothrust, Spag Heddy, Nomadik, Ben Dro, Svnday Drvr, KOL, M-Okay, Tonight’s Sunshine, Gone Before Us, Que

Day 02: Alison Wonderland, Nghtmre, Sofi Tucker, 4B, Dillion Nathaniel, Dion Timmer, INZO, Lauren Sanderson, Ranger Trucco, Royal & the Serpent, Sophie Powers, Bummer Girl, Lubelski, Alice.km, Dennett, Tavatli, Aja Cruz & Posi, Gasp!, Big Meridox & Bonus, Noah Martin Band, Orchadia, Shifty

Food and Drink

DUSK featured some tasty food vendors such as Danny’s Vegan, Ray Ray’s Sonoran Tea, Dante’s Fire, Fresco Pizzeria, Barrio Brewing Co., Culinary Dropout, Gastronomic Union of Tucson, and more! 

One aspect of DUSK that I have always admired are the praiseworthy curated drinks they offer. These drinks are inspired by popular songs of the artists performing. For example, “Feel No Pain” features Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey, vanilla, pineapple, coconut, orange tea, and ginger bitters. “Silvertongue” features Don Julio Blanco Tequila, grapefruit, rose, lime, silver dust, and smoked chili bitters. “Purple Hat” featured Smirnoff Vodka, strawberry, blueberry, lemon, holy flower, and plum bitters. Lastly, “Gud Vibrations” featured Seedlip Garden 108 (zero proof), cucumber, mint, basil, and lime. 

Other drink options included Ciroc, Budlight, Crown Royal, Red bull, and more.

Art Installions and Vendors

Tucson ARTS, presented by Dependable Health Services, showcased various sculptures, digital art, lighting exhibits, and more at DUSK. 

Tucson PLAYS, presented by HSL Properties, had fun activities for attendees to enjoy such as cornhole, ladder toss, a mechanical bull, and more. 

Tucson SHOPS, presented by Rio Nuevo, had all kinds of foods including fashion, fun pet clothes, fun trinkets, and more.

Vendors included Funky Junk, Tarot With Sarah, Bookmans, Faux Co., Mestizo Studio, Moon Lvnding, Color Queen Art, and more. 

I also want to give a special shoutout to manicquins for their amazing custom mannequins!


I would highly recommend any of my fellow festival goers to attend DUSK! It has made great strides since 2016 and is constantly evolving. Be sure to follow all their socials to stay up to date with future news! 

All photos were captured by Alexander Peet!

There Was Nothing Natural About Supernatural Festival

There Was Nothing Natural About Supernatural Festival

There has been an ongoing tradition in Denver that no matter which corner you turn, the best artists will show face. This is all because Global Dance ensures each holiday is spent dancing under the stars. This year’s Halloween shindig was no exception, with headliners Subtronics and Madeon. Most importantly, the lineup was stacked all the way around for Supernatural.

The Lineup

There must be an extraordinary mention that the lineup was a thriller worth traveling for. Pulling Gareth Emery, Ray VolpeLil Texas, and Madeon is a huge pull that not most festivals can make. Most of these acts are headliners alone, but pulling them onto one lineup is a game-changer. It really showcases the power that the Global Dance scene has.

Madeon Gave A Performance Of A Lifetime

Madeon is one of the most exciting acts on the scene. He showcased his versatility by playing heavy dub and his own classics. In a total trance, the crowd was always left guessing where Madeon was going next. From Flume to 80’s hits, he came out in full strength and kept the audience jumping. There also was no holding back as he went into heavy dub to bless the bass capital with what we’re known to love. This showcased why he is a top talent in the scene and how lucky we were to have him come to Colorado hot on his tour.

Subtronics Showed Why He’s Atop Of The Game

There’s no more prominent name in the dubstep scene than Subtronics. This is because he has consistently proven that he can show up to the most prominent stages and put on a show. Coming in hot off of Lost Lands and other major music festivals, he was able to make a stop in Denver for Supernatural. An artist that has sold out Denver venues showed up with poise. There was not a drop in his set, and he even incorporated new elements into his groups.

He showed his style’s versatility and brought dubstep into the light while having party tunes. Only the most skilled can bring this to the table, and he proved exactly why he was the right person for the job. Nevertheless, Subtroncs has a solid future headlining Denver, which was a testament to that.

Global Dance Throws the Best Parties

What would almost seem impossible to bring these top artists together on one lineup, Global succeeds. Not only did they make it sexy, but they went above and beyond. Pulling this caliber of artists was something of the stars. With their headliners putting on sets to remember for years to come, there is no doubt that the place to be is Supernatural Festival.

Photos by Josh Klein {photographer_name}

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REZZ Rocks Bewitched Us With A Nightmare On REZZ Street

The queen of Halloween has returned to claim her throne in Colorado for two nights of REZZ Rocks VI. On October 27th, REZZ summoned us to Red Rocks Amphitheater to behold the most memorable Halloween party of the year: a special Nightmare on REZZ Street set. Leading up to this spectral experience, a wicked lineup of artists would slay the decks to induce booty shaking and head-banging all night long.


We were met by the electrifying talent of J|Adore as soon as the gates opened. Although snow had fallen earlier in the afternoon, her music cut through the chill and started off her REZZ Rocks debut piping hot. Her deep, rhythmic electro beats sizzled in the crisp air, leaving no question of her growing success as a local DJ in Denver. Not only has she headlined Temple Nightclub in Denver, but she has also supported many prestigious artists, such as Benny Benassi and Green Velvet.


A dark, entrancing bass flooded the venue as EDDIE took over the decks next. He satisfied thirsty bass heads with his captivating hit, “Still Healing,” then unleashed one heavy hitter after another. His sound was hypnotizing and kept the crowd going wild! Talented Australian DJ EDDIE debuted on the mau5trap label in 2017, releasing tracks with artists like ATLiens(Closer) and REZZ (Time, Stress). “Still Healing” has amassed over one million views on YouTube and nearly four million plays on Spotify. No wonder we couldn’t resist his sound!

Mary Droppinz

Mary Droppinz followed, taking us to the sweeter side of the spooky season with breakbeat electro, techno, and house. Purple lights mellowed the stage while she led us on a booty-shaking adventure. Her groovy, eclectic style filled our good vibe cups to the top. Mary Droppinz, hailing from Nebraska, is touring across the U.S. to the best parties around. You can catch her in Denver at The Church Nightclub on New Year’s Eve and EDC Las Vegas in May!


Then, DJ duo EAZYBAKED appeared and brought weird, wonderful wubs for all the wooks. As their REZZ Rocks debut, this proved to be a special set. I couldn’t hold back my “bass face” as deep, organic music flowed from the hands of these bass masters. Seeing as they have track collaborations with Of The Trees and G-Space, it’s clear they’re on a fast track to success. Just in the last six months, Florida-based EAZYBAKED has headlined shows in several states, as well as supporting artists like GRiZ, Sullivan King, and Ganja White Night!


Wreckno graced the mainstage next with show-stopping entertainment. We were dazzled with a fabulous choreographed introduction featuring Wreckno and incredibly talented dancers. To our pleasure, Yvie Oddly made a guest appearance to perform an amazing rap/DJ’ing duet! We loved this high-energy set loaded with Wreckno’s signature combination of DJ’ing, bass, and rapping. This Michigan-born star is currently on tour across the country and has proven his talent at large festivals like Lollapalooza and Electric Zoo!


Finally, REZZ took her place on stage, and we were gushing with excitement. Eerie, unearthly music began as the stage came to life like a real horror movie. Unsettled but unable to avert our eyes, we watched as REZZ and her production team swept us from REZZ Rocks into another dimension. The shackles of our reality were broken as we were plunged into the tantalizing visual and audio experience of Nightmare on REZZ Street.

Haunting characters and nightmarish scenes led us through this spectral journey. With REZZ guiding at the helm, her hypnotic bass and mesmerizing beats created a truly immersive event. Her impeccable talent was on full display, incorporating her newest release, “Nightmare On REZZ Street 2,” as well as tracks like Selector, Flying Octopus, and Puzzle Box– just to name a few.

REZZ has gained popularity worldwide for her otherworldly sound and supernatural-like concert experiences. She recently launched a new record label, HypnoVizion, with Nightmare on REZZ Street 2 Mix as its release debut.

We’ll see you in our dreams

Night one of REZZ Rocks came to an end, but not before REZZ played some of her most requested songs to appease her fans- what a treasure. Photos and videos don’t always capture the full essence of a concert, so we will be reliving this Nightmare on REZZ street in our dreams long after everyone travels home.

Find REZZ On YouTube Here

FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/OfficialREZZ/

WEBSITE –http://officialrezz.com/

SOUNDCLOUD – https://soundcloud.com/official-rezz

Afterhours In Denver Have Reached New Limits

Afterhours In Denver Have Reached New Limits

Underground parties have been a staple in the EDM scene for years and years. Most notably now with Denver’s rise in population, the growth in the dance scene has led back to the roots of the culture. We’re fortunate that we can bring out any name in the scene at any point to play warehouse parties. It’s a true testament to that growth, and why Denver is a scene to watch.

Promoters across the state have been working diligently with new event spaces to put on the best possible experience for all involved. This is further emphasized by 128 Productions who put on an absolute heater of a party recently. It’s no easy feat to throw a large-scale party in an event space that is used primarily for events outside of concerts, to begin with. With their credentials, they were able to get the bid to host CID at National Western Stockyards Event Center.

National Western Complex

What a turnaround for events this past year with the new developments of the National Western Complex. Most notably these grounds have been around for decades, but across the 20-acre plot of land, they have been developing consistently. With that being a trend it has garnered the attention of large-scale events. The newest addition to the grounds, The National Western Stockshow Event Center is a space that pairs lovely with the growth of after-hour parties in Denver.

128 Productions and National Western

Being able to host thousands of occupants comfortably from the hours of midnight and beyond is a true challenge. National Western Stockshow Event Center became the perfect spot for such a task before even walking into the building. The typical shortage of parking at most after-hour events was thrown out the window on the grounds of the complex. On the inside, the event center provided a coliseum atmosphere to go along with the killer sound system, and a large amount of open space. This was the perfect canvas for 128 Productions to take the lead on throwing the party of the year.

128 Productions and All Their Glory

Locally founded 128 Productions made a statement that they know how to throw a party. All of the great features of a facility depending on the host’s vision to make the most use of them. 128 Productions made their vision clear to provide a space where up-and-coming artists such as Josh Fedz, Londen Summers, and THATZ HOT can shine next to Grammy award-winning artist CID.

All of the performances brought it out in front of a massive crowd, where the energy was very much alive on the dance floor. From the unique house style of THATZ HOT to the disco house of Londen Summers, and Josh Fedz mixing it up with some tech house there was no shortage of entertainment before CID. Once CID took the stage his award-winning approach to house music was on full display. With popular remixes being thrown in, while also hearing newly released tracks such as “Deep In Your Heart“.

Afterhours By 128 Productions Is Something We Hope To See More Of

From taking this blank canvas of potential to painting after-hours energy is no simple task. 128 Productions proved that they can step up to the plate and do just that. From talent buying to finding the perfect warehouse event space, they had everything down from the jump. Most importantly their execution shined in providing the perfect warehouse vibes.

Photos by Darren Lee

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Highly Suspect comes to Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. The lineup also featured DestroyBoys and Spiritbox! All three bands featured the various styles of a classic punk rock sound which featured heavy guitars, drums, and strong bass led by loud dominating vocals from all three singers. Whereas the first two bands reminded me of something from the metal and punk rock bands from the 90s or early 00s, Highly suspect was definitely more versatile and mainstream sounding of today’s music.

The Line-up

Up first to open the night was DestroyBoys. This punk rock group from California is full of character and energy, and this band has fun on stage. A great opening act, DestroyBoys began the night with their hard-hitting, in-your-face, non-conforming attitudes. Each lyric and song is easily relatable and perfectly embodies the rebellious tone of the punk rock scene with heavy lead guitar riffs and songs made for the socially misunderstood.


Up next to follow was the Canadian rock group Spiritbox. More of a metal group than punk rock, this has to be one of the newest and most exciting groups in the metalcore genre. With some of the most powerful yet melodic and mindblowing vocals, this singer stood out with her enormous vocal range and incredibly strong stage presence as one of the most dominant in any genre of music. Coupled with huge breakdowns and heavy guitar leads, there is absolutely no doubt that when this band comes on the stage, they came to make their presence felt throughout their entire set! Very loud and fun to watch and listen to, with powerful screams that echoed throughout. Great live set!

Highly Suspect

The last group to play and Headline the event was one of the most unique and versatile-sounding bands in the rock genre, Highly Suspect. A little bit more distinct sounding from the other two bands, Highly Suspect was the perfect combination of a more alternative style rock mixed with almost a little hip hop in some songs, and with other tracks sounding a little bit more like rock music with a hint of blues in the vocals. They had very catchy guitar riffs and raw, powerful, soulful vocals.

Having had a little mainstream success, these guys packed the house and had the entire amphitheater singing out loud to every single lyric and song they played, earning them a well-deserved Encore from the crowd at the end of the night.

All in all, a pretty amazing show with each band bringing a little something unique and different elements and styles to the genre of rock.

Photos by Mike Rampi

Find Artist On – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=highly+suspect

FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/HighlySuspect

WEBSITE – https://www.highlysuspect.net/#!

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Sweet Neon Dreams Are Made Of This!

Sweet Neon Dreams Are Made Of This!

Howdy, fellow festival goers! As this past weekend came to an end, the high of Goldrush Music Festival: Neon Dreams slowly faded away. This three day reimagined event that is produced by Relentless Beats featured a diverse lineup, multiple stages, art installations, vendors, hang-out spots, extra activities and more! Goldrush has always been one of the best festivals here in Arizona so fans were eager for it’s return this year.

Location, Layout, and Production

Goldrush Music Festival called the Phoenix Raceway, located in Avondale, AZ, home for the weekend of October 7th – 9th. The raceway is a unique space that has lots of parking, including ADA and Premium, and has multiple entrances and exits for crowd flow. 

They had plenty of bathrooms, water stations, and rangers on site to assist you with anything you may need. 

Relentless Beats was able to utilize this outdoor space to hold three stages that go by Paradise Prairie, Moonrise Mountain, and Coyote Cove. There was also a Sound Cabin Art Car and the Cowboy Corral Silent Disco that was hosted by Beatbox Beverages

Grass turf was also provided for attendees to relax along with multiple picnic tables, food court seating, and more hang-out areas around Coyote Cove. 

VIP also had its own entrance to the festival along with private viewing areas at Mainstage, Paradise Prairie, which featured the very well-known Megastructuce that has been a staple in previous RB shows, and Moonrise Mountain which had a smaller stage that still wowed the crowd with its impressive lighting rig.

Line up

Goldrush’s stacked lineup knew how to keep the crowd moving all weekend. There were over 60 artists performing across all stages. To name a few heavy hitters, fans were excited to see Excision, Seven Lions, Rezz, Dom Dolla, Jai Wolf, Kaskade, G Jones, Herobust, Tape B, Netsky, Yolanda Be Cool, Ghastly, and more.

Let’s not also forget some of our favorite up-and-coming artists that threw down such as 2SOON, Bigstabes, Medicine Mike, Chiief., Voodreau, and more. 

There were also a few meet and greets where fans could interact with artists like HoneyLuvLucii, Da Tweekaz, ARMNHMR, and Wuki

And lastly, the Raceway was also able to host afterparties all three days that included Space Laces, ACRAZE, and AC Slater

We struck gold this past weekend with all these amazing artists. You can check out the full list of artists here.

Vendors and Activations

Drink and food vendors were placed around the festival for easy access. Drink options included mixed drinks, seltzers, Beatbox Beverages, beers, and more! As for food, there were options such as vegan pizza, vegan wraps, chicken tenders, burgers, fries, nachos, and more. 

I am going to give an honorable mention to Maui Wowi Hawiian and Rudy’s BBQ

As for retail therapy, attendees were able to shop till they drop from a variety of vendors such as Kritter Klips, Moon Lvnding, Rave Circus, Waz Shop, Kandies World, We Rave Hard, and more. 

Some activations on site that were very enjoyable to use were the Deep Eddy Dive Trailer, White Claw Roller Disco, Phoenix Suns Inflatable Hoop, The Highland Cannabis Park, Aeriz Lounge, the Melted x Jars Art Installation, and more. These were so fun and really gave attendees other activities to do while waiting for the next set or good points of interest to meet up with friends!


Goldrush: Neon Dreams was definitely a weekend to remember. I would highly recommend attending! Relentless Beats is constantly evolving and I am excited about the future growth of this festival. Be sure to follow Goldrush Music Festival and RB on their socials for the most up-to-date information. The official after-party movie should be debuting soon.

All photos captured by Alexander Peet.

Westword Music Showcase Was A Rainy Dance Party

Westword Music Showcase Was A Rainy Dance Party

Westword has been consistently throwing one of the best dance parties every summer. From bringing national acts into town and allowing local artists to shine. Some of the biggest Colorado acts once started from this festival before they rose to prominence throughout their respective genres. This year was no exception as even in the rain, it was a dance party.

The Production Keeps Getting Better and Better

When Westword Music Showcase started in 1995, it was in the LoDo district, then moved to the Golden Triangle, and most recently to the Mission Ballroom Outdoors in RiNo. Each year it only got bigger and better, which fueled these moves. Now with the space to bring in two massive stages with top-of-the-line sound production. In addition, the two side stages had a unique vibe, creating an immersive experience. One is the Streets Stage which the MCA hosted, and then the silent disco stage, which Party Guru Productions threw.

The Food Trucks

Colorado’s food truck scene is one of the best in the country, as it is fueled by culture and large-scale events. Westword Music Showcase made no exception by bringing out a wide variety of food options. From delicious Beef Bulgogi bowls, Gyros, Birria tacos, and of course, the pizza, there was a taste of everything that screams street food. Taking advantage of the wide amount of space, they did a great job at spacing out everything to where lines never exceeded five minutes.

The Most Important Part, The Music

Everyone that came to stick it out through the rain was treated to fantastic national performances such as the X Ambassadors, The Flaming Lips, Cannons, Saint Motel, and Don Chicharron. The lineup checked all boxes since it brought something to the table for everyone. This makes Westword such a powerhouse in the music scene because they know how to throw a well-balanced dance party.

Speaking of dance parties, the side stages both had the crowd moving in even pouring rain and cold temperatures. Those that often don’t get a chance to explore outside of their music genres were exposed to all sorts of rising music in the Denver Community. The Streets Stage had groovy hip-hop feel to it, while the Silent Disco Stage had everything from Riddim, House, Dubstep, and staple dance jams.

Westword Music Showcase Knows How To Throw A Festival

Proven through their years of experience, there is no doubt that they don’t put on a bad show. This was one Westword Music Showcase that won’t be forgotten. Even with the cold and rainy weather, the vibes were on point from the music and food. Both the mainstages had immaculate production, and the side stages accomplished their goal of highlighting rising acts in the Denver scene.

Photos by: Piper Murphy


High Ground Festival 2022 – The Epic 2-Day Experience Ends with a Bang

The second annual High Grounds Music Festival took place this year in the beautiful and sunny city of Sedalia, Colorado, at the Denver Polo Club. The immersive art and music experience occurred this year on Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th. The event featured massive headlining artists Chromeo, What So Not, Troyboi, Aluna (½ of the electronic duo AlunaGeorge), and more. Since changing locations from last year, the two-day event was an expansive and beautiful sight to see. It brought new music, art installations, and an improved festival in its first year. The local vendors at the festival were selling everything from kitty ears to custom clothing to handmade jewelry, while there were plenty of food and beverage trucks on site. High Grounds Music Festival was a treat this year. Night 1 ended at a peak, with everyone eager for the second day to follow.

Night Two: The Official Recap

The second night approached quickly as a beautiful Sunday evening. The green fields of the Denver Polo Club stretched out as far as the eye could see as the sun set over the horizon. Whereas the first day’s vibes were more trap and electronic-focused, Night 2 brought a completely different vibe to the festival. More chill and acoustic elements carry the night.

The Night Begins

Personal favorites from Night 2 included Aluna, ½ of AlunaGeorge. She is the powerful and beautiful vocals featured on iconic electronic tracks such a To Ü by Jack Ü. She brought an otherworldly experience fusing her vocals on house tracks which got the night started strong. Italian DJs and producers Gioli & Assia were next and up as direct support for What So Not. They brought their international house-and-trance beats and sounds to the fields of Sedalia, fusing worldly elements in their mixes. The duo even dropped a few of their self-produced tracks. The two were truly amazing female powerhouse pairs and brought unparalleled energy in preparation for what was to come. Australian legendary DJ and producer What So Not took the stage next, bringing an epic and emotional hour-long performance that we wish would never end. He played out both his newer and older tracks, including High You Are, Gemini, and Jaguar, which had the entire crowd singing at the top of their lungs. Lastly, Colorado favorite duo Chromeo ended the two-day run with some fresh house beats paired with their signature funk-and-disco sound. The crowd was dancing the night away while the sounds filled the fields. Not a body on the floor wasn’t moving to the beats!

Overall, High Grounds Music Festival was an epic experience. We hope this event continues to grow and thrive in the coming years! Each year High Grounds brings together art, local vendors, and some of the greatest local and international artists united into one two-day music and art experience unlike ANY other – and we’re obsessed. High Grounds is a new staple festival in the Colorado music scene. We can’t wait to see where this festival goes next year! 

Photos by (Photographer Name Linked)

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High Ground Festival 2022 Brings High Energy to the Colorado Polo Club

On Saturday, September 10th, festival-goers kicked off their weekends with a bang at High Ground Festival 2022. With an even larger and more eclectic lineup than last year, there was a lot of excitement brewing for this year’s experience.


Day one’s lineup included 19 groups and/or artists that performed with sets starting at 1 pm and ending at 11 pm. The lineup included bigger names like Maddy O’Neal, Elohim, Shallou, Tokimonsta, and Troyboi on the main stage. High Ground also had a second stage named the Levitate stage that featured smaller artists like LYFTD, Laika Beats, Muzzy Bearr, and Lucid Vision. The festival did an incredible job curating a diverse lineup that could provide for fans of many different genres. The diverse lineup brought in a diverse crowd with fans that loved the house, bass, techno, trap, live bands, or even were just there to discover new music. Overall, the lineup had a lot of variety and did a great job spotlighting smaller artists!


With the change of venues from last year, festival-goers didn’t know what to expect from the High Ground Festival at the Denver Polo Club. Being located in Sedalia, approximately 35 minutes from Denver, it presented a bit of an inconvenience for some festival-goers traveling from the city. Despite this, the venue was easy to enter and fairly spacious. The fields were full of green grass, which added to the experience. One of the biggest concerns at High Ground was that there were no water stations inside the venue. Because of this, security allowed for re-entry so patrons could go to their cars and get water. But if patrons were out of luck and didn’t pack any extra water in the car, they had no choice but to pay for it in the venue. This should be an improvement to consider for next year.


Not only did High Ground Festival have an amazing lineup, but awesome vendors and activities! Vendors like Grassroots Clothing, The Wooks’ Nook, and the Eklektic Collektive were just a handful of dope food, clothing, and accessory shops at the festival. Some of the activities included learning how to make adaptogenic mocktails, learning about the practice of Reiki, and much more! There were also interactive areas, one of which allowed patrons to enter an igloo-like structure and create music on multiple instruments simultaneously. Along with these areas, there were live artists creating murals that were beautiful to watch come to life. One of the interactive art structures that especially stood out was the Qube by Diod Design. The Qube is an 8’x8’x8’ piece that strobes lights to create an audio-visual experience to the music that plays around it. It was positioned at the back of the sound booth at the High Ground stage, and patrons could also step through it as it strobed! 


Production-wise, festival goers were pleasantly surprised to see the detail and size of the main stage! The High Ground stage made it so that there was a good view from all angles. The top-tier visual production truly brought each artist’s vision to life. Another pleasant surprise was that both stages’ volume and sound quality were great. Even from the back of the crowd, festival-goers could still hear the music loud and clear. High Ground Festival nailed the volume and sound should always be prioritized at any festival.


High Ground Festival had great vibes! Because many festival goers could score free tickets, they were ecstatic to be there! Many were concerned that the drastic change in weather would ruin the weekend. But to be real, when has a little cold weather and rain ever stopped any Coloradan from partying? Many showed up bundled in hoodies, jackets, and boots and still had an absolute blast. How could you not get a little hot during that fire Troyboi set? The energy at the High Ground Festival was certainly high, and it was evident that everyone was happy to be there!

Overall, High Ground Festival was a great experience! Apart from not providing water stations, the festival measured up in all other aspects! We look forward to seeing how this festival grows in the future.

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Flume Made His Debut At Mission Ballroom

Flume Made His Debut At Mission Ballroom

Flume has been one of the brightest artists in the last decade. From Grammy Award winner to known for throwing the wildest shows, he’s one artist that should be on everyone’s bucket list. New to Colorado since his last performance is the Mission Ballroom, which he chose to perform at for the start of his three-day Colorado run. This venue is uniquely intimate with its massive size, but it also provides a level of intimacy. We could not think of a better start to the long week and a welcoming into town for Flume.

The Rise of Quiet Bison

Flume calculatedly picked artists for this show that could match his energy and wavelength. Quiet Bison is a rising act on the scene and is only getting started. Ahead of his years, he put a stamp on the future bass genre before breaking the age of 21. This is from gaining the respect and attention of Flume and other mainstays like DROELOE. He has recently been credited with working on the electrifying track “Escape” off Flume’s new album “Palaces“. Some don him as Flume‘s protege, and with his performance, it was notable that he’ll have a long future.

Prospa Brought UK Energy

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Prospa came to the states with a clear passion for performing. They have picked up a unique style to bring to the fray by experimenting with genres from heavy metal, jazz, and deep house. With being heavily influenced by The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, their vision is clear to stand out. Flume having them perform on his tour showcases that he believes they’ll help shape the electronic genre for the future to come. Most notably, “Prayer” by Prospa had the crowd memorized. The constant buildup and changeups throughout their set were perfect to prepare us for the chaotic energy of Flume.

Flume Touches Down For the First Time At Mission Ballroom

The last set Flume played in Colorado was at the storied Red Rocks, and now he was performing at the venue that is famous for being modeled after it. Mission Ballroom’s sound and intimacy are unmatched for this reason. Essentially, he sets the stage perfectly to bring all of his tricks to the table. The stage had these door-like structures that revolved around the stage, showcasing bright lights and wavy visuals.

Playing a catalog spanning his whole career, he always found a way to tie it back to his newest album, “Palaces”. He started with a bang during the first portion of his set, playing “You & Me“. This indicated that no bars were going to be held back during the evening. Flume also had KUCKA come out for “Escape“, which was a perfect representation of “Palaces”. The roaring bass danced with her smooth vocals and created a true spectacle.

Flume Started His Three Night Run Off With A Bang

All the way from the production of Mission Ballroom, the openers, and Flume it was a night for the ages. Unmatched energy throughout the evening also contributed to his overall success with this performance. Mission Ballroom hopefully will be a recurring tradition in the years to come, as it became Flume’s playground.

Photos by Josh Klein

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