IHF Debuts New Live Set at Your Mom’s House

IHF Debuts New Live Set at Your Mom’s House

IHF (Imagined Herbal Flows) is known to friends and family as Ben Gorvine. This Washington D.C.-based, artist, producer, and DJ has been cultivating his unique melodic sound for almost ten years! His Floating EP, released in 2014, helped him break into the industry while gaining millions of streams online. Since then, he’s released several other albums and EPs, including his most recent EP titled, Soft Fascinations.

Over the years, IHF has toured with various artists, including STS9, Hayden James, and Elderbrook. He’s also performed at massive festivals, including Coachella, Electric Forest, and Lightning in a Bottle. His atmospheric, melodic sound has been compared to the likes of Bonobo, Odesza, Fred Again.., and more.

On Friday, January 20th, IHF traveled to Denver, Colorado, to perform a very special set at Your Mom’s House. Not only was this his first headline show in a while, but it was also his first show of 2023 and the debut of his new live set! Also playing that night were KVO, Honeykill FM, KrYmsun, Flutur, and Ryan Golbus.

Your Mom’s House

This show took place near downtown Denver at Your Mom’s House. The venue is 21+ and has a capacity of 400 people. Getting to the venue is easy; however, it can be quite difficult to find street parking as the venue doesn’t have a parking lot. Because of this, they recommend carpooling or utilizing rideshares like Uber or Lyft.

The entry process was a breeze and the box office is right inside the main doors. Once inside, the first room is complete with a long bar (which was closed for this show), restrooms, and a few arcade games and vending machines. The second room is where the stage is located. Both rooms had plenty of seating, which is awesome.

This super intimate space was really fun and interactive. There is a small bar at the back of the room, paintings and murals on the walls, and the stage up front. Decorations consisted of plants, disco balls, chandeliers, and more. One of the most notorious things about this venue is its crazy mirrored holographic dance floor, which you’ll have to see for yourself. There was also a live painter and a few vendors!

The First Music of the Night

KVO started the night off with some upbeat tunes. His sound is heavily influenced by world travel and Latin culture. Then, Honeykill FM took to the stage. According to his bio on the event page, “Honeykill FM has been successfully impersonating a human since being dropped from the sky by his alien progenitors in the early 1990s.” After that, Krymsun took the audience on a journey through sound with his take on vapor twitch.

Then, it was time for Flutur. This artist was born in Italy and started playing piano at the age of two, then began playing drums shortly after. In fact, he composed and recorded his first song at age fifteen. Flutur donned a tropical print long-sleeve shirt and moved from one instrument to the next. He used a mixer to loop different elements together, including his vocals and instruments, which consisted of a few different guitars as well as a hand pan. Despite admitting to having some jet lag, he played a great set.


There was quite a lengthy changeover to get the stage set up properly for IHF. The crowd dispersed for 30 minutes to take a seat, order more drinks, and look at the art around the venue. Finally, after some minor technical difficulties, IHF was ready to take the stage!

Beautiful visuals were projected onto the wall behind him throughout his set. Pastel abstract shapes mixed together before the screen would change to a sweeping mountain landscape, which went along perfectly with his music. He was very good at grabbing everyone’s attention and making his show an immersive experience. While interacting with the crowd, he was also very attentive to the art he was performing, which was really cool to see. IHF sang his own vocals, which were either a main part of the song or added to the background. It was clear to see that the crowd really enjoyed his set.

The Night Comes to an End

After IHF, Ryan Golbus played a dynamic, upbeat set to conclude the night.

Your Mom’s House is a small, intimate venue with a great sound system, seating, room for artists and vendors, and an awesome dance floor. If you haven’t been here yet, definitely check it out! Throughout the night, this unique venue held a diverse group of people that were all there to bask in the feel-good music that is IHF. This was such a special night as well, being IHF‘s first set of 2023, first headline set in some time, as well as his debut show for his new live set.

To keep up with IHF and listen to his beautiful music, check out his socials below!

Photos by Sammantha Drake

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Malaa Throws Down for His Biggest Show Yet in Denver

Malaa Throws Down for His Biggest Show Yet in Denver

The French producer and DJ known as Malaa has become one of the biggest names in house music. G-house, to be exact. This producer is a part of Tchami’s Confession Label and has been pumping out tracks for the past seven years. On Spotify alone, Malaa has over 1.3 million monthly listeners! Some of his most notorious tracks (see what we did there?) include “Notorious,” “Revolt” featuring Jacknife, and “Made In France” with DJ Snake, Tchami, and Mercer.

Malaa‘s identity is unknown, as this mysterious performer wears a black balaclava on stage and doesn’t speak into the microphone during his sets. On September 30th, Malaa released his debut album, Don Malaa. This 14-track album includes just under 45 minutes of dance-worthy deep house music. The album also contains a handful of collaborations with talented artists, including Fivio Foreign, Jadakiss, Ghostface Killah, and more.

The Don Malaa Album Tour

On Saturday, October 1st, house-heads traveled to the Mission Ballroom in Denver, Colorado, to see Malaa for themselves. The Don Malaa tour is Malaa‘s most extensive tour to date and touches down in cities across the United States. Also on the lineup for the show were RC3 and Wax Motif.


Attendees wasted no time filling the venue to see RC3 kick off the night. This producer and DJ are local to the Denver area. He has played alongside artists, including John Summit, Jauz, and Loud Luxury. In addition to this, he’s also played at Global Dance Festival! During his set, he was able to get the crowd energized and ready for the night. RC3 played some crowd favorites that everyone was familiar with, along with brand-new unreleased tunes. He even brought out Masteria as a special guest!

Wax Motif

Australian producer and DJ Wax Motif, was next to take the stage. Although his style of music can be classified as G-house, he draws inspiration from R&B, disco, UK bass, and more. Throughout the years, he’s had releases on various record labels, such as Tchami’s Confession and Diplo’s Mad Decent. He recently released his highly anticipated 17-track debut album, House of Wax.

During his set, Wax Motif stood behind a DJ booth that had a small screen for visuals in front of it where his logo flashed in bright colors. “Bunda” with Dances With White Girls was one of the first tracks he played, which got the entire crowd dancing. By now, the venue seemed at capacity already. At one point, Wax Motif stopped the music and was overwhelmed by everyone cheering for him, but he deserved it!


During a brief set change, the crew unveiled brand new production; let us tell you; it did not disappoint. The large set almost mimicked an abandoned building with portions of chain link fence, bricks, and graffiti-looking artwork. Where the windows would be, there were large LED screens that flashed changing visuals throughout the show. Malaa wore his black balaclava, of course, and a red leather jacket.

Throughout the night, Malaa played classic tracks of his, such as “Notorious” along with remixes of other popular tracks like “Drugs From Amsterdam” by Mau P. Additionally, he played a bunch of new tracks from Don Malaa. The crowd went absolutely wild for tracks like “Hypnotic” and “How it is“. Cryo and colorful lights added to the experience. The crowd didn’t even dissipate until his set was about over, and it was fantastic to see everyone enjoying themselves.

Denver Went Deep

The Don Malaa tour was simply unforgettable. Debuting brand new stage production for his largest Denver show yet, Malaa brought the heat yet again. After the show, he even took to social media to share how special the show was. He was super impressed that everyone knew the brand new songs from the album that just came out! Every single artist on the lineup did a stellar job at engaging the crowd and filling the venue with G-house music.

To keep up with all things Malaa, including Don Malaa tour dates, check out his socials below!

Photos by Kyle Brim

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KAYZO’s New Breed Tour Touches Down In The Mile High City

KAYZO’s New Breed Tour Touches Down In The Mile High City

Hardstyle, dubstep, and metal are a few genres that KAYZO fuses to create his distinctive sound. This Los Angeles-based producer and DJ are an Icon Collective alumni who has been perfecting his craft for over a decade. In addition to touring and performing at world-renowned music festivals, including EDC Las Vegas, Electric Zoo, and Lollapalooza, he founded his label, Welcome Records. He also hosts his own radio show titled Doghouse Radio!

On Spotify alone, KAYZO has over 1.3 million monthly listeners. This summer, he released a brand new full-length album titled NEW BREED. This twenty-track masterpiece contains over an hour of hard-hitting originals and collaborations with artists such as ATLiens and Phase One. If you haven’t listened to KAYZO‘s music yet, we suggest you listen to “Wake Up” with RIOT, “Suffocate” with BAD OMENS, and “The Sickness” with GHOSTKID.

KAYZO’s New Breed Tour

On Saturday, August 27th, headbangers, bass heads, metal heads, and anyone looking to rage gathered at the Mission Ballroom in Denver, Colorado. Joining KAYZO were SweetTooth, HOL!, Emo Nite, and NETSKY.

As soon as doors opened, attendees wasted no time heading into the venue. This venue holds nearly four thousand people. However, the stage can be moved depending on the expected capacity for the night. This is an awesome way to create the feel of an intimate, packed show, no matter the size. This venue has a spot for everyone between the large floor area, tiered seating in the back, and two VIP balconies. Multiple bars, restrooms, and water fountains can be found throughout the venue, along with food and merchandise.


SweetTooth did not come to mess around, proven by the experimental dubstep that he played throughout his set. Basic colorful overhead lights set the mood along with his own graphics on an LED screen behind the DJ table. He also played a new remix that he did for one of KAYZO‘s tracks. At the end of his set, he sang a pop-punk track from the band he’s also a part of!


HOL! took the stage next. This French producer and DJ had an awesome amount of energy and stage presence, helping to get the crowd more engaged and ready for the rest of the night. He played some brand new original tracks during his set and even started a wall of death and an all-girls mosh pit. Some really cool graphics took over the LED screen behind him as he interacted with the crowd.

Emo Nite

According to Emo Nite, they are “Not a band. Not DJs. We throw parties for the music we love.” This traveling party celebrating throwback pop-punk and rock are almost always on tour. And, they also jumped onto a few of KAYZO’s tour dates! Although this set seemed a little bit surprising and unexpected at first, the crowd absolutely loved it.

Songs from artists like Fall Out Boy and Blink-182 were tastefully mixed with pop and electronic songs while visuals from 2000’s commercials and video clips were played. The two DJs on stage had tons of energy, and so did the crowd!


The final artist to take the stage before KAYZO was Belgium drum-and-bass legend NETSKY. More rows of lights were added to the stage production for this set, and it was clear that the anticipation and energy in the venue continued to grow. NETSKY played many drum-and-bass songs that the crowd knew and sang along to. Meanwhile, trippy, brightly colored graphics swirled around behind him. At one point, he played the Luude remix of Men At Work’s “Down Under” which seemed to be a hit. Then, he finished off his set with his track “Let Me Hold You” with Hybrid Minds.

By this point in the night, the floor was pretty full but not squished. There was more room in the back on the tiered seating, and the VIP balconies were next to empty. Even though the venue looked and felt full, everyone had space to breathe, and there weren’t any lines for drinks or bathrooms.


After a brief set-change to prepare the stage for KAYZO’s headline set, the man finally made his way to the stage. The combination of his music, stage presence, and production truly did transform the venue into another world. In addition to the enormous LED screen behind him, the front of the DJ booth was also LED, merging visuals with what was on the big screen. He also had additional light rigs on either side of the stage, with bright light bars and more lights that shined out into the audience. These moved in sync with the music, creating an effect similar to lasers. And, get this, he also had cryo that joined his other production during the drops.

In addition to bangin’ originals like “Welcome To The Doghouse“, he also played remixes of Shouse’s “Love Tonight,” and Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out“. Then, he played a sound byte saying, “Hey mom, could you pick me up?” that immediately transformed into a crazy dubstep drop. Let me tell you, his graphics were a bit scary and hell-ish, so hopefully, nobody had to call their mom.

KAYZO was so much fun to watch! One thing that stood out about his stage presence was his big, strong arm movements. He took control of the stage and the crowd, which you don’t see too often. He even instructed the crowd to go feral, which everyone seemed to follow through with (LOL). Headbangers took charge of the rail while multiple mosh pits could be seen in the crowd.

Towards the end of his set, he brought out a special guest called “bone daddy”. Enter: CALCIUM. They played a song together before KAYZO brought out his girlfriend, CRAY. They performed their song, “Love Me Hate Me” with De’Wayne together. Couple goals, right? At the end of the night, KAYZO paused the show to bring a few fans up on stage, and the venue got to witness a proposal! What an ending to a crazy memorable night.

Good Night, Ragers

KAYZO’s New Breed Tour was an amazing show from start to finish. Each artist on the lineup played a unique set that interacted with the crowd and got them ready for the rest of the night. Hardstyle, metal, dubstep, and more flooded the venue, with everyone dancing and headbanging. If you love to rage, you should check out a KAYZO show!

To keep up with all things KAYZO, including tour dates and new releases, check out his socials below!

Photos by Aeron Reinhardt Photography

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Snow Tha Product Revs Up The Energy At Mission Ballroom

Over the past decade, Snow Tha Product is a name that has reined supreme within the the hip-hop community. However, her rise to fame was no coincidence. From battle rapping locals to pushing her CD’s on street corners; Snow’s come-up is a true underdog story. She continues to prove that both consistency and hard work are key factors to success in any industry.

To begin, Snow faced adversity from an early age. Claudia Alexandra Feliciano was born to undocumented Mexican American Immigrants. Growing up in San Jose, California, she took full advantage of ESL classes that were at her disposal. She quickly became fluent in both English and Spanish, which would later set her apart as the bilingual hip-hop heavyweight she is today. Its no secret that Snow takes great pride in representing both her English and Spanish culture.

Snow Tha Activist

Snow tells it like it is. She is known to be unapologetically outspoken on real world issues both off and on the microphone. Her 2017 bilingual feature on, “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)”, addresses the oppression immigrants endure while living in the US today. A snippet from her verse states, “Racists feed the belly of the beast with the pitchforks, rich chores done by the people that get ignored.” In addition to immigration and politics, Snow is an activist within the LGBTQ community. She openly discusses her bisexuality; encouraging her listeners to stay true to themselves, despite opposition they may face from others.

Dale Gas

Although Mission Ballroom fits a capacity of nearly 4,000 patrons, Snow is able to share an intimate setting with her Denver crowd. This performance is for the ride or die fans, the “Product Pushers”.

The surge of energy is tangible in Mission Ballroom the moment Snow steps on stage. She kicks off her headlining performance with the appropriately titled single, “Dale Gas” which was also the inspiration for the “Dale Gas” Tour title. Ironically enough, only a few moments into the track; the music comes to an abrupt stop. Something is off. Snow pauses her performance to address an audio issue concerning the sound levels on the main stage.

She commands the audio engineers to, “Turn up the music on these wedges!”. She explains that she has been on a 2.5-year hiatus from touring, so her fans deserve the best show from her possible. The sound quality was not up to par for the comeback tour Snow was anticipating. A few moments passed and the DJ spins “Dale Gas” back to its intro; returning with a newfound intensity. The sound is on point, the party has officially begun. Snow has all of Mission Ballroom peaking with a revamped excitement for her performance.

Block Party At Mission Ballroom

Snow carried on the party at Mission Ballroom with no reservations. She goes on to perform her chart topping hits, such as “Butter” and “Wassap”. The show’s momentum is in full swing and the crowds excitement cannot be contained. In a blink of an eye, the celebration soon overflowed onto the mainstage! Snow handpicked a group of lucky concert goers to join her and the Dale Gas crew for the remainder of the night.

At this point, the atmosphere of the venue feels like an all out block party with close friends and family. Snow Tha Product’s Dale Gas tour revs up the energy at Mission Ballroom. It’s difficult to determine where the crowd stops and the performers begin. Snow is engaging in conversation with the audience, stage dives into the crowd several times and even took a celebratory shot of tequila or two. A night that will not be forgotten in a hurry for the Denver “Product Pushers”.

Photos by Casey Raser

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