Liquid Stranger Celebrates His WAKAAN Family At Mission Ballroom

One of the giants in the EDM world, Liquid Stranger brought a plethora of his friends to Denver this past weekend. Martin Staaf is better known by his stage name Liquid Stranger. He launched himself as an experimental EDM artist in the early 2000s.

Following this, he created his own record label Wakaan. Since then, Liquid Stranger has made a name for himself throughout the EDM world with his visual production level and his expert mixing skills.

Recently, Liquid Stranger has signed many prominent artists to his label. Some of his most notable artists include LSDream, Tvboo, and LUZCID. Overall, Stranger and the Wakaan label as a whole boast themselves as a collective. For the first night stop at Mission Ballroom, and even the second night, there was a myriad of artists to choose from.

Liquid Stranger

The Openers

To begin the evening, Kyrol and Banko and Notixx, both played deeper and more down-tempo sets. This slower start to the evening allowed for Mission Ballroom to begin to fill up. Both of the opener’s visuals were minimal. As the night went on, it was clear that Mission Ballroom was almost completely wall-to-wall with people anticipating the king of Wakaan himself later in the evening.

However, the energy in the venue quickly changed as the Mississippi native, Tvboo took the stage. He is known for his goofy persona and wooky beats. Tvboo emerged on the stage wearing nothing but overalls and taking the audience on a wild ride. Playing many of his hit songs, including “Wook Work,” “Skrawberries.” He also brought out a rapper to engage with the crowd. He definitely had the entire venue on their feet. Further, at the end of his set, he took his overalls off in his typical goofy fashion and danced around the stage in his underwear.


Certainly, it was an interesting choice to put Tvboo in between the first two openers and the next two. The dynamic deep bass artists YookiE walked on stage boasting visuals that declared “Yookie Sucks.” They kept that same high energy of their predecessor by playing their standout tune of the year “Bubble Bass.” As the night progressed, the next artist to warm the stage up for Liquid Stranger, was Buku. For his set, he focused more on the psychedelic and trippy side with many visuals that seemed to go on forever. Overall, all of the openers set the stage for what was to come.


Finally, as many people noted in the crowd, the lasers not only lit up behind and the sides of the stages but also, next to the DJ stand. As Liquid Stranger took the stage, he explained the lights on stage were a new LED technique, and boy was this technology one that completely changed the mood in the crowd. Not a single person was sitting as the man of the night started off heavy and then moved into some of his throwbacks. Most notably, he played “Don’t Stop,” and his own drop from “Space Boss.” Throughout his set, he spent a lot of time on the microphone shouting out anytime he played a song from someone on the WAKAAN collective. Then, the night ended with him appreciating not only his collective but the crowd as a whole.

Liquid Stranger


Overall, the first night of Liquid Stranger proved to be a great mixture of both deep dubstep and more of the wook bass that the WAKAAN label is known for. Most importantly, the first night set the stage for not only what was to come on night two, but for the rest of the recently announced tour for 2022.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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San Holo Brings Melody To Mission Ballroom

One of the stars in the melodic dubstep world, San Holo, headlined Mission Ballroom this past weekend. Sander van Dijck, better known by his stage name San Holo, first gained recognition for his remix of Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.” Which went viral quickly and had him releasing music on the likes Skrillex’s OSWLA record label. Soon after, San Holo quickly ran with his fame and created his own record label Bitbird. Further, his last album, Album 1, held a myriad of staple tracks in the melodic dubstep world. Album 1 reached #7 upon its debut on Billboard 100’s Electronic/Dance chart.

Recently just a few months ago in June,San Holo released his new albumbb u okay? Now, he has brought his new album on tour throughout the United States. Those within the melodic dubstep have been patiently awaiting a new album and tour. Certainly, San Holo did not disappoint.

Rome in Silver

The Openers

Brought along on the tour, Rome in Silver and Chet Porter began with a slower start. Rome in Silver in particular started the night off with a lot of low-fi sounds mixed with some hipster buildups. It was the perfect intro into Chet Porter’s set who has many notable remixes of other famous EDM artists including Odesza and Whethan. One of the most notable moments from his set came when he played his collab with Alison Wonderland Bummed.” These two chill sets were a perfect introduction for what the night would move into.

However, the standout set of the openers was Swedish native Kasbo. He began his set by running out onto the stage with a burst of colors to play the drums in tune with his music. The shift from the chill hipster vibes, to a more energetic crowd, was apparent as he drummed along to his music in time with the impressive visuals. Many of his visuals had nature and water themes which played along well with melodic drop after melodic drop. At one point, I went almost all the way up to the rail, and I normally like to stay further back in the crowd, and boy am I glad that I did. Kasbo heavily interacted with the crowd in the front. His visuals were perfect up close and his set along with his visuals left the crowd mesmerized and ready for the headliner.

San Holo

Finally, the much-awaited return of San Holo to Denver began. He rushed out onto the stage playing his guitar in tune with his songs. The background visuals were simply bb u okay? in accordance with the promotion of his new album. In addition, he also played many of his crowd-pleasing songs like “Light,” and some of his most popular tracks off Album 1. For anyone new to his music, this set was the perfect mixture of some of his more heavy older tracks and his new album. Most importantly, his stage persona with the crowd stayed on point throughout and he did not miss one guitar solo.

San Holo


Overall, Mission Ballroom proved to be the perfect mixture of an intimate inside venue but with the visual capacity for San Holo’s strong mixture of music and visual experience. The audience definitely loved every minute and there were even some tears shed from those around me. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait long for San Holo to return to Denver.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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An Emotional Ride Along With Kevin Gates – The Khaza Tour

A journey with Kevin Gates is the only way you can describe his statement driven concert September 25th 2021, at Mission Ballroom with opening acts like DDG and OG Boobie Black. Gates came out showing no rust, from the pandemic with an attention capturing performance.

Starting off the night DDG came onto the stage with a point to prove, that he belongs amongst the stars in Hip Hop. Playing to the crowd, with his smooth playboy like antics, he showcased his talents with the ladies by bringing them onto the stage for a friendly twerk battle. Later on, famous tracks such as “Moonwalking in Calabasas” and “Hood Melody” were played.

Article and Photos By Idalis Richardson

Ending the Night

DDG got the crowd rockin! Next up was OG Boobie Black, who came onto the stage to get us ready to experience the journey Kevin Gates was about to take us all on. Gates slowly graced the stage, feeling the energy of the room and crowd. Gates went through his personal life song by song with musical master pieces like “Fatal Attraction, Plugs Daughter, and Dreka”. The night was finished off with a performance of “Satellites”. For everything Kevin Gates, follow the links down below!

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Dirt Monkey Brings The Wobbles to Mission Ballroom

Boulder local Dirt Monkey, is no stranger to playing large shows for his dedicated followers. As a native to the Colorado EDM Scene, Patrick Megeath has exploded not only in the Denver community but across the country. Megeath has seen huge expansion in the EDM community since 2018 with releases on Liquid Stranger’s label Wakkan. He fuses wonky wobbles with high-energy beats in order to create sets that keep crowds entertained and on their feet for the entire show.


The Openers

Starting out the night Shank Aaron and Kumarion, set the mood for the night with some drum and bass and heavier sets. Further, Ravenscoon came out with an electrifying and wonky set with visuals that mesmerized the crowd. However, the energy completely changed when G-Space took over the stage. He started out dark and quickly moved into wobbles to match the vibes of his visuals. Each drop was deeper and filthier and sucked the audience into his set.


But, the stand out set of the openers was by far G-Rex. The Detroit native is one who fuses a mixture of trap beats with dark wobbles. With a myriad of releases on Wakkan, he is no stranger to taking audiences deep and wobbly. The visuals mixed with his signature dark horse sound to distinguish his songs kept the audience screaming after each filthy drop.

Finally, the man of the evening Dirt Monkey, came out with colorful visuals and wobbles to keep the energy of the crowd high. No drop was similar and his mixing was flawless and effortless, it was hard to tell when one song ended and another one began. From his more popular songs like “Shut Up” with rap giant Tech N9ne to his more obscure remix of his and Protohype’s “Bop Bop,” each drop kept the audience dancing. Also, he played a lot of unreleased songs and gave previews of many new music that will soon be being dropped. Almost everyone in the crowd stayed until the end and through his encore because of the high-energy and vibes of the sets.


Overall, this set at Mission Ballroom was one that those in the Denver EDM community will not likely forget. The energy and vibes of the night where unmatched and each artist brought their own unique flavor to the evening. The mixture of each individual artists sets with the energy of the crowd was one that will remain a personal favorite at shows I’ve seen at Mission, and by far my favorite Dirt Monkey set to date.

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Kayzo Wakes Up Denver’s Mission Ballroom This Past Weekend

There are few artists in today’s electronic scene which host the talent and musical ability to fuse genres and sounds together seamlessly, but one has managed to do just that. Rising to the top of the dance music charts in only a few short years, 29 year-old Hayden “Kayzo” Capuozzo brings a far-from-ordinary set each time. From hardstyle-infused bass to some of the heaviest, grittiest trap and dubstep you’ll ever hear, Kayzo is far more than a DJ, but an experience. You really never know what he’ll play next. Denver’s very own Mission Ballroom will be the home to Kayzo’s first set in Denver since before quarantine times, and when we say we can’t wait, that’s an understatement!

Kayzo will be joined with an insane opening lineup of artists Friday night.Marauda, Calcium, and Reaper will be starting the night off heavy – and we are so excited for what is bound to be the show of the year! Party Guru Productions has the exclusive hook-up and were able to ask a few questions with Hayden before the show.

Kayzo Tells All: 4 Q&A’s with Kayzo

Party Guru Press:

Artist name:Kayzo

Party Guru Press: So it’s your first time at Mission Ballroom, AEG’s newest Denver music venue. How ready for tonight are you?

Yea first time! Man, when I walked into soundcheck earlier I was COMPLETELY blown away by the venue. The way its set up makes it feel like a little arena. Every bit of it is beautiful. From the green rooms to the stage. It’s my first real headline in Denver since like 2017, so I’m MORE than ready.

Party Guru Press: You’ve got a pretty heavy support lineup for your set this weekend. How do you think your openers are going to set you up for an awesome show tonight? 

Yea, I’m really stoked on the entire lineup tonight. I’ve been a big Reaper supporter for a while now, so I’m glad to have him in Denver tonight to bring some dnb to the show. Calcium has been killing it for a while and his sound is super unique for bass music.Marauda, what can I say, the dude is an animal. Some of the heaviest bass music is coming from him right now. I think the crowd is going to be raging from doors to close.

Party Guru Press: Any advice you might have for emerging electronic artists in today’s scene? I know there are a lot of Colorado producers that would love to hear a little more about your journey from at Icon LA, and how you are where you are today. How much did your music education influence you?

Yea, Icon was super important for me. I had no prior musical knowledge with production before going. I went in 2012 and basically just dedicated my 9 months at icon and first year in LA to being in the studio for 15+ hours a day to my craft and foundation as an artist.

Party Guru Press: Tacos or burritos?

Tough one, but for now I think I’d have to go with tacos!

Thank you so much to the entireKayzo team and to Hayden for quickly chatting with us at Party Guru Productions this weekend! The show was an incredible performance and setup from start to finish – watching artists grow and succeed over the years is truly one of the most special feelings! We’re looking forward to the next time he hits Denver!

Photos by Denver Dru

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DEEPFAKE Makes Waves At The Black Box

The Black Box has worked to become a staple venue for underground electronic music ever since it opened its doors to the Denver area back in 2016. Local music lovers use it as a hub for finding new and interesting artists not just locally but from around the country. This week, The Black Box welcomed mysterious Detroit based duo, DEEPFAKE. The Enigmatic DJ/VJ pair promised fans an immersive experience which blurred the lines between what is real and what is fake. Before talking about that, let’s discuss the local support for the evening.

Alana English warms up the crowd with an engaging house mix

Though raised in Pittsburgh, Alana English currently resides in Denver. She is a DJ working with local company 128 Productions. Alana English was able to read the crowd well as she got them warmed up for the evening with an engaging house mix. To hear what she can do, you can check out Alana English on Soundcloud. She has a handful of mixes put together each running over an hour long. She also happens to stream on Twitch for those more interested in seeing her performance live.

Nothing Bad About Bad Little King

Up next to provide support was local DJ and Producer Bad Little King. His set was a deep, dark and groovy ride through Techno. If interested, you can hear his style of mixing for yourself. He has been busy putting out quite a few mixes on Soundcloud. There, you can find his mix series titled “Into the darkness” which is currently on volume 8. When it comes to mixing a good set, there’s nothing bad about Bad Little King.

DEEPFAKE: The Mysterious Duo From Detroit

Mystery Duo, DEEPFAKE, take the stage and prepare to perform a 2 hour Audio/Visual set. The Black Box crowd waits quietly as the room goes black. Suddenly, a deep robotic voice can be heard saying “We are DEEPFAKE” before the stage lights up and the duo appear. The crowd cheers as they begin to embark on the radical audio visual experience. DEEPFAKE is a DJ/VJ team whose audio and visuals are created to be enjoyed in unison. The enigmatic pair recently released a three track EP titled “The Fakesidewhich does well to encapsulate their sound. Fans inside The Black Box really reacted when DEEPFAKE played their new track titled “Quake.”


The Black Box has stayed true to its original mission of introducing underground electronic music to the Denver scene. At this venue, it isn’t just about the top dollar talent. It’s about raw sound and what can be done to produce a unique listening experience for the people. The talent buyers of The Black Box do well to keep a mix of musical genres coming through the doors. by doing this it ensuring a good listening experience no matter how many times you show up. By providing everything from locals on the rise to Veterans finding their true sound, The Black Box is sure to be on the map for some time.

Photos by (Kyle Brim)

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Ookay Brings The Heat To His Temple Denver Debut

Exploding onto the dance music scene in 2016 with his hit, electro-funk infused single Thief, dance music legend Abraham “Ookay” Laguna remains an unstoppable force of electronic nature, and a Denver favorite. The Chula Vista-raised artist stopped by Temple Nightclub this Friday for his debut performance at the venue, and left fans speechless with an insanely well-crafted set.

Ookay’s performances feel different than most DJ sets. The multifaceted musician is incredibly gifted, and his musical knowledge shines throughout the music he plays. The 29 year-old producer uses a variety of instruments in his own works, including drums, trombone, piano, bass, and guitar, and of course, his own vocals. His sets typically combine bubbly pop synths with the more traditional elements of electronic music, and everything in between. Because of this, Ookay has become a household name in any electronic music lover’s home – and touches outside of the realm of electronic, too. Ookay’s musical knowledge is evident in everything he plays throughout his sets, and this weekend was no different. His set at Temple this past weekend left the crowd demanding and encore – and wishing the night would never end.

Party Guru Productions had the chance to chat with Ookay before the event and learned a bit about his new hit single with Flux Pavilion and Elohim, how his Temple debut tonight will stack up against the rest, and more.

Ookay: The Man Behind the Music

Party Guru Press

Artist name:Ookay

Party Guru Press: It’s your Temple nightclub debut tonight! What do you have to say about Denver, and are you ready for your DJ set tonight? 

Gotta love this city! Bass capital aint it? Best not dissapoint!

Party Guru Press: How does it feel to be touring again?

Well, after a year of not touring, I can only say I’ve missed it dearly. 

Excited to play what I’ve been working on all quarantine.

Party Guru Press: What is one thing going through 2020 has taught you as an individual? And as an artist in the music industry? 

As an individual? Nothing really. I was chillin. As a music artist? I’ve trained my ear a lot while mixing and have picked up some amazing tools to use in the studio! 

Party Guru Press: How would you say “Ookay” both as a brand and as a project musically has changed over the years? 

I mean, it’s definitely grown in a way I never really saw to begin with. I didn’t expect to be singing, playing keytar and having dancers. That’s not what I had in mind when I made trap music in the clubs with a bandana mask andOokay hat 4-5 years ago. I’m only happy with the turnout honestly. 

Party Guru Press: You posted last month, ‘After a year of change and discomfort, the world can use a song about hope” – in reference to your new song “Be Ok” with Flux Pavilion & Elohim. Amazing song, by the way. How would you say this song reflects your journey as an artist the past few years?

Life can suck sometimes and you lose hope. I think that’s a normal human experience. One that I have experienced as well as most others. This song is about not giving up even when it gets tough out there. Life got hands.

Party Guru Press: On that note, how was working with Flux Pavilion and Elohim?

They’re so talented it’s crazy. An absolute pleasure. I’ve learned a lot of the process of creating this song.

Party Guru Press: You’ve spoken on the topic of mental health before. How important would you say mental health is being in your position, in someone in the music industry but – also just as a human?

Oh, it’s the most important! I’ve seen too many suicides, overdoses and accidents happen because of poor mental health. I’ve lost friends, people have lost loved ones and family members and it’s all just the worst. Learn to check in and tell those you love, that you love them. 

Party Guru Press: What do you want people to leave your set feeling or thinking tonight?

“I’m glad I came, even though i had to get ready and shower and not smell bad”

Who knows, you might meet the love of your life…it’s happened before.

Photos by: Dru Cook

A huge shoutout to Abraham for taking the time to chat with us tonight at Party Guru Productions. From fun and bouncy sounding electronic synths all the way to his older, trap-heavy originals,Ookay brings a unique musical experience every time and proves himself to be one of those can’t-miss artists. His performance this past weekend at Temple was nothing short of incredible, and the whole city of Denver will be eagerly awaiting his return.

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SoDown And Manic Focus Team Up For Mission Ballroom

Mission ballroom was looking to bring a solid variety this weekend with a well balanced line up. Though each artist played very different styles of music, the choice of talent was well received by the crowd in attendance. Fans were treated to jaw dropping mixes one after the next and even a few surprise guests. Each set was filled with individuality and a truly unforgettable display of sounds including throwbacks and live drumming from Megan Hamilton, The unique, bass heavy rap style of Wreckno and who could forget that beautiful sound of a saxophone played by SoDown himself.

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Get The Most Out of Scamp ’21: Event Preview

In ten days, thousands of festival goers will fill Three Sisters Park in Chillacothe, Illinois for the 20th annual Summer Camp Music Festival. This massive annual event features tons of performances, activities, and truly memorable experiences year after year. Summer Camp historically takes place over Memorial Day weekend. Due to the pandemic, the event was rescheduled for August 19 – August 22.

One of the best features of Summer Camp is the diverse array of genres gracing the lineup each year. You can find bluegrass, funk, indie, hip hop, many flavors of EDM, and everything in between. Umphrey’s McGee and Moe are always the major headliners of Summer Camp and almost always, both play every day of the festival. Also on this year’s lineup is Ween, Billy Strings, Tipper, STS9, Griz, and Dirty Heads.

Below is some info to help you get the most out of this year’s Summer Camp Music Festival!

Get To Know The Festival Grounds

Summer Camp’s home is Three Sisters Park, a 400-acre outdoor venue and recreation area located off Highway 29 outside of Peoria. Summer Camp has a great festival layout established with multiple camping areas and stages. Because the venue is so massive, it can helpful to keep a copy of the map to help you get around – you never know when you’re going to need the first aid station or to find a porta-pottie.

Another tip: be prepared to walk a lot unless you scored an RV camping pass or have VIP. There is no GA car camping area, so anyone in GA camping will need to haul their stuff in on foot at least a mile – unless you score one of the coveted camping spots in the woods. Bring a wagon or a sled to help drag your gear, and consider packing light. If you want to avoid the hike, Summer Camp offers a $50 festy-cab option to help you and your crew get around the vast festival grounds all weekend.

Make The Most Of The Line

No matter what day you come in, you will probably have to wait in line for a long time. This applies to both the line just to park and the line to get inside the festival grounds. However, don’t fret – the line is a party in itself! So grab your chair, some snacks and drinks, and be prepared to be patient and chill. Plus, you’ll probably even make some new friends during the wait to get into the festival grounds.

Get A Ticket For The Thursday Pre-Party

Did you know Summer Camp is actually a 4-night festival? Attendees who purchase the Pre-Party pass can start lining up on Wednesday night to be a part of Thursday shenanigans. Being one of the first through the initial gates can help you land great spots for parking and camping.

Experience As Many Performances As Possible

Seeing all your favorite artists out of a lineup this stacked can be a difficult feat, so we recommend planning out your schedule. You can download the Summer Camp app on Android or IOS and use it to build your schedule with your crew. Also, don’t forget to check out some artists on the bill you’ve never hard of before! There are tons of true musical gems hanging out on the lineup underneath the major names. If you like getting down to some funk, check out Yam Yam. Hip-hop heads will want to check out Thee Delinquents. Fan of bluesy roots rock? Don’t miss Aaron Kamm and the One Drops. Bluegrass gems who will be performing include Kitchen Dwellers and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades.

Take Care Of Yourself!

First, staying hydrated is the number one key to any successful festival experience, so bring a water bladder if you have one. Leaving that killer set and trekking to the water station because you’re dying of thirst is a major bummer. Second, don’t forget to fuel your body with good food. Finding a great bite to eat at Summer Camp is almost too easy. You’ll be able to find everything from BBQ to Chinese to Gyros, and vegetarian options too. Finally, don’t forget there are showers available at Summer Camp. Sometimes a nice shower after a night (or three) of raging hard makes all the difference – showers are available to those with VIP passes, or you can pay a fee if you have GA.

Learn Something New

Summer Camp features a ton of activities and opportunities to learn something new. You can take a workshop in glass-making or juggling. Want to get the day started off right? Head to a morning yoga session. Interested in learning more about the Native American culture in the area? Participate in a drum circle. There’s even a scavenger hunt and a field day you can participate in! Check out the app for a full schedule of activities.

Check Out The Late Night Events

Summer Camp goes hard, with music going all night long. Most notable of the late night events are definitely the ultra-special performances in the Red Barn. This year, we are especially excited for Saturday’s B2B with CloZee, LSDDream and special guest Maddy O’Neal. The Red Barn is a small space and an exclusive experience, so you need to purchase additional tickets for these shows if you have a General Admission ticket. VIP upgrade tickets include one Red Barn ticket and exclusive late-night performances in the VIP Lounge. You can also check out other late night performances for free at the Campfire Stage, Starshine Stage, and the Soulshine Tent.

Can’t Make The Whole Festival? Buy A Sunday Pass!

Can’t afford the cash or time for the whole weekend? The only single day tickets available during the weekend are for Sunday – you could still check out Tipper, Ween, Cherub, Three Six Mafia and more.

As with any festival, your Summer Camp experience is absolutely whatever you make it to be. We couldn’t cover all the bases here so be sure to check out the official Summer Camp website, Facebook page, and the Subreddit for more valuable tips and insider info. Tickets are still available, so snag one if you haven’t yet!

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Bear Grillz at Mission Ballroom

If you have ever wanted to know what an EDM show is like, picture a seashore on a stormy day. The deep rumbling of the beat is like a rolling thunder punctuated by the sharp lightning claps of the drop as the lights flash and strike the attendees. The crowd is a rolling sea of bodies and energy all coming together to form a maelstrom that breaks against the stage barriers like waves upon rocks. Flowing. Tumbling. Boiling. Energy, sound, and motion in one perfect storm and the producer is Poseidon conducting their orchestra.

Starting The Night Off

As a newcomer to large EDM shows I was unprepared for the ferocious energy these shows deliver. Green Matter was the first to offer up her constructs to the gods of sound and energy. With her signature green lighting she unleashed a torrent of rhythms that pulled those first to arrive into the center of the whirlpool the show would become. Next up, Hairitage sparked the storm with his electrifying set which fed those in attendance with more energy. Fans drew energy from him as he moved around the stage ushering them into a near frenzy at the climax of every song.

OG Nixin

What is better than an OG? An OG versus a Ninja! OG Nixin called out a fan in ninja garb during his set at Mission Ballroom. In response, the ninja gave a bow before inciting a large rowdy mosh pit in the center of the arena. Bodies crashed into bodies in a torrent of sweat and flesh. The lights from onlooker’s cameras as they filmed the scene shown brightly in the dimly lit room. Taking inspiration from this,OG Nixin called for everyone to light up the arena using only the lights on their phones. The atmosphere became surreal as the lights tried to penetrate the heavy fog that filled the area. At times, the lights were so bright and the shadows so deep that one couldn’t even make out the owners of the phones leaving a spectacular but eerie spectacle of disembodied lights as the only things in attendance.

Terror And A B2B

Each artist tends to feed into the performance of the next artist in the lineup. A no more evident example of this is how the spirit lights fromOG Nixin fed into the nightmarish themes of the B2B between Downlink and Figure. Grotesque images and horrific elements possessed the screen behindDownlink and Figure as they performed. Fans were treated to beats that complimented the images that flashed on the screen as lights in red, blue and green bathed the venue in hellish light. Those dark elements had no effect on the radiant energy coming from the crowd.

Bear Bones Mask

After a brief respite from the storm that had engulfed the Mission Ballroom, the master of chaos himself came to the spotlight. Sporting a new mask resembling the hellish bones of a demon spawn bear, Bear Grillz brought an eruptive conclusion to the night’s events. Expertly weaving between originals, mixes and remixes, collaborations, and showcasing the talent of new artists that signed toBear Grillz personally founded label, Rude Service; all a part of the masterful culmination of the evening’s events. The burgeoning artists that have been signed to theRude Service family are Carried Away, Stryer, and Lodis. Each artist was given the opportunity to perform an original withBear Grillz in front of the packed Mission Ballroom.

Photos by Jesse Haswell

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