The Energy Is Building For MALAA’s Return To Colorado This Thursday


Attention house music lovers: this one is for you! In just a few days, MALAA is bringing The Americano Fall tour to Boulder, Colorado. This Thursday, October 14th, the Boulder Theater will come alive with MALAA‘s high-energy, groove-worthy house music.

MALAA is an insanely talented producer and DJ from Paris, France who keeps his identity concealed by always donning a black balaclava. Some of his early tracks, including “Notorious“, led him to quickly gain serious traction in the scene. In addition to regularly posting his Who Is MALAA mixes on Soundcloud, MALAA has continued to release music that draws everyone’s attention. For example, his most recent release is a collaboration with DJ Snake titled “Pondicherry“.

MALAA is part of Tchami‘s Confession Label and has traveled the globe touring with the Pardon My French crew (Tchami, DJ Snake, Mercer, and MALAA). Meanwhile, he also does plenty of solo tours and festival performances as well. In fact, he just recently performed at Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge in Washington.

The Highly Anticipated Return

Finally, MALAA is making his way back to Colorado. This show has become highly, highly anticipated after he wasn’t able to make it to the Mission Ballroom in July. He explained in a tweet (that is now deleted) that he wasn’t able to make it into the country due to certain restrictions involving his visa. To clarify, the situation was not anything that he could control, so he had to work with being delayed getting into the US and adjust his tour schedules. Luckily, DJ Snake was able to throw down an amazing show regardless, but there was no B2B as expected.

The Boulder Theater is located on 14th Street, near the Pearl Street Mall. This beautiful venue caps off at 850 attendees and is complete with a balcony for elevated viewing. Boulder locals HARVE b2b KAEGI, GANO, and Ryne Cunningham will be opening up the night and getting the crowd ready for MALAA.

Current COVID Policy

Currently, everyone entering the venue needs to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. According to the event’s ticket page, their COVID policy is as follows:

“All attendees are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Masks encouraged between sips and bites. Attendees will be required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (14 days after the second vaccine) with a matching valid ID to enter our venues. Children ages 2-11 will not need proof of vaccination, but will be required to wear masks while in the venue. All working staff are vaccinated and will be wearing masks. A photo or digital copy of your vaccination card will be accepted.”

The Countdown Begins

House heads, it is not too early to start preparing for this crazy show! Get some rest, start hydrating now, and practice your dance moves. The energy in the venue is going to be absolutely electric. It’s been a few months since MALAA wasn’t able to perform in Denver, so we can’t wait for his glorious return to Colorado! Do you think he has any surprises up his sleeve?

Click here for tickets, and follow the social media links below to keep up with all things MALAA.

Photos by Boulder Theater, MALAA

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An Interview With Future Joy

Up and coming musical duo Future Joy has been blazing a trail of success for themselves for the past 2 years. They’ve began making quite a name for themselves in a relatively short amount of time and have become one of the most exciting funk and bass music duos to keep our eyes on. 

We’re thrilled to say that we’ve recently had the chance to get to know them a little better and ask a few questions in the form of an email interview. The eclectic duo filled us in with the details behind their newest single “Triple Stack” featuring Vibe Street. They’ve also let us in on some of their biggest musical inspirations as well as some backstory on themselves as artist on their journey into and through the music scene both as individuals and as a duo.

Interview: Future Joy

Party Guru Press: Lets start by talking about your newest single “Triple Stack” with Vibe Street. The song is funky and upbeat and seems like it would’ve been a lot of fun to work on…

-What was the best part of working on this new release?

-Is there anything worth telling telling about the creative process that shaped this one?

-What is your relationship with Vibe Street like and are there any plans to work with them again in the future?

Future Joy: We met Ben, aka Vibe Street at Mad Mountain festival in Casper, WY the summer of 2020. We brought our RV/renegade stage and were able to jam with him after his sets. We hit the road full-time shortly after.

In November we headed back to Colorado for some other recording sessions and got word that Ben and our friend Austin were working on music. We drove straight through from Arizona, arrived around 2am and started recording. We spent the whole weekend working on a few different projects but this song was the most fun.

Austin started with a ukulele bass line, Zach laid Baritone sax, Ben did the rap, Emily played the synth line and sang the backups, Kyle was there for moral support- the song was starting to take form. It was truly a family collab! We enjoyed our time hanging at Ben’s studio and I think we would all enjoy making another song together sometime soon.


Party Guru Press: So how did you two meet? what initially sparked your creative flow as a duo?

Future Joy: Zach attended a karaoke night that Emily was hosting in May of 2019. We both sang, then Zach asked her to sit in with his band the following night, and we’ve been making music together ever since. This was just the beginning. Now we’ve been living on the road in our RV for over a year and have played 80+ shows!


Party Guru Press: You are clearly both quite musically inclined; not just with music production but with actual instruments as well. Of course we know you love to incorporate the saxophone, which you seem to feature feature throughout the majority of your songs…

-So where did that all come from? What got you started playing music and specifically saxophone in the first place?

Future Joy: Zach started playing saxophone in fifth grade. Emily started piano lessons in grade school and classical vocal trining in high school. We both spent the last 10 years as club/bar DJs. So we were well trained in the dj/electronic side, as well as many other genres of music.

Zach has always been playing sax with DJs, so combining the live element with the tracks just made sense. Emily had been singing in bands, and playing bedroom piano, so it also made sense to start combining everything. We added the piano to the set last winter and its been fun to watch the project grow.


Party Guru Press: How has your creative process evolved since you originally began your musical journey? Do you have a routine for producing? Also how does that reflect in your newest project?

Future Joy: Our only routine for producing is to get friends involved. Collaboration is really what takes our songs to the next level. On this project Ben and especially Austin wanted to stay behind the scenes though, so you only get his first name and no artist name. Hehe..

Party Guru Press: Who are your biggest influences or other artists within your genre that have helped inspire your style of music? And do you ever take influence from artist that aren’t necessarily in the same realm or genre that you produce? Have any of them added any additional inspiration to your new release? Or any of your releases?

Future Joy: Zach grew up in Denver playing funk, jam, and electronic. The scene in Denver is so eclectic it really helped him expand his sax playing and enjoyment of many genres. In electronic Music; Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Excision are early inspirations. On the Sax Sonny Rollins, and Skerik are his big inspirations.

Emily grew up outside Chicago and House music runs through her veins. She had the chance to see world-class acts come through the city and takes inspiration from Anabel Englund, Nicolas Jaar, and Disclosure. She spent the past 9 years DJing and singing at weddings and corporate events so musical diversity was important. It’s fun to be able to play funk, pop, dance, house, rock, hip hop, dub, and bass all at the same party. We strive to stay eclectic in our Future Joy sets too.

Party Guru Press: So 2021 looks like it has been a busy year for you two… Whats been some of the biggest highlights so far?

Future Joy: We had some great shows and festivals this year. Notably: Fool’s Engagement Festival in Branford, FL and being able to fill-in last minute for Russ Liquid, opening for Manic Focus in Gainesville. FL. We also had a blast at our Denver homecoming at Your Moms House in July.

Party Guru Press: We see that you have a show coming up in Denver on October 15th at Summit Music Hall… Are you excited for this one?

-What can we expect to hear from you that night?

-Any chances of bringing out Vibe Street when playing that new tune?

Future Joy: We are sooooo excited for Summit! We got to link up with Float Like A Buffalo in Tulsa, OK last week and the show was huge energy. Denver get readyyyy!!! We plan to play high energy and show Denver a taste of everything we got. We brought Vibe Street to play the collab at our headliner back in July, but since we’re opening we probably won’t have features on October 15th at Summit. We may or may not be joining the Float guys for a special encore though, wink wink. Its also our last show in town before we head south!

Party Guru Press: Anything exciting happening for the remainder of the year? What plans or goals can you share with us regarding performances or new music leading up to 2022 and beyond?

Future Joy: Performing at Summit in Denver and then we truck it to 10.23 at VooSwar in Atlantic Beach, FL and then 10.28 we’re bringing our renegade RV stage to Hulaween. After that we have some festivals in December and February already coming together in Florida. We don’t want to see anymore snow, so find us down south for winter. 🙂 We have big plans of hitting every festival we possibly can next summer!

Party Guru Press: So tell us… how is your biggest canine supporter, Gus doing? Still Repping the “Future Joy” merch?

Future Joy: Gus is the best!!! We adopted him last October while on the road in Virginia. So he was there while the song was created. He loves the road and we truly think he saved ussss!!! FurrGusSon Joy our saviorrrr!!

Party Guru Press: Lastly, we’d love to know… would you two consider yourselves “Party Gurus”!?

Future Joy: We Definitely consider ourselves Party Gurus! We linked up for a stream back in 2020 and we’ve been on the guru train ever since. Woo! 

With all the excitement around their newest single as well as their ambitious plans for the coming year, Future Joy is without a doubt among the most exciting up and coming duos to look out for. Their future shows featuring their marvelously wide range of genres and high energy performances are something worth getting excited about. 

Their desire for a friends and family environment within each of their projects is admirable and inspiring, as is their passion for collaboration with equally exciting artists. Its clear that they thrive off of the creative freedom that comes with sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded artists who share similar musical visions. That is something that reflects highly throughout their latest release. 

We’d like to thank them for their time spent getting back to us for the interview, and we thoroughly look forward to watching the progress of this incredibly promising duo. We’re wishing them the very best with all of their future endeavors. Thank you, Future Joy!









The Aquatic Fairytale Adventure Awaits

Coming up in less than two weeks, Imagine Music Festival is returning September 17, 18th, and 19th. Previous years, Imagine was taking place at Atlanta Motor Speedway. This year, Imagine will take place at Chattahoochee Hills Bouckaert Farm, only 14 miles Southwest from Atlanta Airport.

Despite being canceled last year, 2021’s Imagine Music Festival lineup is definitely not one to miss. With six stages, a huge variety of artists, silent discos, pool parties, workshops, amusement rides and more, this year is sure to be a hit. 2021 is bringing major artists such as Excision, Griz, Illenium, Kaskade (also doing a pool party) as some of the headliners. Disco Inferno stage is sure to be the stage to get your shuffle on, with artists Fisher, Malaa, Shiba San, and Walker & Royce, to name a few. Don’t forget the Wakaan Takeover with Liquid Stranger, Shlump, G -rex, and Champagne Drip B2b Luzid and even more! 

Tickets, Camping And COVID – 19 Guidelines

Although, GA, VIP and 2 pack bundles are sold out, there are single day passes still available. Camping is still available also. Included new for 2021 is tent only camping passes and a companion camping pass, which allows you to join your friends and/or share a camp side.  Don’t forget Glamping, RV Camping, VIP options and early arrival passes can be purchased.  Shuttles are available here if you plan on getting a hotel room. In order to attend Imagine 2021, you need to provide either a negative COVID test result within 72 hours or show full COVID – 19 vaccination.

Did Someone Say Pre – Party?

Imagine is kicking off an official pre – party September 16th, to get attendees excited and ready for the 3 day festival ahead. This year, the pre – party consists of Ganja White Night, Atlines, Freaky and Plsma. Over at the Campground stage a silent disco consists of a few different artists. Denver local Krushnedo, Dose, Tape B, Black Amigo and more can be found! In order to attend, you need to purchase a separate pre- party ticket. If you plan on camping, and want to arrive early, you can buy an early arrival pass that not only gives you early access to campgrounds, but to the Late Night Silent Disco and Shakedown street with crafts and food vendors, get your early arrival ticket here.

Experience And Explore The Festival 

Need to cool down at the festival? Check out the new Aqua Day Club & Pool with a pool party ticket. Where interactive art displays, complimentary floaties, and VIP cabanas will be. On Saturday, Kaskade will be bringing his special Redux set, and on Sunday, Medvza. 

Check out the Ocean View Experience and VIP tickets. With private elevated viewing, table service, and private seating, it is sure to give you the best view of Main Stage and make your Imagine festival experience even better! With a VIP ticket, you can not only beat lines inside with expressed entry into the festival, but you can also get pit access, giving you the chance to get even closer. Get your Ocean view experience and vip tickets here. 

New this year, is the addition of The Producers Corner, hosted by Protohype. This gives those who are interested in learning bass music production to learn from artists through workshops about mixing, mastering, branding, sound design, and more. You can get a 2 day pass for Saturday and Sunday. 

You will also have the chance to attend free transformational workshops. They are focused around dance, mindfulness, yoga, flow arts, mediations, and much more. Spaces are limited so make sure to check out the 2021 schedule here. Don’t forget to also check out the amusement rides and cirque acts, and art installations. 

Limited tickets remain, so, be sure to grab your tickets soon! This year is definitely not one to miss. With an awesome pre – party, pool parties, and so many different classes and workshops to explore, you are sure to have a great time. Don’t forget the six stages, where you can get your shuffle on and your head banging.

Photos Provided by Imagine

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2019 After Movie

Going Under Construction With Chris Lake And Fisher

If you are an avid listener of house music and love deep bass tracks with the occasional “boots ‘n’ cats” mixed in, you have most definitely heard of Chris Lake and Fisher. These two internationally renowned producers and DJs are well known for their hard-hitting, attention-grabbing sounds. Individually, they have both released various tracks that have accumulated millions of streams each. For example, Chris Lake‘s “Turn Off The Lights” featuring Alexis Roberts and Fisher‘s “Losing It“.

Furthermore, they have traveled the globe headlining their own tours as well as performing at countless other festivals and events. These extremely talented artists have made huge strides on their own, paving the way for so many others in the music industry. However, when they join forces, the outcome is MASSIVE.

A New Day Party In Denver

On Saturday, August 14th, a brand new outdoor event came to life in Denver, Colorado. The event, Under Construction, took place outdoors in the parking lot of the Denver Coliseum. The event title is a clever play on words since the stage was located right beside Interstate 70, which is currently (and almost always) under construction. Fun fact: this stage was previously used as the main stage at Global Dance Festival this past month.

When attendees arrived at the event, parking was available in the other half of the parking lot for a pricey cost of $20 per car. However, parking was right next to the event so no one had to walk very far. As soon as everyone navigated the multiple lines of entry, they entered an industrial set-up that was actually surprisingly big. This day party started at 5:30PM when the sun was still high enough in the sky to put out some serious heat. Thankfully, a free water station was located by the entrance for those with hydro packs or reusable water bottles. Disposable cups were also supplied.

Along the back fence of the venue were a few long bars that served alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Additionally, there were a few vendor booths that had plenty of artist merch for those on the lineup. A food truck park and covered seating areas were located in another corner of the venue. Finally, portable restrooms were located on both far sides of the venue.

A majority of the ticket holders had general admission tickets, but for those that wanted to splurge, elevated VIP viewing areas were available. For larger groups, there were even VIP areas up on stage for a hefty price.

Kicking It Off

First up on the decks was a Denver favorite, Ecotek. This producer and DJ has more of a trance sound to his music and really knows how to work a crowd. He has held multiple residencies at The Church Nightclub in Denver over the years, and has songs with thousands of streams including “Falling 4U“.

Up next was house legend Dombresky. This producer and DJ is originally from France and played a wonderful set as attendees flooded in. By now, the venue felt significantly more full. Upbeat, original tracks of his such as “Simple Hit” echoed off of the surrounding buildings as everyone made their way towards the stage.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Vintage Culture took to the stage as the sky began to darken and clouds rolled in. This Brazilian producer and DJ also has millions of streams on a lot of his tracks. His emotion-filled, lyrical house music was perfect to listen to as the sun went down and it began to rain. It was really grounding to dance in the crowd, feel the cold rain on your skin, look at the beautiful lights and lasers shining from the stage, and hear everyone singing along to his remix of Shouse’s “Love Tonight” with Kiko Franco.

After his set, the stage went dark. There were a ton of lightning clouds seemingly approaching the venue, but the rain had stopped. Attendees were wondering if there was in fact a rain or lightning delay happening. However, it turns out that there was a live marching band making their way through the crowd.

Fisher B2B Chris Lake

Once the marching band finished up, the stage lit up and Chris Lake and Fisher started their set. By this point the venue was packed. It seriously felt like a full-on festival just gauging by the size of the production and the number of people there. The crowd was electric. There were shufflers, people up on others’ shoulders, and everyone was dancing together.

I Want You“, “Dance With Me” with Walker & Royce, and “Turn Off The Lights” were some of Chris Lake‘s popular songs that he played. Fisher played tracks including “Losing It“, his remix of “You Got Me (Burnin’ Up)”, and his brand new release titled “Just Feels Tight“.

When Can We Do It Again?

Overall, Under Construction was an amazing event for various reasons. Everything seemed to run smoothly from both an operations and production perspective. Guests had easy access to water stations, food, and drinks, and there was more than enough room for everyone. Afterwards, the artists shared how much fun they had on social media, so it looked like everyone there enjoyed themselves. The weather even held out for the entire event which was perfect as well.

We hope that there are more of these large festival-scale events held throughout Denver in the future. Just when you think that the Bass Capitol has done it all, it always has some surprises on the way!

Photos By Jesse Haswell

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DJ Snake Brings The House Down At Mission Ballroom

With a looming threat of the pandemic, anybody can have their plans cancelled in just a moment’s notice. In the afternoon before the show, Malaa shared a tweet explaining that he was unable to make it into the country due to certain restrictions that were out of his control. Although concert goers were told at the door that Malaa would not be able to appear for a back to back set with DJ Snake as planned, that didn’t stop the venue from filling up with thousands of people who were starving for house music. A hunger that would soon be satiated over the next four and a half hours.

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GOLDRUSH MUSIC FESTIVAL – The Greatest Party in the Wild West Returns This September 24th-26th

The Long Await

It’s been quite the long wait for avid festival-goers in Arizona anticipating a return to the dance floor at Rawhide Event Center. After a 15-month hiatus of large-scale events, it seemed like Relentless Beats didn’t skip a beat (literally) when they unveiled their upgraded stage production when Chris Lake & Fisher. They debuted their Under Construction live show back on Memorial Day Weekend. Even with that inaugural performance kicking off a series of summer events at Rawhide filled with thrilling pent-up energy and joyous crowds, all of that pales in comparison to what’s about to come this September, and it’s definitely one fans won’t be disappointed with.

For the first time in two years, Goldrush Music Festival will return to Arizona complete with a stacked lineup and state-of-the-art production. This time around though, the festival will run for an entire three days for the first time in the event’s history. If you’re planning to go full throttle the entire weekend, we suggest preparing your body well!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 72085796_2492788940807053_3413161422949974016_n-1-scaled.jpg

Past Years

Goldrush premiered its introductory edition back in 2017, bringing a western-themed festival to the fitting arid Arizona landscape. Since then, the festival has become one of the state’s premier electronic dance music events. Bringing in star-studded lineups every year with artists like Illenium, Marshmello, and RL Grime headlining the bills.

For its 4th annual edition, Relentless is promising to bring the biggest lineup in Goldrush’s history. Through 3 action-packed days filled with some of the nation’s hottest headliners and up-and-coming acts. Expect stage production to be taken up a notch as well, as Rawhide has already begun bringing their summer series shows. Phase 1 lineup announcements will begin Monday, July 12th. Those will continue throughout the week. Definitely turn those post notifications through following their Instagram and other socials to stay updated!

Relentless Beats is also unveiling supplementary travel packages available for festival-goers from town or for those traveling from other parts of the country. For as little as $100 down, these packages come with a festival ticket along with a three-night hotel stay, expedited entry to the fest, three well drinks, and access to the all-new travel saloon. Which is an exclusive experience where fans can kick back at its cooling stations, bars, and private bathrooms.

Three-day passes are currently on sale and are available through Relentless Beats’ site. Now is the chance to not miss out on the biggest lineup and production Goldrush has ever put together. It’ll be a weekend you’ll be thinking and talking about for years to come. Buckle your belts and giddy up!

Photos by Provided by Luis Colato

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Live Music With A Twist: Roller Boogie Night

Since the pandemic started in March of 2020, Colorado’s music scene has adapted and brought together different socially distanced live music experiences for all. Those experiences are ranging from drive-ins to bowling to now roller-skating rinks!

On April 15th, SharedViews Media, and Potent Productions teamed up to bring the first socially distanced and COVID-19 friendly event, Roller Boogie Nights, with MIDIcinal & Pruitt. Guests also saw support from Licious, Joey Trouble, and Benjamin’s Vibe who helped host the event. Taking place at Roller City in Lakewood ,Colorado, this was the first. Besides being 100% sold out, Roller Boogie Nights also brought Denver Kush Club and Denver Distillery together as sponsors. According to one of the creators, Max Rozier quotes, “a large portion of our bar profits are going to The BoredomFighters Foundation.

The Openers

Starting the night off right with funk was Licious. Licious is a freshly new duo project made up of former producers Audiosaur and Entomo, who are based in Colorado. Licious recently dropped their first single “Ant People” last month, and their latest track “Sancho” released on April 15th. With their unique style combination of future bass and house, and two recent singles, Licious was sure to deliver funky beats and sweet Licious sounds.

Continuing with groovy, sweet beats that had everyone boogie-wooging on in the roller rink was MIDIcinal. MIDIcinal brings in electronic, hip-hop, funky, and bass music that is sure to make you jiggle. Vinny Crippen shared the stage with guitar licks alongside the funky tunes from MIDIcinal. MIDIcinal has tons of collaborations coming our way in the future.

Photos By Danni Minniear

As the night progresses on Pruitthit the stage. Pruitt hails from North Carolina but now resides in Denver, Colorado. Pruitt recently had a collaboration with fellow house DJ Sinstar to create “They Movin”. “They Movin” is made up of funky G-House beats. Many know G-house also as Booty House. Booty House is extremely similar to the late 80’s mixture of house and hip hop music. 

Next up Joey Trouble kept the heat with groovy beats of house music. With impressive colored changing lasers hitting the roller rink, attendees were sure to let loose and boogie down to Joey Trouble. Joey Trouble alongside Benjamin’s Vibe finished the night off strong.

Benjamin Vibe was able to sneak in 20-30 minutes on the decks after Joey Trouble. During the night he also helped host before getting in a quick set. Helping conclude the event, his tunes played nicely while guests danced the night away.

Photos By Danni Minniear


Overall, there is no doubt, the first Roller Boogie Night was a success all around. Attendees were sure to have a great time skating and dancing the night away to groovy, funky beats from local artists with bright changing lasers and even a proposal on the roller skate floor. This night was surely one to remember. Make sure to keep your eyes open for the next installment!

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Benjamin’s Vibe

Oreoku’s Big Unicorn Energy Is Here To Stay

Oreoku is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He focuses on genres including trap, house, and dubstep while also bringing insane energy to his music. Throughout this past year, he’s done an impeccable job of keeping his momentum in these ever-changing times.

Party Guru Press recently got the chance to ask Oreoku a few questions via email. We learned about his hard-hitting music, his experiences playing shows in 2020, and what fans can expect from him in the near future.

Introducing: Oreoku

About a year and a half ago, Oreoku dove straight into the producing world. However, he’s had his stage name ready since 2008 when he was in high school. His favorite anime, Naruto, inspired it. His first EP that he worked on was with Broken Inglish, who is also based in Colorado Springs. Previously, he’s used FL Studio to produce his music.

If you haven’t heard one of Oreoku’s slammin’ tracks yet, he suggests that you listen to his latest release titled “Work It!“. This piece starts off with a bright, upbeat melody backed by light vocal chops. Quickly, it transitions into a more energetic track with intersecting rhythms and sounds. Oreoku’s favorite part of this track is the second drop when he adds “the huge bass into it and then it kind of flips into a jersey house mix,” he explained.

The album cover of this track is bright baby blue with a picture of an animated unicorn that is, yes, twerking. This image combined with the sound of the track does an amazing job of capturing what Oreoku calls “big unicorn energy”. He uses this term a lot on social media platforms, so we asked him what it means. “Big unicorn energy is the best energy in the world because it’s magical! The meaning of big unicorn energy to me is that moment at a show where you lose all control and the music just completely takes you,” said Oreoku.

Family Matters

Family has always been a key factor for Oreoku. In fact, it is what keeps him so motivated and driven. “Early last year, me and my wife found out that our daughter has cancer and knowing that has pushed me to work even harder to make things better for her for her future,” Oreoku said.

In addition to this major life change that he and his family had to adjust to, he’s also had to slightly change his career path. Before COVID-19 hit, he was able to support himself and his family by playing shows and selling merch. Now, he has to work a supplemental day job.

We asked Oreoku what his typical day-in-the-life looks like. He said, “I usually just wake up, go to work, home by 2:00, spend some time with the wife and kid until she goes to work, and then work on music while she’s working.” This definitely sounds like a juggling act, but so far Oreoku has done a great job at balancing everything.

Maintaining Momentum in 2020

In the early stages of COVID-19, lockdowns, closures, and travel restrictions were mandated almost everywhere. All venues had to temporarily close and there weren’t any alternative methods to live shows yet except for live streams. Oreoku played plenty of shows on Facebook Live and other platforms, but he missed feeling the rush of being in front of a crowd.

When he finally got to play at drive-in shows and venues again, he was elated. He elaborated by saying, “the in-person events and the drive-in events were amazing! Just feeling the energy of the crowd again was something different. Like I went so long with just playing on Facebook Live and other virtual shows that I almost forgot what it felt like to perform in front of a crowd again.”

This past year, Oreoku played at various locations in Colorado. Additionally, he was able to travel to other states including Florida to bless them with big unicorn energy IRL. The most recent show that Oreoku played was at Your Mom’s House in Denver, Colorado. This show was a fundraiser for the Black Lives Matter movement. “The rappers that performed had an amazing message and all of them had amazing performances,” Oreoku shared.

Coming Up

Fans of Oreoku can expect quite a lot from this up and coming house, trap, and dubstep artist. Regarding music, he has an EP scheduled to be released next month. After that, a bunch more music is on the way. Oreoku said, “my plan for this year is to drop at least one song each month.” By the end of the year, he hopes to have an entire album.

Colorado and the rest of the country will have multiple opportunities to experience the big unicorn energy of Oreoku in person this year. “Colorado will for sure see me play a lot more here in 2021. As far as the rest of the country, I’ll be playing in Florida quite a bit this year and there’s a possibility that I might get booked for Michigan this summer,” Oreoku explained. This year, he also hopes to play a Dapper Promotions show at Sunshine Studios if everything opens up again to allow for that.

For those that want to rep Oreoku, he currently has items like hats, hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, and masks available for purchase. This year, he is going to re-launch his tank tops and is hopeful that those will be successful as well. In order to get your hands on some of these sweet items, send Oreoku a message on his Facebook.


To any of our readers that love high energy music like trap, jersey house, dubstep, and more, we highly suggest that you check out Oreoku. This Colorado local has been killing the game both here and around the country.

Considering that he’s only been producing for a year and a half, he’s been able to make a solid mark on the music industry. Last year, he was able to stay active in the scene, and he’s not stopping in 2021. Be on the lookout for new music, merch, and show announcements!

We asked Oreoku for words of advice or a motto for everyone to remember going into 2021. He said, “don’t get discouraged when you can’t figure something out musically the first time. Stay consistent and eventually, things will click.” He also wanted to thank his wife. “I would just like to give a shout out to my beautiful wife Lauryn. If it wasn’t for her I would have never even started this career,” Oreoku exclaimed.

To wrap up the interview, we asked Oreoku if he would consider himself a Party Guru. To this, he said “HELLS YEAH!!!!”

Photos by Patrik Essy

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Hang up and hang out with Lane 8 at The Mission Ballroom

Not a cell phone in sight, just people living in the moment.

This phrase has made its way into today’s culture through memes. It serves as a reminder of simpler times when people could go out, connect with the people around them, and forget about the outside world for a few hours. Lane 8 instilled this as the core idea of his shows in 2016 when he announced his first This Never Happened tour. The concept is simple, put your phone away for a few hours, and be here in the moment. A message explaining the concept and what it aims to accomplish can be found on the This Never Happened website.

Lane 8 illustrates his motivation for the concept by stating: “I think our society needs clubbing experiences where they go home with more than just a picture to post on Instagram. That’s why I’m starting This Never Happened – I want to create that experience for people. At This Never Happened, we invite you into space where the only thing that matters are the people in that room, the music and the magic that happens when those things interact. An event where the dancefloor will be a phone and photo-free space.” In order to ensure this experience is possible, a special tape is placed over the cameras of each attendee’s cell phone. 

Brightest Lights

Lane 8’s third studio album “Brightest Lights” was released on January 10th, 2020. The project is one of the most cohesive and well flowing house albums you will find in recent memory. Alongside the album came a tour announcement which not so surprisingly included a stop at The Mission Ballroom in Lane 8’s current place of residency, Denver.  Each stop of the tour kicks off with a meet and greet with Lane 8.

Le Youth provided main support on the Denver stop of the tour. Le Youth signed to the This Never Happened label in late 2019 with the release of his Aquiver EP. His set got the crowd moving drawing inspiration from the sounds of 90’s house music and R&B.

Lane 8‘s past record of playing longer sets is upheld on, The Brightest Lights tour. Each stop includes an almost three-hour set. The cohesion and carefully selected tracks of the set almost make the show seem as if it’s one non-stop developing track. Highlights of the set included two singles off his recent release “Road” and “Just”. as well as the title track. Also included in the set was his magnificent remix of Virtual Self’s “Ghost Voices”. The Remix takes one of the biggest hits in the electronic scene of 2018 and reimagines it into a beautifully hitting melodic house track.


The Brightest Lights tour delivered on its promise to be a break from reality. A much-needed break from the technology we are so accustomed to. I can not speak highly enough of the idea to remove phones from the evening. I would love to see more artists hold events of a similar nature.

Interview: We get to know House artist Wax Motif

Danny Chein, musically known as Wax Motif is a house artist hailing from Australia that has made an incredible impact on electronic music. Wax Motif made his way to Temple Denver this month and showed Colorado the true spirit of house music. During the show, he showcased his stylistic contributions to the genre; specifically G-house.

From Down Under to Denver

He built his fame in the house world through collaboration with renowned artists including Destructo and GTA (now Good Times Ahead). He has also performed at major festivals, such as EDC. Fortunately enough, Party Guru Press got the opportunity to talk with him to gain some insight into his professional life. Read below to catch what Wax Motif had to say about Denver and beyond:

Party Guru: You’re known for your upbeat house music productions. Do you listen to other genres of EDM you don’t usually mix, like dubstep?

Wax Motif: Yeah, I like listening to everything really, a good song is a good song. I gotta admit I don’t listen to a lot of heavy dubstep though.

Is there a certain vibe that Denver gives off when you come for a show that’s unlike other cities?

Yeah, when it snows the atmosphere outside is really peaceful.

What’s an aspect of being a house artist that you enjoy the most?

Long mixes.

Is there a certain event that has happened in your past that you see as a major cause of your successes today?

Moving to America opened up a lot of opportunities for me, so that was a defining moment.

You’re known for your contributions to the G-House or Ghetto House movement, what is it about this genre that makes it so special to you?

Combining rap and house, what’s not to love!

You’ve been releasing a multitude of singles throughout 2019, can we expect an EP or album soon?


What artist have you had the most fun collaborating with thus far? What do they bring to the table?

GTA is always fun cos they bring that wild latino vibes.

How have you seen your artistry change as you’ve gone from amateur to expert?

I think just being more confident in my work.

Anything you would like to tell your fan-base right now?

Waxgang 4 life.

Wax Motif moved on from his Denver stop and is now set to perform at other major cities in Canada, as well as various stops in the US – from Philadelphia to Houston. Unfortunately, he may not be coming back to Colorado for a few months, but there are various ways to listen to his individualistic style without having to leave your bedroom.

What Next?

Wax Motif is the curator of House of Wax Radio, which showcases on Sirius XM, and has a new single “Skank N Flex” with Taiki Nulight and Scrufizzer. Although Denver may not be a house music mecca, Wax Motif was able to make that seem like a reality, even if it was only for one night. The next time Wax Motif makes an appearance, the locals will need to make sure to get ready for a house party like no other.

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