Powabunga Festival Makes Its Magnificent Return To Vail This December

Presenting: Powabunga

Winter in Colorado is absolutely breathtaking. Whether you call this state your home or make it a point to visit during the winter months, there is something to be said about spending time surrounded by the beautiful snowcapped mountain ranges. Nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains lies a small town called Vail, Colorado. This internationally-renowned winter destination is extremely popular for skiers and riders, as well as anyone looking to step away from everyday life and simply relax.

This December, one of Colorado’s newest music festivals is making its magnificent return to Vail. Powabunga Festival is set to take place from Thursday, December 9th to Sunday, December 12th. This festival will include “four epic days and nights of live music and mountain activities“. Powabunga will be held outdoors at Ford Park, with official after-parties at various locations.

The Powabunga Experience

Spring of 2019 marked the first time that Powabunga transpired in Colorful Colorado. After the event’s massive success, the festival was supposed to take place in two locations in the spring of 2020: Vail, CO, and Lake Tahoe, NV. Unfortunately, Powabunga had to be canceled due to COVID-19.

This year, the festival is back and better than ever. The insane lineup features headliners Rüfüs Du Sol and Bob Moses. In addition, attendees can look forward to seeing Vintage Culture, Elderbrook, Channel Tres, LP Giobbi, and more. View the full lineup below!

So far, the event’s schedule is as follows. The Welcome Party will take place on Thursday before the official festival and after-parties on Friday and Saturday. Finally, Bottomless Bunga Brunch closes out the weekend on Sunday. If the event aligns with 2019, attendees can expect to see various food, drink, and craft vendors as well as art installations at the festival. Additionally, heat lamps and seating areas will be available in the VIP section.

Discover Vail, one ofPowabunga‘s official sponsors, has facilitated putting together a guide for those who plan on attending. Click here for more information on skiing and riding, après functions, dining and nightlife, and shopping. For those coming from out of town, travel accommodations for the event can be viewed here. It’s totally possible (and easy!) to get to and from your chosen Vail Resort hotel and your local airport of choice.

Secure Your Tickets

Currently, the only ticket still available for sale is the general admission weekend pass. Which provides the ticketholder access to the venue for the two festival days, December 10th and 11th. For those that scored a VIP ticket before they sold out, a bunch of extra perks is added. This includes a premium viewing area with heaters, passed hors d’oeuvers, a VIP tent with a private bar, and heated bathroom trailers.

Thinking you’ll decide to send it with your squad? Click here for tickets!

Let’s Boogie

Powabunga Festival will be here before we know it! Grab those beanies and oversized winter jackets. Lace-up your dancing (snow)boots, and start hydrating now. Secure your tickets and travel plans, and let’s get ready to boogie.

Here are a few pro-tips before you make your way to Vail:

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, especially if you are not used to the altitude. Water is important, and it will be for sale in the venue throughout the weekend. You can always boost your hydration with electrolytes!
  2. Bring extra layers. The weather will change significantly when the sun goes down, and it’s better to have extra clothes for when the temperature drops. Also, handwarmers are always great to have.
  3. Bring hearing protection. Outdoor venues are still loud, and we’ve heard that Powabunga has a bangin’ sound system.
  4. Designate a sober driver for the night, use the town’s bus service, or rideshare! Safety first, ladies and gents.
  5. Always be kind, considerate, and respectful!

We’ll see you in Vail!

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Pump Up The Volume With These New Electronic Music Releases

This summer has been extremely different when comparing it to those of past years. For those in the music community, it has seemed almost desolate at times without the presence of live music, shows, and festivals. However, this change of pace has allowed many producers time to finally hunker down in the studio and get creative.

For instance, this past week was an incredible week for electronic music. Artists of all subgenres released long-awaited singles, EPs, and albums. If you’re a fan of electronic music, keep scrolling to view a list of last week’s fresh releases.

Illenium: “Nightlight” featuring Annika Wells

Illenium‘s most recent single is titled “Nightlight” and features vocals from Annika Wells. This is not the first time that these two have worked together on a song. Remember “Crawl Outta Love“?

This is Illenium‘s first release with 12Tone Music Group. The beautiful melodic sounds from Illenium pair perfectly with Annika Wells‘ soft, breathy vocals to make for a truly enchanting love song. As a matter of fact, many listeners and fans have noted the resemblance between this song and his first major album, Ashes. Seeing as this track is the precursor to his upcoming fourth studio album, we can’t help but be excited.

Listen to “Nightlight” featuring Annika Wells here!

Porter Robinson: “Mirror”

Porter Robinson is a spectacular world-class electronic music producer. His debut album, Worlds, was released in the year 2014. Since then, he’s put out a collection of singles and EPs. In addition, he also works on another project under the name Virtual Self.

Mirror” is a single from his upcoming album, Nurture. According to Porter, this alluring track is “a song about the costs of being hard on yourself” and self-reflection. To clarify, “it can be really liberating to recognize that most of the time, we’re only letting our own thoughts get in the way, and we can do something about it.”

Listen to “Mirror” here!

Disclosure: ENERGY


It’s been five long years since the Lawrence brothers, known as Disclosure, have released an album. And, boy, was it worth the wait. ENERGY is their third studio album. It is composed of 20 songs with a few short interludes mixed in.

Furthermore, this deluxe album incorporates a slew of collaborations. Channel Tres and Kehlani are just a few of the artists that Disclosure got to work with. Even more so, this versatile album features a lot of different sounds including tropical house and R&B. Moreover, intricate percussion is constant throughout as this album proves the diversity of Disclosure‘s sound.

Listen to ENERGY here!

Lane 8 & Friends: Cross Pollination

Lane 8 has become widely known for his peaceful trance music that utterly enchants listeners. For the past seven years, his music has been released via the British record label, Anjunabeats. Additionally, he also has his own label, This Never Happened.

This past week, Lane 8 graced listeners with a mini-album packed with seven different collaborations titled Cross Pollination. His track with Massane, “And We Knew It Was Our Time“, is brand new. In contrast, other tracks have already been out for various amounts of time. Artists that appear on this album include Kasablanca, Yotto, and a handful of others. This album is definitely easy-listening as a result of the repeating elements of soft percussion and piano. On the other hand, “Out Of Sight” with Hexlogic provides a darker feeling track to listen to.

Listen to Cross Pollination here!

Bob Moses: Desire

Bob Moses‘ album Desire is stunningly dark and seductive. The album’s concept came to life after the duo worked with ZHU on the title track, “Desire“. Each track focuses on a different element of the idea of desire when it comes to the lyrics.

This underground masterpiece is designed to be listened to in order from start to finish. According to Bob Moses, the album flows from one song to the next. For example, the feel of a true DJ set was used as inspiration for the album structure. Each song blends together perfectly with the next one and there is no silence between songs. Unsurprisingly, thirty-nine minutes breeze by while listening since this feels like a live mix.

Listen to Desire here!

DVBBS: Nothing To See Here

DVBBS, pronounced “dubs”, is a Canadian electronic music duo that has been releasing music since the year 2012. Their music centers around both big room house and dance-pop genres.

This album contains the perfect mix of high energy vocal-filled tracks, lower tempo R&B sounding tracks, and even some bass-heavy tracks. Additionally, collaborations include BRIDGE, Saro, and more. In short, DVBBS‘ album is absolutely perfect to listen to as summer comes to an end.

Listen to Nothing To See Here here!

Oliver Heldens: “Break This Habit” featuring Kiko Bun

Oliver Heldens is a producer and DJ from the Netherlands who spreads “good vibes & addictive funky beats”. This is a perfect description of his music and sound. That is to say, practically every track will get listeners out of their seats and moving.

During a music writing trip to Ibiza in 2018, Oliver Heldens and Kiko Bun worked together on this upbeat, dance-worthy track. Oliver Heldens states that the uplifting Latin-house sound of the song contrasts nicely with the more serious lyrics. Specifically, the song focuses “around struggling with certain habits and balancing the good with the bad”. This song is in partnership with Payback Records to raise money for those facing addiction issues as well as families affected by COVID-19.

Listen to “Break This Habit” here!


Finally! Electronic duo We Are Fury has released their debut studio album via Seeking Blue Records. This fifteen-track album is the result of about two years in the studio.

We Are Fury made a post on their Facebook explaining their graciousness for the completion of the album. “Releasing an album was something we always wanted to do…thank you for letting us grow as people and artists, thank you for letting our music be attached to memories and moments in your lives.” Surely, the vocal-filled melodies, bass-filled dubstep, and big-room synths make this a very multifaceted album. Overall, this album is great for listeners of many genres.

Listen to DUALITY here!

Blanke: “Alchemy”


Blanke, pronounced “blank”, is an electronic producer and DJ from Australia. Blanke doesn’t focus on just one genre when creating music. In fact, he has melodic, dubstep, and drum-and-bass tracks to his name.

Alchemy” is the second single that he’s released from his upcoming EP Change & Decay: The Fall. Specifically, this EP will consist of six tracks and will be under the Deadbeats record label. Synths, catchy vocal chops, high tempo percussion, and a piano outro are all elements of “Alchemy”. In conclusion, if you’re a fan of melodic music or drum-and-bass, we definitely think this track deserves a listen.

Listen to “Alchemy” here!

GRAVEDGR: “CAME FROM HELL” featuring Hekler and Natalie 2V

GRAVEDGR, Hekler, and Natalie 2V came together for this massively heavy track. The insanely high energy banger was released via Heavyweight Records. “CAME FROM HELL” is one of the few singles that followed his album 6 FEET UNDER, released earlier this year.

This track is four minutes of pure madness. Starting off slower with slightly distorted vocals, percussion and low synths slowly build-up to the chorus. After that, the tempo increases to a loud drop complete with drum-and-bass elements. Later on in the song, the second drop is even more intense as the same sounds from before become gnarled and choppy.

Listen to “CAME FROM HELL” here!


The summer hiatus that artists have been forced to take from touring has resulted in some unbelievable releases. Consequently, new music has been produced left and right throughout the summer. It’s clear that producers have taken time to brainstorm new techniques and sounds. Even more so, they’ve been able to focus on refining their sound.

This past week alone, countless different artists debuted new music. However, there is so much more to be discovered! If any of these tracks above peaked your interest, click the links underneath the reviews. Then, choose your prefered listening method.

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