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You’re Invited to 128 Productions’ Family Dinner at Larimer Lounge!

You’re Invited to 128 Productions’ Family Dinner at Larimer Lounge!

Kierstin Rounsefell

October 2nd, 2020

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We Are 128

128 is a production company currently based in Denver, Colorado. It was created in 2017 by Alex Padgett in Boulder, Colorado. In 2018, it was moved to Denver when he met Rob West. Later on, they joined forces with Brent Steinhaus and Wesley Padgett to form a strong group of dedicated, house music lovers. These gentlemen are all pictured above.

Recently, Party Guru Productions got the chance to chat with two of the 128 owners, Alex Padgett and Rob West. Both Alex and Rob have been involved in the music industry long before 128.

While living in Boulder, Alex was a self-proclaimed “club rat” and would always spend the weekends going out in Denver. He also helped out a company called Angry Neighbor that threw shows at the Boulder House located on Pearl Street. His first professional opportunity in the music industry came with the grand opening of Temple Denver, and he’s been working there for the past three years.

Rob has been surrounded by music for as long as he can remember, from being involved in school productions when he was young to pursuing a full-time career in music in 2017. That fall, he happened to stumble upon Techno Taco Tequila Tuesday’s at Tennyson’s Tap in Denver. He’s also been a member of TheHundred for a few years. After starting to play shows under his own project, RC3, he gained recognition from Chris Grant who is a former general manager of Temple Denver and started playing shows there. Shortly thereafter, he joined 128.

“We Throw Vibes”

When 128 first started, Alex and Rob were paying out-of-pocket to put together innovative events with proper production that aligned with their vision. Alex said that when attending shows, “the attention to detail in the production” was what stuck out to him. This worked well with Rob’s goals too. Rob stated “that complete sensory overload is what we really love and strive to provide for our shows”.

128 goes all out when they throw their own events. “All of our curated shows are themed, we create movie trailers for them (that fits the theme), we have actors running around the grounds, we partner with the best audio/visual companies (at least for our needs) in town, and we try to make our guests forget about life for a bit!”, said Rob.

Since the start of 128, the production company has thrown events at Temple Denver, Bar Standard, Cultivated Synergy, and Larimer Lounge. Artists on previous lineups have included the likes of Kyle Kinch, Dustycloud, and their very own RC3 (Rob West). They’ve even cultivated their own signature events such as Elsewhere.

A Quiet Summer

Back in March, 128 had to halt their events along with every other venue and production company due to COVID-19 restrictions. Alex explained that “we didn’t want to rush back into things because we didn’t feel comfortable throwing events where we couldn’t ensure peoples safety.” However, they remained active on their social media accounts during their downtime and kept providing fresh material for their followers.

For example, they featured numerous artists on their Instagram with the hashtag #128ArtistSpotlight. Furthermore, they took to their SoundCloud to post new mixes and tracks, or “quarantunes”.

As the year progressed, various restrictions had been lessened. Scott Campbell, the owner of Larimer Lounge, ended up reaching out to 128 in July. He had been working closely with 128 for the past year and was interested in putting together some safe, socially distanced shows at the iconic venue. The goal was to create a safe space where people can come together again to enjoy music, food, and drinks.

Family Dinner

128 was able to come back swinging by producing beautifully unique outdoor events called Family Dinner. These events take place outside of Larimer Lounge in the River North Art District (RiNo) of Denver. According to their Facebook event page, Family Dinner consists of “throwing some BBQ in the smoker, listening to some house music, having a few cold beers, and enjoying the beautiful CO weather with our friends”.

Rob described how they’ve successfully been able to get the 128 family (fans and friends) back together. Furthermore, they’ve gotten attention from “people that don’t have the slightest clue what 128 is, or know anyone involved. They just felt the vibes!”

The first event took place on August 23rd of this year and was 128’s first event since March. This socially distanced event is definitely exclusive and only has room for a select amount of people. Guests are seated with their groups at their own tables outdoors. Music is provided by both the 128 residents as well as a handful of other notable house music artists. Additionally, BBQ is provided by Denver’s own Globe Hall.

Coming Home

Being able to ultimately throw shows again after such a long period of time on hold has felt amazing for 128. “It feels like coming home,” said both Alex and Rob. “After having to take a break during the pandemic, I think we can all say how much we miss going out and being apart of this loving and caring community we have in the Denver music scene,” Alex emphasized.

Alex and Rob have also enjoyed the response that they’ve gotten from the Denver community as well as their loyal fans. “Every person that has attended our event is so thankful that we are attempting to keep the scene going in some form,” Alex expressed. Getting to see both national and resident DJs get back behind the decks has also been immensely rewarding. Rob mentioned how hard their resident DJs have been working during the shut down, and he’s happy to see that work being rewarded.

Making Moves

On Sunday, September 27th, Family Dinner had their first national talent booking with beats by Cazztek. Denver’s sweetheart, J|Adore, and 128 resident DJ Josh Fedz also hit the decks to set the mood for the vibe-filled evening.

If you haven’t been to Family Dinner yet, you’re in for a real treat. First and foremost, all guests in attendance won’t have to worry about safety concerns. Both the 128 team and Larimer Lounge have made sure that all safety requirements are being followed to the highest standard. Alex clarifies that they “have worked extensively with Larimer Lounge staff to ensure that event goers can enjoy an intimate live music experience while also following the guidelines provided by the city of Denver.”

Rob illustrated a superb picture of what attending the events is like. “Guests can expect great music, some added production, and an amazing atmosphere.” He also compared Family Dinner to “a tiny light in a dark world…sometimes all it takes is a little positivity to change the world!”

Coming Up…

Events are currently scheduled weekly until mid-October. Of course, plenty of 128 resident DJs will be performing during various Family Dinner events. That being said, 128 is also excited to bring back some artists that have played for them before.

On October 4th, NuKid is headlining the event. According to Rob, he’s not only a great producer and DJ but also a great guy. Support will be by Rob himself as RC3, and Alana English, who is a new resident DJ for 128.

October 11th will mark the return of Dustycloud to a 128 event. He’s played at varied events for them before, and has become an inspiration for the entire team. Phatjazz, a long-time 128 resident DJ, will provide support along with an extremely talented Denver local, James Grebb.

Finally, one of 128’s newest resident DJs will headline Family Dinner on October 18th. Vexx “is an amazing new talent who is one of the most genuine souls you’ll ever find”, says Rob. 128’s co-founder, Wesley, will act as support for the event under the name Wessyde. Additionally, 128’s marketing manager, Aaron Polster, will also provide some tunes via his alias Vitamin P.

The Future Is Bright

128 is doing an outstanding job of adapting to the current global pandemic. Moreover, they are proving that it is possible to keep the Denver music scene strong by throwing safe, socially distanced outdoor events and following all health protocols. In a time like now, being able to help maintain a sense of community is extremely important.

Family Dinner truly is a great event that can continue to take place with the current safety restrictions that Denver has in place. This event series thrives on family, music, food, and the outdoors. This means that Family Dinners will have to come to an end as the seasons change  and the temperature drops.

Have no fear, though, because Alex informed Party Guru Productions that he and Rob “are constantly brainstorming for the winter months and will have some exciting news soon”. “We have some tricks up our sleeves for sure,” Rob pointed out.

As for 128 itself, they have just launched a new website, merch line, and bi-weekly Spotify playlist. Merchandise items up for grabs include T-shirts, hats, outerwear, and accessories like backpacks and phone cases. Moreover, Alex and Rob have been in and out of meetings in order to keep their vision going. As time goes, keep an eye out for some surprises from 128!

A Moment of Thanks

“This would not be possible without Aaron Polster and our marketing manager Sam Beranek.”

Alex Padgett

“We would just like to thank the entire staff of 128: Wesley Padgett, Brent Steinhouse, Sam Beranek, Aaron Polster, and all of our DJ’s. They’ve all put in so much work and we are so grateful for them. Also to Scott for giving us a platform to create, to our production partners for always coming with great ideas and working their asses off. Most importantly, we want to thank our 128 family that are always supporting us. If you come to a 128 show, you are our family, and we love you!”

Rob West


Photos by Jesse Haswell

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