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Your Next Favorite Band: Tnertle Funks Up Cervantes Ballroom

Your Next Favorite Band: Tnertle Funks Up Cervantes Ballroom

Justin Long

January 14th, 2020

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About the Band

Tnertle is an eight piece Electro-Funk and Hip-Hop group based out of Denver. The band was formed by childhood friends Trent and Kyle who both attended Berklee College of Music. Shortly after graduation, the band was officially debuted. Since the formation in 2012, Tnertle has evolved into a bigger beast with a full horn line, rapper, and more. They are building momentum nationally and their hometown shows are a rowdy spectacle that simply can’t be missed. The show at Cervantes last Friday was no exception. The night was strong from start to finish with refreshing opening sets from Telemetry and Melody Lines.

The Show

Tnertle’s set was a serendipitous Funk-athon with captivating dynamics and theatrics. Their rock-solid rhythm section lead by Trent Campbell delivered a powerful foundation. Meanwhile, the upper registers were occupied by irresistibly catchy horn melodies. 

Often, instrumental bands lack the delivery that lyrical content provides, but Tnertle never seemed to lose the audience’s attention. Consequently, their funky melodies are uniquely memorable. For instance, as soon as my attention showed any sign of fading, Ray Salzar would pop on stage and throw down high energy bars and jolt me back into the groove. The band’s groove was always in the pocket and the crowd was getting down as a whole. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the band who dominated the stage with a squadron of charismatic heavy-hitters. In addition, their costumes embodied the vibe. Trent was wearing a headband and goggles in true ninja turtle fashion. And the rest were dressed in flashy and distinguishably unique apparel. 

Organizing and writing as a normal band is not an easy task. However, Tnertle adds in electric cello, a full horn line and electronic tracks on top of that. Despite being a massive band with so many moving parts, they are able to maintain a clean, cohesive sound. Clearly, all of the members have incredible listening skills and a dedication to the overall sound. In addition, the band refrains from prolonged jams helping them steer clear of the jam band enigma that turns away many mainstream listeners. For Tnertle, it’s all about the groove. They produce seamless, funky, Hip-Hop beats that make for a crunk-d up and electrifying dance party.


Overall, Tnertle has found their niche in a thriving music scene. Furthermore, the mixture of EDM, Funk, and Hip-Hop proved to be the perfect recipe to keep Cervantes’ busy late into the night. Regardless, if you are looking to just dance or enjoy virtuosic musicianship, a Tnertle show offers it all. Undoubtedly, Tnertle will remain relevant for years to come.

Article by Justin Long | Photos by Patrik Essy

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