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Young Thug Takes the Fillmore Auditorium

Young Thug Takes the Fillmore Auditorium


November 10th, 2019

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Love him or hate him, there is no denying Jeffery “Young Thug” Williams is one of the most talked about and celebrated figures in the modern-day Hip-Hop scene. The rapper brought an unforgettable performance to the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver this past weekend. The show was part of LiveNation’s rendition of his North American Fall Tour. Born in a small and violent town in Atlanta, Georgia (the same town yielding rappers Waka Flocka Flame, 2 Chainz, and Ludacris amongst other large names), Young Thug often raps about his upbringing, his past and own struggles. And, he is not shy when it comes to opening up and relating to his fans in his lyricism.

The 28-year-old rapper has acquired a massive following in par with his winning streak of hits over the past six years. He has paved his way in today’s Rap scene as a true iconoclast, fashion mogul, and overall fascinating character. Young Thug is a Grammy Award-winning artist with several of his features even hitting the Billboard Charts. His track “The London” featuring J. Cole and Travis Scott, from his new album titled So Much Fun, peaked at number 12 on the Billboard charts this year.

With his seemingly violent demeanor and sometimes unintelligible (but insanely unique) lyricism, Young Thug presents himself oppositely on stage. The performance was nothing short of an expectedly great time. The entire arena was shouting his lyrics, throwing out song names of which track they hoped he’d play next. Ultimately, he gave an insanely engaging energy from start to finish. Dressed in a bright rainbow jacket and feminine clothing (he’s often seen wearing women’s UGG boots) he performed hit after hit track on stage.

Opening Acts

The Fillmore was the perfect venue to host a sea full of Rap music lovers. The show’s openers, Killy and Flipp Dinero, crushed it with sets of their own. They both got the crowd on their feet and ready to move to the iconic beats of Young Thug. Killy showcased bright, multi-colored visuals as he played his original tunes for his fans; one of his most popular tunes “No Sad No Bad” had the arena jamming out to the up-and-coming rapper. Flipp Dinero was next. The crowd was eagerly awaiting his hit single “Leave Me Alone,” which was certified Gold on November 3, 2018, and hit Platinum on December 27. The beat is catchy, the lyrics and live vocals from the performer were on point. The curated lineup was perfect before Young Thug’s arrival.

Young Thug Captivates

Lastly Young Thug’s set came on and a crowd full of music lovers fell silent, eager for his performance. The songs chosen in his set seemed perfectly structed and almost formulaic. As such, he seemed to flow perfectly as the more mellow tracks were placed in the beginning of the set (such as “Relationship”); his most notorious hype songs (such as “Best Friend” and “Hot” with Rap legend Gunna) were played more towards the end.

The entire night was overall an incredibly refreshing musical experience for Denver’s Hip-Hop and Rap scene which can sometimes become overseen by the large Bass music community here.  Young Thug made sure to bring the heat to one of Denver’s most beloved venues. Until next time, Denver will eagerly await the return of the infamous Thugger.

Photos by Luis Morales-Castro

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