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You got BASSTed

You got BASSTed

Brandon Carrick- Brown

December 4th, 2019

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Yosef Asaf Borgore, musically known as Borgore, took on the headlining duties at BASSTed at the Fillmore on November 29, 2019 with co-headliner John Dadzie, also know as 12th Planet. In the Dubstep world, these two artists are the main reason why Dubstep is where it’s at today. Both of these artists have been grinding out music for over a decade. Borgore is an Electronic Dubstep artist from Israel who also sings, writes music, raps, and is very talented across the board. 12th Planet originates from Los Angeles, based in the Dubstep and Drum and Bass genres.


The Generals

Borgore moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to take his music to another level. He was a drummer in a Deathcore band in Shabira beforehand. In 2012, he released his first single called “Decisions” featuring Miley Cyrus. This song is really what set him up for larger success. 12th Planet is a native of South Los Angeles and was big into Drum and Bass under the alias Infiltrata. At one point in 2006 he decided he wanted to make Dubstep. This is when he changed his name to 12th Planet, from Zecharia Sitchin’s book, 12th Planet. This was a major changing point in his music career. Moving from Drum and Bass to a very new genre of music is always challenging. By being the first Electronic artist to bring Dubstep to America, most call him the “General of the Riddim Gang”.

Let the Night Begin

Starting off the night with Strange Tamer and Mother Lotus was a great way to begin BASSTed. They both brought some dirty Dubstep and Downtempo vibes to the early crowd, which ultimately gave BloodThinnerz the perfect set up. These two wildlings bring some of the heaviest Dubstep and Riddim you have ever seen. The transition from Heavy Metal to this style of music was very smooth. The end goal for every track was to result in bloody, savage, hard hitting basslines to make you go wild.

The Underground

Yookie B2B G-Rex

Furthermore, the transition to Tisoki was set up perfectly. From the UK, he is known for his Bass anthems and different styles. He brings the heavy, but can also bring the melody powered beats. Following, G-Rex b2b Yookie changed the whole energy of BASSTed right off the bat. The crowd was electric beginning to end. Yookie, brothers from New York, and G-Rex, from Detroit, have been on the up. G-Rex came out of his shell in 2018 with his release “Babatune” as a collaboration with Peekaboo.

The Right Phase


PhaseOne began to emerge onto the scene in 2013, but didn’t break out until 2018 by bringing Heavy Metal basslines mixed with Heavy Bass to the decks. First releasing two EPs on Firepower Records and then signing with Disciple Records in 2017. He released three more EPs while involved with one of the best record labels in the game for Heavy Dubstep and Riddim. In 2018, he got over the hump and wrote a magical project mixed with Heavy Metal, Punk and Rock roots that caught the eyes of many fans by forming his own unique style of music.

The Planet of the Opera

12th Planet

Furthermore, it is well known that 12th Planet is one of the most respected artists there is in the Electronic Music scene. He created the original SMOG events and traveled from event to event throughout the United States which rapidly grew his new identity, thus multiplying his fan base. 12th Planet, as co-headliner of BASSTed, came onto stage and the energy was very high as the crowd went crazy. His wild dance moves on the decks transcended to the crowd in a way that’s unexplainable. Every single soul in the venue was taken over by one of the best Dubstep artists to ever step foot on stage.

The New Gore Order


Next, Borgore had to follow a very stacked lineup. With ease, he came in pumping the bass, and vibrating fans in the air when they jumped. The bass he brought changed the game of the evening. Many say he ruined Dubstep; in fact he did and may have shattered glass from the bass. The minds of many were also shattered from the wild visuals, that were not only unique but rare. Being an iconic festival headliner, having him come right at you in a small, intimate venue was beyond incredible. As one of the first ambassadors of Dubstep, many thought it was a great honor to experience him and MOONBOY on the same stage.


In the end, BASSTed was magical. The talent on stage was amazing, and the perfect celebration of Reload Productions’ 20 years of crushing the Denver Dubstep and Drum and Bass scene. Taking a look around the whole incredible venue, seeing all the fans and staff dance to every bassline, is why these events are curated. The Bass capital really showed out where there were so many other events they could go to. The city of Denver wants to thank Live Nation and Reload Productions for one of the heaviest events to date.

Photos by Simon Quince

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