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Yonder Mountain String Band’s Annual Hometown Throwdown

Yonder Mountain String Band’s Annual Hometown Throwdown


January 2nd, 2020

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This year, Boulder’s Fox Theatre saw the return of Yonder Mountain String Band’s annual New Year’s hometown showdown. The Nederland band played a high energy Bluegrass set followed by a rocking Electric set covering the album Animals by Pink Floyd in its entirety.

While the progressive Bluegrass band typically returns to the Boulder Theater each year for their New Year’s run, they instead brought the party to the Fox Theatre. The Fox allowed for a more intimate experience for their most devoted fans who are also known as Kinfolk. The Kinfolk were blessed with two nights in Boulder before the band went to Breckenridge for a night at the Riverwalk Center. After that, they end with a New Year’s celebration at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen. This NYE run will be the last string of shows for their mandolin player, Jacob Jolliff, as he ventures off to form his own band. Multi-instrumentalist Nick Piccininni will be taking his place in 2020.

New Year, New Band Member

Yonder Mountain String Band got the crowd grooving with their first set. It was high in energy and full of killer solos and wonderful singing by every member. Ben Kaufmann centered the band on the stand up bass, Dave Johnston on banjo, Adam Aijala on guitar, Jake Jolliff on mandolin and Allie Kral on fiddle. After a short set break, Yonder brought out a drummer and keyboardist to join them on an electric Pink Floyd set. The cover of the whole Animals album brought the crowd a sense of nostalgia.

As 2019 ends, we are excited for what Yonder Mountain String Band has in store for us with the newest band member. We, as well as the rest of Colorado, look forward to their hometown Colorado New Year’s run every year.

Photos and Words By Julien Deroeux

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