Energy from Global Dance Festival was still running high on Saturday night. Fans lined up around the block of Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom to see Yheti and Of The Trees perform back-to-back. Yheti and Of The Trees are household names in Denver’s underground bass scene. Their freeform and boundary-pushing style of music perfectly complements the energy that thrives in this culture. So, when Cervantes opened up both sides of the venue to host this Global afterparty, it completely sold out. 

Several artists from Global Dance Festival were selected for this lineup, curated to excite Denver’s local music scene. In addition to Yheti and Of the Trees, we enjoyed sets from Kyral x Banko, Cnopes, and Smoakland. Each performance created a distinct vibe, ultimately proving that Denver’s local bass community is resurrecting.


At the beginning of the show, Kyral x Banko took over the Other Side. Kyral and Banko started the night off right, delivered heavy bass to the crowd. Throughout their set, they threw down several songs from their new EP, Sniotch.

Meanwhile, Cnopes captivated the crowd in the Ballroom with his hypnotizing wubs. Known for creating trippy and experimental sounds, he mesmerized his audience, playing deep Wook Bass throughout his set with intervals of chill and melodic atmospheres. 

For the second half of the night, the Other Side was taken over by Smoakland. The duo got everyone moving and maintained the festival vibes from earlier. They kept the energy high by playing heavy and fast-paced dubstep.

Yheti and Of The Trees

The main attraction of the night was Yheti and Of The Trees. They took over the Ballroom, drawing in a dense crowd. 

They opened their set mixing deep bass wobbles into hip-hop. Then, they dived into their signature freeform and experimental music. The combination of their two styles created a fun and psychedelic atmosphere for the evening. They threw down songs from Abelation, Ganja White Night, RL Grimes, CharlestheFirst, Minnesota, and Eazy Baked, along with a diverse range of music by other electronic music artists. 

After a particularly moving drop, Yheti got on the mic and said, “Yo we’re just having fun. We love music a lot and we’re happy that you all like music as much as us.” They kept the excitement going throughout the rest of the set. It was impossible not to feel the happiness in that room, surrounded by so many smiling faces. 

Yheti and Of The Trees ended with an unexpected throwback, playing a slow-motion remix of Wonderwall by Oasis. With that, another unforgettable weekend in Denver was brought to a conclusion. 


Photos By Patrik Essy

Cervantes has been a staple in Denver’s electronic music scene for over a decade. As bass filled the air of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood, it signaled to music lovers around the city that the Bass Capitol is back to its old ways. Bass lovers in Denver are lucky to experience intimate shows like these regularly. 

Denver will not soon forget this incredible performance. Yheti and Of The Trees are two of Denver’s favorite bass artists. We cannot wait until they return to the Bass Capitol. Until then, keep up with Party Guru to find out about all the events happening around you!

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