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Fans planning on seeing Nashville, Tennessee-based indie rockers Moon Taxi on December 9th awoke to disheartening news that morning. The band announced they needed to move the gig originally scheduled that night out by three months. The rescheduled date at Summit in Denver will be March 9th, 2024.

The good news is, whether you intended on catching that show or not, now you have plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming performance. And it will still be on a Saturday night (alright)! While their Set Yourself Free Tour has concluded, you should set your sights on securing your spot at the Summit show.

Rock-Solid Foundation

Moon Taxi delivers eclectic sounds ranging from smooth Southern grooves to rock anthems to perky pop masterpieces. The current lineup has been making sweet music together since 2006. The original members met several years prior and played together while attending Nashville’s Belmont University.

Guitarist and vocalist Trevor Terndrup and bassist Tommy Putnam were high school bandmates in a Birmingham, Alabama suburb. They formed Moon Taxi after meeting guitarist Spencer Thompson and then-drummer David Swan during their first year of college. Check out this recent interview for insights into the cheeky origin of the band’s name.

After graduation, Swan left the band. Replacing him was drummer Tyler Ritter, a high school cohort of Terndrup and Putnam. Filling out their sound — first at live gigs, then permanently — was keyboardist Wes Bailey. Early Moon Taxi records are defined by rhythmic jams partnered with smooth vocals drenched in melodic guitar and airy compositions.

The indie band Moon Taxi playing live onstage with brightly colored lights shining around them

Hitch an Intergalactic Ride

In addition to being where they formed that long-lasting lineup, Nashville is where Moon Taxi’s members birthed a record label. Most of their eight albums were produced via their 12th South Records imprint. Included in that group is their latest offering, Set Yourself Free, which dropped in June 2023.

The title track is a danceable, hooky number infused with infectious guitar licks and chock full of positive vibes. Carefree island melodies decorate “Lay Low,” a favorite track from the record. Overall, the album offers a varied collection of moods. Find it filled with soulful, jazzy vibes and littered with catchy pop ditties that are certain to be singalong favorites. There are also groove-heavy, bluesy rockers that hearken back to the group’s rockin’ roots.

Nashville band Moon Taxi plays onstage supporting their recent album Set Yourself Free

Early Moon Taxi albums revolved around a jam-oriented sound. After building a college crowd fanbase, they cut their teeth at festivals. That environment provides an ideal platform for the band to reach new fans. An early 2023 interview highlights thoughts on performing at festivals. Terndrup stated: “It’s the perfect opportunity to get out and play our celebratory music for folks that want to cut loose a little bit and forget about the woes of the world.”

Building on the success of their independent releases and touring prowess, the band released the album Let The Record Play through RCA in 2018. It was the first record they produced apart from 12th South. The effort also marked a musical transformation. Expanding on the swinging sounds with which they built their fan base, the squad began experimenting more in the pop realm. The upbeat tunes helped them reach a new galaxy of listeners.

Get Ready to Get Carried Away

Moon Taxi will have spectacular support for their show. Joining them will be Auburn, Georgia-based rockers The Stews. Please don’t show up fashionably late and risk missing even a minute of their set! Guitar-driven southern melodies and blistering solos are the signatures of this up-and-coming crew. I caught them on tour with The Vegabonds in 2022 and can testify to the heat they bring onstage.

With this tandem of terrific outfits on deck, the upcoming Summit show will be out of this world! If reading this hasn’t given you FOMO yet, give the bands a listen for yourself. It will make you want to use that holiday cash or hurry up and file your tax refund to ensure you can secure your ticket soon.

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