For years, junglists and DnB heads have claimed that their genre would be the next big thing in the U.S. Despite the naysayers, it looks like 2024 might be the year of drum and bass at last! Next spring, four prominent DnB acts will be gracing one of the biggest stages in Denver: Mission Ballroom.

Last March, the Mile High City got a taste of what was to come with a sold-out Worship show at The Ogden Theatre. Now, that same star-studded lineup is taking to an even bigger stage. Catch Sub Focus, Dimension, Culture Shock, and 1991 on March 29th on their Worship North America 2024 Tour!


Worship is a small but mighty British artist collective made up of Sub Focus, Dimension, Culture Shock, 1991, MANT and Oliver Winters. While someone as influential as Sub Focus is familiar to anyone who listens to DnB, 1991 may be a new name to some American fans. If you haven’t heard of this Swedish DJ, now is your chance to get familiar before he graces the stage at Mission.

To get a taste of 1991’s upbeat dancefloor tracks, check out his 2019 UKF release, “Full Send” (which has over 30 million Spotify streams). His track “Horizon” with Poppy Baskcomb just dropped this fall. Its earworm of stuttering vocal chops are sure to make an impact at Mission Ballroom.

1991, Poppy Baskcomb- Horizon

Culture Shock

Culture Shock (real name James Pountney) has been around much longer than relative newcomer 1991. He’s been building his legacy since his first release in 2004, using his background as a classically trained musician to meticulously craft hits. His latest single, “Universe,” exemplifies his cinematic and euphoric approach to the genre.

Culture Shock is no stranger to working with his fellow Worship artists. He just played a B2B set with 1991, making waves as one of the first DNB acts to play at London’s massive new venue, Drumsheds. Culture Shock was also featured on “Love To Give,” a euphoric anthem from Dimension’s 2021 album Organ, and on “Recombine” from Sub Focus’ 2022 album Sequel. He’ll be the perfect complement to this lineup!

Culture Shock- Universe (ft. YOU)


Dimension is the project of British producer Robert Etheridge. His legacy is already cemented as a festival headliner for some of the biggest DnB gatherings in the world, including Let It Roll and Liquicity. This year has been huge for the already huge artist. He sold out Wembley Arena for his DIMENSION LIVE show (no small feat at a venue that has 12,500 seats).

Dimension has also been on a hot streak with his releases. His addicting 2023 dance track “DJ Turn It Up” has blown up, making rounds in sets from a wide range of artists. Plus, his official remix for MK and Dom Dolla’s “Rhyme Dust” appeals to house heads, creating a new wave of DnB fans in its wake.

Dimension- DJ Turn It Up

Sub Focus

Sub Focus, like Dimension, needs almost no introduction. Nick Douwma, the man behind the moniker, is a leader in the DNB scene. He’s been releasing music since 2003 but experienced a meteoric rise throughout the 2010s after releasing his self-titled debut album. Fans of Sub Focus know him as a master of dancefloor, the sub-genre of DnB that does massive numbers at clubs and festivals around the world.

His new album Evolve just landed him the award for best album of the year at the Drum&BassArena Awards. That album included many of the genre’s top hits of 2023, including “Ready to Fly” with Dimension and “Fine Day.” Sub Focus’ production is emblematic of the Dancefloor sound: heavy bass lines, euphoric melodies, and extended buildups. We can’t wait for this sound to ring out in Mission Ballroom!

Sub Focus- Fine Day

Worship 2024 and Beyond

All across social media, Worship artists are calling this “The biggest ever drum and bass tour in North America.” For American fans of the genre, this show is an incredible opportunity to see artists from across the pond. It’s an absolute steal to see four DnB heavyweights for just $35 — and with this sort of momentum, we may be seeing Worship take Red Rocks in 2025. This could be your last chance to see a legendary act like Sub Focus on a stage of this size! Get your finger guns ready and grab your tickets here.

Worship North American Tour featuring Sub Focus, Dimension, Culture Shock, 1991

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