Wooli Performs Impact Tour at Mission Ballroom

DJ Wooli (real name Adam Frosh) summoned fans to gather at the Mission Ballroom this Saturday to witness his Impact Tour. Supported by impeccable production and a tasteful lineup, Frosh delivered a performance unlike any I’ve seen before.

No Rest For The Wicked. Only Headbanging.

Fans headbanging during Wooli's Impact Tour show at Mission Ballroom

From the moment the music began at 7:30 PM, it became clear this night wasn’t for the faint of heart. As bass ripped through the venue, walls shuddered and drew fans to the floor.

The performing DJs unleashed a slew of heavy hitters that sent the crowd wild all night long. Mosh pits formed as the music became more intense and headbangers raged in sync with the beat. The exciting vibes were nonstop and we loved every second of it!

Impact Tour Supporting Lineup

DJ Shank Aaron kicked off the show with the first performance of the evening. As the opener, he truly set the bar high with skillful dubstep programming and overall mixed incredibly well. Mission Ballroom was packed with people when his music began. He got the party started right!

Next to hit the decks was Emorfik. His energy matched his unique rage style and we couldn’t get enough of it! He grinned as mosh pits opened up in front of him, feeding into the electric atmosphere he created.

Muerte took over the stage next. His dark-themed dubstep paired with visuals that had Silent Hill vibes to take us on a wild ride!

William Black

William Black performs at Mission Ballroom for Wooli's Impact Tour

William Black graced the stage next, taking a refreshing turn from the wicked intensity of the night’s music. His progressive dubstep and melodic tunes brought much-needed emotional depth to the show. People sang along to “Haven” as beautiful visuals that seemed to symbolize love and adventure flashed across the stage.

Wooli Presents Impact Tour

Wooli Performs Impact Tour At Mission Ballroom

The buzz of the crowd gave way to shrieks of excitement as Wooli took command of the Mission Ballroom stage. Standing between a pair of mammoth tusks, he took us on a journey and brought us to his prehistoric world of riddim.

Mind-blowing mashups of songs like “Lockdown” and “Thicc Boi” sent everyone into bass-face mode. Headbanger hair whipped in all directions. Rainbow-colored lasers beamed in a dazzling display above our heads as wooly mammoths marched across the display. As Frosh led the night on with more jaw-dropping moments, there was no denying the impact of his contributions to dubstep and EDM. He’s unbelievably talented.

Memories for a Lifetime

This show is easily one of the best that I’ve ever seen. Frosh’s production team also deserves applause, as their hard work and careful planning helped make his Impact Tour beyond extraordinary. If you see him on a lineup near you, I would 10/10 recommend taking the opportunity to witness his talent in person.

Photos by Aeron Reinhardt

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