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Wonkaholic Tour 2020 Comes to Denver with a Bang

Wonkaholic Tour 2020 Comes to Denver with a Bang


March 7th, 2020

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It was another wild, wonky weekend in Denver this past weekend—this time bringing none other than the King of Wonk himself. Denver is known to get down and dirty to the heavier beats, and this time was no different. The event took place at Summit Denver, a local favorite venue for heavier dubstep and riddim shows. The night featured openers AOWL and MORF, with support from the infamous AFK and Jkyl and Hyde. The event was heavy from start to finish, with booming drums being able to be heard from the very back of the room. MONXX came for his Wonkaholic Tour 2020 and left Denver with a taste of those insanely sweet and heavy riddim synths which kept dubstep and riddim fans headbanging all night.

The Openers

The night began with local openers AOWL and MORF, who brought out heavy renditions of their own tracks as well as some from other artists which started off the night on a heavy-hitting note. The drums were so loud all night and paired with the typical heavy riddim synths Colorado bassheads know and love, it was an insane night of the heaviest sides of music from start to finish.

Next on the lineup came Jkyl and Hyde bringing some heat with a set by AFK shortly after. With AFK fusing more dubstep elements than just riddim into his set, it was a heavy night that kept the room dancing and moving constantly. The headbangers in the front were riding the rail all night and even the people towards the back were never at a still point and were always moving and dancing to the beats.

Monxx began his set with a ton of support and hype from the crowd, his devoted Denver headbanging fans filling the venue at this point and packing it out. The young riddim DJ played out some of his older and more recognizable tunes and of course, his remix of the infamous Wonky Song that gained him a large following and hype since Excision’s support. Monxx also played out some tunes which were sickeningly heavy which many of his fans had never heard before. The night was full of yelling and exclaiming when the heavier drops hit, creating a huge sense of unity in between all the bassheads and music lovers in the room.


The night overall was a massive success as Denver’s bass capital only continues to grow in size and support. Colorado riddim and dubstep lovers from all over the state came to support the King of Wonk this weekend, and the music brought the house down leaving fans sweaty but smiling messes as they left the venue.

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