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There’s nothing quite like a show at Red Rocks. Something about the magic of those rocks, the bass echoing off of them, and the energy of the crowd surpasses any sort of euphoria many people have ever experienced in their lives.

After several months of a cold, concert-less winter, Red Rocks is set to make its return in a few short weeks. Though all of the concerts are sure to be a smash hit, there are a few that stand out among the rest. One of these is a special Ganja White Night show presented by Global Dub Festival.

Ganja White Night announced their third Wobble Rocks to take place at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado on Saturday, May 18th. This year it will be a one-night event, but there is sure to be lots of good bass and surprises packed into this one special evening.

One thing that will be new this year is that Ganja White Night will be playing not one, but two very special and unique sets. The first will take place at sunset and the second will be their headline closing set.

More and more artists are doing this lately. It’s always special because not only do we get multiple sets from the headlining artist, but the other openers also enjoy a bigger audience. It will be very exciting to see what tricks Ganja White Night have up their sleeves for their sunset performance.

The first opener announced for this show is the one and only Bukez Finezt. Hailing from Berlin, his brand of bass music has been gaining traction like crazy here in the U.S. Between multiple headlining sets at Denver venues like The Black Box and crowd-pleasing festival performances, Bukez Finezt is the perfect artist to get things rolling.

Next up, Monty will take the stage. Monty is another bass legend coming to us from the 1985 label. He’s been popping up on more and more lineups, and it’s a true blessing for Colorado to have him on the Wobble Rocks bill.

Joker is a name we’ve been hearing more often lately, and for good reason. Not only is he going to own the stage with the next slot at Wobble Rocks, but he’ll do so at many more events all over the world this year. After a nearly five-year hiatus, the British producer made his epic comeback last year with Skrillex and sleepnet collab “Tears.” Since then, he seems to have been going nonstop, and we can’t wait to see what he’s cooking up for this special evening in particular.

For direct support, Eliminate will be taking the stage. Based in Los Angeles, Eliminate is a multi-genre artist capable of making dubstep, house, trap and pretty much everything in between. We never know what kind of set we’ll get from him, but we know it’ll always be good. It’ll be great to see what kind of surprises he has in store for us!

Last, but certainly not least, Ganja White Night will take the stage once again for their headline set. Originating from Belgium, Benjamin “Bamby” Bayeul and Charlie “Erwan” Dodson have come together to form this iconic bass duo. Years of their unique “wobble” style of bass music, festivals, curated events and more have gained them massive popularity all over the world. Now that they have called Red Rocks “the best venue on Earth,” we know that no matter what they incorporate into their set, it’s going to be extremely special.

Wobble Rocks III is certainly gearing up to be the best one yet! If you haven’t snagged a ticket yet, they are still available via AXS.

See you on the Rocks!

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