Get ready to witness the ultimate celebration of hip-hop culture as Denver gears up for a groundbreaking event that promises to be more than just a music gig. Scheduled for Thursday, April 18th at Temple Denver, this spectacle will bring together the four core elements of hip-hop — emceeing, graffiti, breakdancing, and DJing — ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Organized by some of Denver’s top hip-hop creatives, including the renowned Body Bag Battles League, the event features a blend of local talent and hip-hop celebrities. Spearheaded by battle rapper Hector Garcia aka Spoke In Wordz and Adrian Garcia of Fam BAM Productions, the team has curated an evening showcasing hip-hop’s raw energy.

It’s proudly sponsored by local cannabis industry leaders Next1Labs and Haze, and their support underscores the progressive blending of music, art and community engagement. Prepare for an unforgettable experience where competition, art, and community converge in a spectacular display of talent and passion.

Star-Studded Hip-Hop Lineup

The Masters Behind the Mic: The event will be electrified by performances from legends like MC Supernatural, known globally for his spontaneous freestyle skills. The impeccable Charlie Clips will join him on stage, celebrated for his verbal prowess and crowd-commanding performances on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. Both icons will also serve as celebrity judges, bringing their expertise to the forefront of the competition.

The Soundtrack Wizards: Ensuring that the event pulses with unbeatable rhythms will be DJ Konz and DJ Cyn. DJ Konz, a cornerstone in Colorado’s hip-hop scene, orchestrates the state’s longest-standing producer and freestyle cypher. His ability to blend traditional hip-hop sounds with new beats keeps the culture vibrant and inclusive. Meanwhile, DJ Cyn, a versatile and dynamic DJ known for her nationwide performances, has energized stages for heavyweights like Major Lazer and DJ Jazzy Jeff, promising to deliver nostalgic and groundbreaking sets.

Visionaries and Vibemakers

Visual and Artistic Flair: The venue will transform into a visual feast thanks to contributions from local graffiti artists Rubezilla and Matador, alongside a groundbreaking virtual reality graffiti piece by Motive Designz. This trio will ensure the walls speak as loudly as the performers, encapsulating the spirit and evolution of hip-hop culture.

Denver’s hip-hop community shines brightly with local vendors and artists. Here they will be showcasing their talents and crafts, providing a backdrop of entrepreneurial spirit and creative exchange that enriches the event’s atmosphere.

The Battle

Audition and Vetting Process: The journey to the stage at Temple is no small feat. Participants were first vetted during intense auditions held at the Shisha Leafa Lounge. Here, aspiring competitors showcased their ability to freestyle in front of a discerning panel of three judges. This rigorous selection process ensured that only the most adept freestylers made it through.

Scoring Criteria: In the heat of the battle, rappers will be evaluated across multiple rounds based on a strict set of criteria:

  • Lyrical Creativity: Judges will score based on the originality and inventiveness of the lyrics.
  • Flow: Consistency, rhythm, and maintaining tempo and style will be crucial.
  • Stage Presence: Competitors must engage the audience, commanding the stage with confidence and charisma.
  • Crowd Reaction: Audience response will play a significant role, as competitors must resonate with the crowd to score high.
  • Freestyle Ability: Spontaneity and responsiveness in lyrics, especially in head-to-head rounds, will be key definers.

A Night of Pure Hip-Hop

After the battles, the event will transition into a nostalgic ’90s Dance Party sponsored by Rewind.
Make sure you grab your tickets! If you want the chance to win VIP at the event, a table for up to ten guests featuring a complimentary bottle, and an exclusive ‘Goodie Bag’ loaded with an assortment of products from our amazing sponsors, make sure to enter our Party Guru Giveaway.

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