While many electronic dance music genres incorporate heavy bass lines and reverberating drums, one subgenre that specializes in this style of music is bass house. This dance music genre includes music by artists like Joyryde, Jauz, Ghastly and Dr. Fresh and took inspiration from many other house music styles to create its own unique sound. If you’re interested in learning more about the history and production of this genre, keep reading to find out more!

Bass House History

Firtst, the history of this genre can be traced back to American producer and DJ, TJR. While touring in Europe during 2014, TJR heard a bass-heavy song being played by a DJ that sounded completely different from any other music he had ever heard before. t didn’t take long for DJs around the world to catch onto this revolutionary sound either. In addition to bringing it overseas, DJs such as Borgore and Caked Up incorporated elements of bass house into their own sets.

Jauz at Fox Theater
Bass House Sound

What makes this genre so distinct from other genres of EDM is that it takes influences from different styles of house music, and incorporates a heavy bass line. . While some artists in the genre who prefer not to add vocals, most modern bass house songs contain highly syncopated samples with ethereal harmonies over a powerful bassline. A few examples of popular tracks in this genre include Joyryde’s “Hot Drum”, Jauz’s “Meant To Love You”, and Dr. Fresch’s “No Love (featuring TLC)”. Further, the unique sound of this genre draws comparisons to a handful of other electronic genres including deep house, trap, and moombahton. However, bass house stands out for its heavy use of drum samples and energetic synths. Overall, if you enjoy dance music with an aggressive beat you should definitely check out some songs from this genre!

Check out Jauz’s “No Love” on Soundcloud
Bass House Influences

The roots of this genre run deep in multiple areas of EDM. The genre is heavily influenced by UK garage, drum & bass and dubstep, with some artists blending these styles to create a new subgenre. Dr. Fresch takes influence from house and techno music. The fusion of elements also led to another related style: liquid trap. Liquid trap borrows elements from heavy bass lines, minimal drops, simple percussion and wobble basses reminiscent of hardcore dance songs popularized in the early 2000s.

Bass House Artists

The following are some of our favorite artists in this genre. Be sure to check them out if you’re a fan of bass house music! (In alphabetical order) – Joyryde, Jauz, Ghastly, Dr. Fresh! If you’re looking to travel for an EDM festival these are some artists we highly recommend you catch a live set of. Make sure you have their Spotify playlists in your queue to get familiar with their best tracks.

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