One of the new rising dubstep sounds is ambient dubstep. With many artists like Illenium, Said the Sky and even Zeds Dead incorporating these sounds into their online mixes, this style of music incorporates chill and melodic beats. Although it’s been around for years, in recent years it has gained some popularity due to EDM’s increasing focus on atmospherics and ethereal qualities. This genre can incorporate aspects of all types of music from techno to classical to pop, and most importantly it does not lack bass despite its mellow sound.

How ambient dubstep came about
Zeds Dead

Before dubstep ever had a name, people were experimenting with adding drums to electronic music. From drum ‘n’ bass-inspired beats to house beats, producers took their favorite tracks and chopped them up into samples. As more producers embraced synthesizers and programming, a new movement began – one that continues to thrive today as ambient dubstep. While there are many variations of ambient dubstep, let’s take a look at some of its most distinctive characteristics and most popular musicians. Traveling can be fun and exciting if you plan it properly – but those jags and time zones can really knock you out! Use an ambient dubstep mix like the Zeds Dead one below when traveling.

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How it differs from other genres

You’ve probably heard dubstep before; it’s a genre that brings heavy basslines, deep kicks, and rumbling synths to dance floors around the world. But as of late, one sound has been growing quickly: ambient dubstep. Hailing from artists like Illenium and Said The Sky, ambient dubstep incorporates these elements but adds melodic beats which bring out more of an emotional aspect. In some instances, you can just lose yourself in these grooves.

Signature sound

The sound of ambient dubstep combines epic bass, mellow melodies, and stunning ethereal vocals. The ambient nature of its sounds makes it an apt soundtrack for relaxation, helping you disconnect from life’s hustle and bustle and find peace with your surroundings. The lyrics are reminiscent of those heard in pop music, with songs about love and other emotional concepts. However, these sentiments are delivered in a more relaxed fashion, complementing perfectly what would otherwise be a fast-paced genre. Some might also recognize elements of classical music in ambient dubstep. Similar to how electronic dance music incorporated elements from classical pieces throughout history, some artists use parts of modern orchestral arrangements or melodies to add interest to their tracks.


As mentioned, ambient dubstep has been popularized by many producers in recent years. One of these artists, Illenium, is a dubstep and electro house producer from Denver. His big hits include tracks like “Free Fall” and “Falling Down” which have over 7 million plays on SoundCloud to date. Other popular ambient dubstep artists include Said The Sky and Brian Eno. Unlike typical EDM genres such as hardstyle or drum & bass where every song sounds similar because it’s supposed to be loud and fast, different types of ambient dubstep songs have varying levels of energy depending on what kind you listen to—if at all. Even within one artist’s repertoire, you can hear a sudden change in energy. A song will start out soft, then gradually get louder and more intense before becoming calm again at its climax.

Said the Sky at Red Rocks

As of recently, ambient dubstep has been on a rapid rise to fame. There have also been many rumors on Zeds Dead adding more ambient tracks to their online mixes, as well as getting their label Deadbeats to put out some artists that use these kinds of beats in their music. Although there isn’t a specific genre for them yet, it is obvious why these ambient sounds are becoming so popular among newer DJs and producers.

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