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Weather Tour by Tycho was Breathtakingly Beautiful

Weather Tour by Tycho was Breathtakingly Beautiful

Kierstin Rounsefell

September 17th, 2019

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On a rainy Wednesday in September, Tycho brought his Weather Tour to the newly opened Mission Ballroom in Denver, Colorado. Tycho, known to family and friends as Scott Hansen, is a San Francisco based musician, songwriter and producer. He also goes by ISO50 for his photography and design work that he does. For this tour, Tycho is touring with his band that produces ambient, psychedelic, electronic music. The four members use guitar, keyboard, drums, and more to create their light, unique sound. If you listen to chill electronic, you’ll be sure to recognize their old hits, including “Awake” and “A Walk“. Additionally, their new album, titled Weather, has plenty of new tracks that will make you melt.

Tycho performing at Mission Ballroom

Photos By Mark Munson

An Amazing Venue for an Amazing Night

Mission Ballroom is located in the North area of RiNo (River North Art District), so the small food truck park outside of the venue was very fitting. In the same way, it’s beautiful, modern architecture with wood paneling and bright lighting also fit the bill. This venue is undoubtedly unique, as their stage actually moves to accommodate a flexible capacity depending on the show.

When first entering the venue, guests are greeted with a full bar as well as the merchandise booth, various art pieces to enjoy, and a coffee stand. From here, guests can walk around either side of the bar to enter the general admission floor of the venue. Three more full bars (one on each side of the floor and one on the upper level) serve a variety of craft beers, hard liquor drinks, and canned beverages including White Claw. If guests don’t want to purchase a souvenir cup, domestic beers cost $7 and wells cost $8.

For an elevated view of the stage, guests can walk up the stairs at the back of the venue to sit or stand on the tiered general admission steps. ADA guests can access a section at the top of the balcony via the elevator in the venue’s lobby. Neighboring these stairs on both sides are reserved seating areas which include private bars as well as private sets of stairs to access restrooms.

Poolside to Get Things Going

Poolside started the night off perfectly with their track that started it all for them: “Do You Believe“. Hailing from Los Angeles, this group produces sunny, upbeat indie dance music. This group started a recording project in a backyard pool house, which consequentially led to them gaining attention from DJs such as LCD Soundsystem, and are now playing sets around the world.

Poolside warming up the crowd at Mission Ballroom
Poolside performing at Mission Ballroom

The huge LED wall behind the band lit up with their red, orange, white, and blue logo. The retro printed clothing of the band members helped to amplify the visual aesthetic on stage. In the meantime cool, crisp tunes, including their new single, “Can’t Stop Your Lovin (feat. Panama)“, made for a memorable performance. By the middle of their set, the venue was noticeably full. Guests were absolutely loving the chill, diverse set. So much so that hardly anyone had their phones up taking pictures or videos.

Tycho Brings Weather Tour to Denver

Once the crowd was energized and ready for the night, Tycho entered the stage. Last time that Denver saw Tycho, Summit Music Hall hosted a two-night DJ set where Tycho was the only one on stage. In contrast, this show was complete with the full band and multiple live instruments. This was only the group’s first week of the tour, so they were excited to announce new music, lights, and visuals.

Weather Tour
Tycho performing with his band at Mission Ballroom

The production for the Weather Tour was absolutely beautiful. Tall, vertical neon light bars were on both sides of the stage facing each other and faded in and out of different colors throughout the night. The LED wall had moving watercolor and kaleidoscope visuals, along with video footage of unrelated things such as cities or people in a studio. Additionally, live video footage of Tycho and other band members were layered over the already immersive visuals.

For the first piece of the show, Tycho played through their new album, Weather. For songs including “Japan” and “No Stress“, they brought out the amazing vocalist, Saint Sinner, who is currently touring with Tycho. Her soft, breathy vocals perfectly complemented the bright, percussion-filled instrumentation heard throughout the night. Naturally, the crowd was swaying and enjoying the signature deep bass and light guitar riffs so much that hardly anyone had their phones out yet again. It was so refreshing to see a crowd fully paying attention to a set instead of focusing on capturing it all on social media.

For anyone who hasn’t had a chance to catch Tycho live, we highly encourage it, especially during the Weather Tour. Their performance truly feels artful, complex, and immersive. The use of lighting and visuals were always changing, leading to a breathtakingly stimulating experience. Tycho still has more than ten US dates left of the tour before heading off to Mexico and Europe. Click here to see if they’re visiting a city near you.

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