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Interview: We get to know House artist Wax Motif

Interview: We get to know House artist Wax Motif

Samantha Williams

February 25th, 2020

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Danny Chein, musically known as Wax Motif is a house artist hailing from Australia that has made an incredible impact on electronic music. Wax Motif made his way to Temple Denver this month and showed Colorado the true spirit of house music. During the show, he showcased his stylistic contributions to the genre; specifically G-house.

From Down Under to Denver

He built his fame in the house world through collaboration with renowned artists including Destructo and GTA (now Good Times Ahead). He has also performed at major festivals, such as EDC. Fortunately enough, Party Guru Press got the opportunity to talk with him to gain some insight into his professional life. Read below to catch what Wax Motif had to say about Denver and beyond:

Party Guru: You’re known for your upbeat house music productions. Do you listen to other genres of EDM you don’t usually mix, like dubstep?

Wax Motif: Yeah, I like listening to everything really, a good song is a good song. I gotta admit I don’t listen to a lot of heavy dubstep though.

Is there a certain vibe that Denver gives off when you come for a show that’s unlike other cities?

Yeah, when it snows the atmosphere outside is really peaceful.

What’s an aspect of being a house artist that you enjoy the most?

Long mixes.

Is there a certain event that has happened in your past that you see as a major cause of your successes today?

Moving to America opened up a lot of opportunities for me, so that was a defining moment.

You’re known for your contributions to the G-House or Ghetto House movement, what is it about this genre that makes it so special to you?

Combining rap and house, what’s not to love!

You’ve been releasing a multitude of singles throughout 2019, can we expect an EP or album soon?


What artist have you had the most fun collaborating with thus far? What do they bring to the table?

GTA is always fun cos they bring that wild latino vibes.

How have you seen your artistry change as you’ve gone from amateur to expert?

I think just being more confident in my work.

Anything you would like to tell your fan-base right now?

Waxgang 4 life.

Wax Motif moved on from his Denver stop and is now set to perform at other major cities in Canada, as well as various stops in the US – from Philadelphia to Houston. Unfortunately, he may not be coming back to Colorado for a few months, but there are various ways to listen to his individualistic style without having to leave your bedroom.

What Next?

Wax Motif is the curator of House of Wax Radio, which showcases on Sirius XM, and has a new single “Skank N Flex” with Taiki Nulight and Scrufizzer. Although Denver may not be a house music mecca, Wax Motif was able to make that seem like a reality, even if it was only for one night. The next time Wax Motif makes an appearance, the locals will need to make sure to get ready for a house party like no other.

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