DJ and producer Huckleberry Quin

On January 25th, the sounds of the Las Vegas underground are coming to Denver! Bass producer Huckleberry Quin has rounded up his friends and collaborators for the first-ever Vegas Takeover at Your Mom’s House.

This show is a unique opportunity to explore some of the best bass music that Sin City has to offer. Beyond the journey to a new locale, this takeover is a window into the creative mind behind Huckleberry Quin — as he shows off his chops as producer, DJ and curator all in one night.

Who is Huckleberry Quin?

Huckleberry Quin (real name Quintin Coey) is a leader in the Vegas dance music scene. As a DJ, he’s landed plays at nationally known Vegas venues like AREA15 and Discopussy. Coey is working his way up the ranks, already tackling direct support slots for today’s hottest stars like Hamdi and Tape B.

Coey is also the founder of his own imprint and artist collective, Gawkstar, which is co-presenting this takeover with Denver’s Boogie Groove Entertainment. Through Gawkstar, Coey has released a plethora of tracks that reveal his unique approach to music production.

While a portion of his discography sits in the realms of dubstep and trap, he boldly explores everything under the bass music umbrella. From garage to DnB to 140, his range is best captured by a cross section of a few of his tracks:

Huckleberry Quin in Three Tracks

First up is a heavy-hitter at 140 BPM: “Clownfish Sushi.” This track comes off his 2023 Cheetah Piss EP, in which he experiments with dubstep across four singles. “Clownfish Sushi” proves that Coey understands the low-end theory necessary for a killer sub-bass. At the same time, though, he’s bold enough to throw a zany lead on top to create something truly unique.

In other releases, Huckleberry Quin effortlessly bounces between different sub-genres of bass music. In his remix of Bladee’s “Be Nice to Me,” Coey flips the cloud rap classic into a euphoric U.K. garage track. It’s a real feat that he’s able to douse Bladee in club-ready energy. This is the sort of remix that current UKG icons would love to get their hands on.

Of course, this producer isn’t afraid of turning up the tempo. “Fremont Gremlin” is a standout for any drum and bass fan. With its crisp drums and screeching lead synth, it’s at once foreboding and silly. For those who love DnB but prefer something a little more melodic, be sure to check out “Plum Flavored Dreams.”

Curated by Huckleberry Quin

As shown through just a few of his releases, Huckleberry Quin pulls inspiration from the most disparate corners of the dance world. His work has traces of club heroes like Skin on Skin, a grimy approach to 140 that parallels the 1985 Music roster, and an irreverent take on UKG similar to that of Sammy Virji or Oppidan. In blending these many inspirations, Coey has concocted his own signature sound sure to hold the attention of any bass lover.

The best part of this takeover event is that Huckleberry Quin is bringing along his Vegas family. In his own words, he’s grabbed “some of the most talented Vegas selecta homies to throw down for the Mile High City.” That roster of artists includes SloanWolf as direct support. SloanWolf is a DJ, producer and vocalist all in one. She’ll get the dance floor moving with her UK-inspired bass and jungle tracks.

Also on the lineup are Coey’s close collaborator Krispy Fingaz and the 140-slinging Mugen. Krispy Fingaz has been deep in the scene since 2009 and his set will be full of old school 8-bit sounds, while Mugen will dish out breakbeats and garage. With this lineup curated by Huckleberry Quin, Denver will get a sneak peek into the Vegas bass scene through his expert eyes.

Flyer for Vegas Takeover featuring Huckleberry Quin

From Vegas to Denver

While this takeover will primarily celebrate Las Vegas, there will still be some Mile High City flair! As a special guest, Denver DJ xRainbowxBoyx is joining the lineup. This up-and-coming producer is no stranger to our beloved local venues. His sound focuses on 140, dubstep, and grime, but he adds a unique emotional twist. xRainbowxBoyx is sure to properly represent the Bass Capital with his choice of dubs.

With advance tickets at only $10, the Vegas Takeover is a steal for those who love all forms of experimental bass music. Thanks to Huckleberry Quin and his contemporaries, we’ll get a rare glimpse into another city’s underground. Grab your tickets here!

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