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Colorado Prepares to get re-VAMPA’D – Interview

Colorado Prepares to get re-VAMPA’D – Interview


June 22nd, 2019

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Party Guru Press got the opportunity to chat with highly anticipated and multi-talented artist VAMPA. The 22 year old beat maker, based out of Chicago, is one of the openers at our personal favorite show of the year, Zeds Dead at Red Rocks, better known as Dead Rocks. VAMPA is known for producing numerous heavy-hitters, like “Shapeshifting,” and many many more, showcasing her original, death-defying sound. This producer is coming in hot and we are all excited for her to destroy us all come Dead Rocks Day One.

You have your first EP dropping soon! Congratulations! You’re not just talented on the decks, but as a vocalist as well. Can we expect more of your vocals on this EP?

“I started out as a vocalist in chill-wave music, so it’s been very important to me to incorporate that creative aspect in VAMPA as well. On this EP, I have continued to use my own vocals in each track, I figure that if I want to show what’s unique about me as an artist, singing is a very significant part of that.”

You’ve got some cut-throat dark wubz, our personal favorite being Shapeshifting (dub mix), is that a similar sound we can expect on your first EP, or will you be branching out into other sounds?

“Slowly but surely I’ve been looking to challenge myself with creating more complex tracks, going for different sounds with each release, etc. I love Shapeshifting so much, and eventually, once I’ve built up the hype level on each track to where I feel like I’ve mastered it, I will definitely be releasing another deep dubstep track. With that being said, for this EP I encompass more upbeat tunes.”

You work in an industry dominated by men where they are constantly doubting women’s abilities and using women’s looks as an excuse for their success, how do you respond to the backlash?

“To be honest, I’m the type of person who likes to show others my abilities rather than fight against every person who says something negative about me… letting the releases and shows speak for themselves. No matter where you go, there’s always going to be someone that doesn’t want to see you succeed. I’m very selective with where I put my energy for that reason, and I’d rather put it towards showcasing my abilities than outwardly defending myself. I also know that I wouldn’t have been given this opportunity because of looks or because I’m playing a pre-recorded set, that’s not how the industry works. I’ve put in years of effort and the right people noticed me.”

What is your best advice to other young women who want to pursue a career in music but are too intimidated by the very much male ran industry?

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is how to foster my individuality – letting my inner environment be my greatest concern, rather than paying attention to how others are receiving me and changing how I operate. By being in touch with yourself, your motivations, goals and intent, you dedicate yourself to something constructive – your own path. There’s always going to be people that reject you for petty reasons; for me in this industry, it’s been mostly guys who reduce my success to something physically based. But if you know in your heart what you bring to this world, then outside opinions will become meaningless. My greatest piece of advice: live from the inside, out.”

Making it onto the Dead Rocks line up is a huge accomplishment and a major step in your career for exposure, what does it mean to you and how excited were you when you found out?

“Zeds Dead was literally the first electronic show I ever saw back in high school. I hated dubstep before that, but my friends dragged me out with them, and it changed my entire perspective on it. Being the first artists to get me into this, they’re basically a cornerstone to my path as it is today. Because of that, I really couldn’t believe how full circle things had come. I cried when I found out, it blew my mind.”

Who inspires you the most?

“I wouldn’t say ‘who’, as much as ‘what.’ I draw most of my inspiration from being in nature and seeing how crazy and vast it is. It’s like, we’re floating on a giant ball in the middle of an incomprehensible amount of space. So, yeah, if that’s going on, then it’s likely that I can make humanly dreams come true.”

With all of your music you have had spooky cover art, can we expect the level to be stepped up with this coming EP and future projects?

“100%! I’ve been working with an incredibly talented visual artist who does creepy illustrations in his own work as well, making it exciting to work together and see what he brings to the table. This particular cover art is my favorite because he depicts a very important cornerstone of my branding, which is based around Wiccan practices.”

As a Chicago native, they have a killer music scene out there, were there any artists you first saw that sparked the inspiration to start your own career?

“While Chicago is known for its house music scene, it was actually saturated with dubstep when I was in high school. Besides Zeds Dead, I’d say Zomboy was a huge one for me. Zeds Dead’s show specifically made me view dubstep as truly badass. I felt so much power listening to it, felt like I could do anything. That feeling inspired my career and my brand because VAMPA is all about having power over your own path, knowing that you’re a badass and owning it. Reaching your highest potential and slaying shiz. It took me having this confidence in myself to bring me as far as I am today and as crazy as it sounds, I have dubstep to thank for it.”

Living up to its reputation, tickets for Dead Rocks were gone fast. Although the event has been sold out, those of us lucky enough to score a ticket are in for an other-wordly show. With VAMPA starting off the night Day 1, arriving early is essential, as her set is one you do not want to miss. Feeling left out? Click here, we’re here to help.

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