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Underground Night at Cervantes’ with kLL Bill

Underground Night at Cervantes’ with kLL Bill


October 9th, 2019

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kLL sMTH and Mr. Bill (together making kLL Bill), catered to the underground glitch and bass music lovers this past weekend in Denver. Additionally, they brought with them an amazing Funktion One sound system. The system came straight from Burning Man’s new Colorado sound camp, Mount Neverest. The greatest thing about these lesser-known shows is that it brings the best people together who are all there for the same reason. They are here for the music and the community. Except, it didn’t feel like a small show; it was a packed house with people dancing and smiling from the floor to the balcony. Sub.mission, the company who put on the production has a motto that is very clear before you may even hear it, “moving people through sound, not hype.”

The Night of Underground Music Begins

At first, Craftal started the Funktion One sound of the night with his cyber funky beats. Frequent then tested the stacks with his impressive design of bass. All sets ran into each other, with minimal breaks in between sets to keep everyone dancing. These transitions were perfect for a night such as this. Denver’s own kLL Bill got the entire place bouncing with his smashing bass before Mr. Bill (also a Denver native) impressed everyone with his particular mixing and unique sound. After their individual sets, they played together as kLL Bill. Along with their set were some battle scene visuals from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

This wasn’t a show put on with the intent to sell out, or make money, or get famous. This was a show put on for people who love to get together to get down to fun, underground music. And that was the vibe felt all night and it was done right, complete with perfect sound from Funktion Ones.

Photos By Julien Deroeux

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