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Ultrasloth Gives Fort Collins A Proper Wednesday Night Throw Down

Ultrasloth Gives Fort Collins A Proper Wednesday Night Throw Down


February 29th, 2020

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Re: Turn Wednesday’s are known for bringing in some of the best electronics acts to Northern Colorado. Last week’s appearance of Ultrasloth was certainly a treat for the crowd of Fort Collins. Ultrasloth is a trio made up of heavyweights Duffrey, bioLuMigen and kLL sMTH. Nonetheless, their music is definitely the perfect vibe of drum and bass, alien bass, and signature scratching abilities.

Their first stop in Colorado was at Hodis Half Note. The following night, they played Cervantes in Denver. However, they will be returning to Colorado at the Sonic Bloom festival in June.

The Openers

Starting the night off was Fort Collins local SWaZ. His energetic set was accompanied by low-end bass music and unreleased tracks, definitely creating a proper atmosphere to kick off the night. Up next, was Crimbrule, who is another well known local. He brought some serious heat as the crowd began to fill the intimate venue. Keep an eye out for new releases from this producer especially in the near future!

Coming up soon on March 29th, Crimbrule and SWaZ will be performing together under their alias Unkle L*Roy opening for Shlump and Eazybaked.


Overall, Re: Turn did not skip a beat transitioning from Tuesdays to Wednesdays. Last week’s show was a testament to longevity in the Fort Collins scene. If you missed this show be sure to catch Ultrasloth at Sonic Bloom or Unkle L*Roy at the Aggie Theater.

Photos By Roberto Loya

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