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UltraSloth – An Intimate Evening at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

UltraSloth – An Intimate Evening at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

Richard Mosko

August 12th, 2019

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Ultrasloth brought some high energy electronic music to the table this past Wednesday at Cervantes’. As usual, if you got there between 8 and 9 pm, and showed your Re:Search Wednesday text, you could get in for $5. Thanks to Denver based artist collective & record label, The Mile High Sound Movement, for collecting such talented musicians and artists for this performance. Euphonic Conceptions presented this event with Cervantes’, they have been dedicated to promoting fresh new waves of music and art since 2006.

Jordan Polovina, an electronic producer, vocalist and cellist currently in Colorado, opened up the stage with some Special Guests, as the venue began to fill with concert-goers. Jordan also plays in bands like: Whisky Blanket, Grim&Darling and Glitta Kings. He began to loop live cello samples over drum beats, captivating the audience with his future classical vibe. A wall of synchronized, small, old televisions provided an interesting visual for the show. By the end of his performance, there were quite a few people dancing as 5am took the stage.

5am blessed us with his unique, future psy-bass jazz fusion beats. He has been making huge waves in the scene, playing alongside the likes of Tipper, Shpongle and Jade Cicada, among many other amazing artists over the last year. The Philly-based producer has been building a strong following through the east and west coasts of the states, and seems to be getting better and better and producing! His live performances are a great display of his many talents. He ended his set using a “Fly Like An Eagle” sample with his future bass trip-hop vibe, that sustained the clean jazzy undertones, reminiscent of Pretty Lights, though definitely in his own style.

Ultrasloth picked up the pace a bit by jumping in with what this writer would describe as some “super subby, squishy, bubble scratch, future bass quick-hop.” See if these words can paint an audio visual picture for you! Some of the sounds reminded us of the Friday night Tipper set at Arise Festival last weekend, if you were lucky to be there. Ultrasloth certainly knows how to keep a party moving and entranced with fun visuals. Comprised of Duffrey, BioLumigen and kLL sMTH, these three talented young men have been crafting their own individual sounds for years and their dedication to evolving their unique styles really shows. We are consistently impressed to see what these guys have to offer, both with their own sets and as a team.

Another Denver local, Thought Process closed out the show with a late night set. Check out his SoundCloud for a variety of great mixes. Party Guru Press has been thoroughly impressed with what he has done with music in the past year. Easily becoming one of our go-to producers when we want to hear something that bumps, yet isn’t too abrasive or wild. Joseph Rich (Thought Process) is a part of the all-lo_collective and the gradientperspective, and if you missed this show you can catch him again here in December.

All in all this was a great decompression from Arise for Colorado locals, and nice taste of what you could expect to see at Camp Questionmark if you decide to head to Burning Man this year! Thanks to everyone involved for putting on another great show!

Photos by Kevin Gordon

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