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Ultrasloth brings the heat to the Funktion

Ultrasloth brings the heat to the Funktion


March 5th, 2020

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Euphonic Conception’s weekly RE: Search event brought a packed house to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Thursday night. The venue was turned into a bumping underground showcase. Subverted Entertainment completed the night by upgrading the sound with stacks of Funktion One speakers, providing crystal clear sound meshed with the warmest bass. Jon1st & Shield opened the night for the power-trio Ultrasloth and Resonant Language closed the night off.

Ultrasloth is a supergroup comprised of kLL sMTH, Biolumigen, and Duffrey. While kLL sMTH and Duffrey constantly switched up the mixing, Biolumigen kept it fresh with the scratching over all of the heavy beats. It was a heavy, funky, glitchy good time watching them as their energy on stage matched everybody in the crowd.


To start the night off, Jon1st and Shield played together for this show. Making beats on the fly and often crossing each other’s arms on their beatmakers, the duo certainly put on quite the show. Overall, they showcased their amazing live talent and even threw in record scratching over their music as well.

Jon1st & Shield

Resonant Language closed the night off. Undoubtedly, he was pushing the limits of the Funktion One speakers with his crisp sound design. He kept the dancefloor hot, keeping everyone together for one last underground throwdown for the night.

Resonant Language


Nonetheless, having the weekly RE: Search move their events to Thursday instead of Wednesday and providing larger shows on the Masterpiece Ballroom side has definitely proven to be a success. We hope it is a new constant thing. Colorado loves the underground sound and stayed true to the scene by showing up full force to pack Cervantes with a party.

Jon1st & Shield

Photos and words by Julien Deroeux

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