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Ultimate Dirtybird Party Courtesy of Shiba San and Walker & Royce

Ultimate Dirtybird Party Courtesy of Shiba San and Walker & Royce


October 21st, 2019

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Denver is notorious for throwing unbelievable house parties nearly every weekend at venues all across the city. This weekend at the Ogden Theatre was no different. The infamous Shiba San, named “Best House DJ” by DJ Mag France, was responsible for this ultimate party. Alongside Dirtybird duo Walker & Royce, they brought their Business Casual tour to Denver. The party was on since the music began at the early hour, for Denver at least, of 9 pm.

Walker and Royce plays at the ogden theatre

The house artists’ Business Casual tour began late September at Stereo Live in Dallas, Texas. The tour quickly made its way to the Bass Capital, before heading off and eventually ending in San Francisco. Denver was blessed with the ultimate Dirtybird-style house party, with house beats and low 808’s all night.

Shiba San plays at the ogden theatre

Walker & Royce Begins the Night

The night began with a solo Walker & Royce. One of the members (Samuel Walker) of the duo could not attend the show this weekend due to personal reasons. Regardless, Ogden Theatre was filled all night with dancing bodies and Dirtybird music lovers. Indeed, the environment was a heavy house party from start to finish. Walker & Royce (Gavin Royce) played some of their most notorious tracks, which had the entire crowd jumping. Walker & Royce played “Take Me To Your Leader”, the duo’s most popular song, and everyone in the crowd couldn’t stop dancing.

The overall environment and ambiance of the night was an ultimate party of house music lovers. Something Denver knows how to do best. The night was filled with ID’s and unknown tracks. This was not only extremely refreshing but kept the bodies in the crowd jumping and moving from start to finish. Everyone was always eager for the next drop with each song.

Shiba San plays at the ogden theatre

Ultimate House Party with Shiba San

Shiba San has a long background in hip-hop. His style of mixing surrounded Hip Hop music for many years, before he transformed his sound into the deep house or “ghetto house” sound. As a matter of fact, the French producer’s natural ability to fuse old school Hip-Hop and analog sounds with modern day bass music is flawless, and his skills mixing live truly separates him out from the mix as one of the greater artists on the Dirtybird label.

The entire crowd was jumping the entire time with the energy of his performance. Shiba San certainly stands out as one of Denver’s favorites whenever he’s in town. He dropped tracks including “OKAY”, “Give It to Me” with Will Clarke, as well as plenty of fresh Dirtybird ID’s which nobody had heard before. Furthermore, the energy all night was high and Shiba San killed his performance. Everyone was shuffling, dancing and jumping around all night long. The Ogden was heavy all night with a packed crowd. The air was heavy with deep house sounds Denver knows and loves.


Denver’s ultimate Dirtybird party with Shiba San and the music of Walker & Royce was certainly NOT one to miss. As Denver is home to so many bass and house music lovers, it’s no question why Dirtybird events make sure to make this city a stop in every major tour. The Ogden is the perfect home for a house party, and the two really made this weekend another amazing one for the Denver music scene.

Photos by David Maxwell Zanvil Cohn

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