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$UICIDEBOY$’ Music Brings an Unforgettable Experience to Denver

$UICIDEBOY$’ Music Brings an Unforgettable Experience to Denver


August 23rd, 2019

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Louisiana-born duo $UICIDEBOY$, composed of cousins Ruby da Cherry and $crim, have taken the hip-hop scene by a storm in recent years. They owe their success to blowing up notoriously as some of the most influential “Soundcloud rappers” of this generation. Their self-produced, aggressive 808-heavy beats, paired with instantly recognizable vocals atop, pairs for an unforgettable energy which has led the duo to their successes in the music world. $UICIDEBOY$ have been in the scene since 2014, but only in the past two to three years have they begun to truly take a lead in the hip-hop and rap scene, as genre-bending “emo rap” legends. This new sub genre of music is very famous today. This new wave of Hip Hop is led by artists such as late XXXTentacion and Lil Xan.

Mission Ballroom is Denver’s new baby, and in theory is the perfect venue, with a state-of-the-art sound system, artwork and production. $UICIDEBOY$ came through Denver on August 19th and 20th and brought every ounce of energy to the otherwise quiet city on a Monday and Tuesday night. They made sure to announce that Denver was their favorite city to stop by when they tour — there was no doubt of that as they performed like it as well. The lasers at this production, paired with the energy of the duo created an unparalleled energy in the room. Bright flashing lights, paired with gnarly, deep trap and hip-hop beats performed by their DJ in the background created a heavy, aggressive environment, but in the best way possible.

$uicideboy$' crowd in Denver, Colorado on their Tour Stop.

The Music Does not Stop

During the show, $UICIDEBOY$ performed many of their most famous tracks. These included “KILL YOURSELF, “O PANA,” and “VENOM”. The duo’s most successful works on Soundcloud feature aggressive lyricism, suicidal themes and otherwise harsh content. However, this seems to create a huge feeling of understanding and acceptance from the crowd. The energy of this show was truly unforgettable. The entire venue was filled top to bottom and front to back, with fans all getting down to the music. The two-night run was an extremely refreshing and much-needed addition to Denver’s live music hip-hop scene, which sometimes can be drowned in the bass music popularity in the Bass Capital.

The duo came to Denver’s new Mission Ballroom in Colorado for a two-night run and selling out the venue. These two nights quickly became one of the venue’s most unforgettable shows of the season. $UICIDEBOY$ made sure to bring their own signature style to Denver. With a little bit of bass, some aggressive lyrics and an even more interesting and captivating live performance. There is no question why they are quickly becoming some of the most popular Soundcloud rappers of this era. They have truly have stuck out in positive ways and defied barriers in the music scene not only in Denver but across the globe.

Photos by Ash Daniels

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