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Two Fingers Brings Multi-Dimensional Skills to DJing

Two Fingers Brings Multi-Dimensional Skills to DJing


July 30th, 2019

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Amon Tobin is an electronic music producer and composer, and has released 8 major studio albums throughout his career. He has additionally released two studios albums through the alias Two Fingers, under the London-based record label Ninja Tune. His music has been featured in major films, like “The Italian Job” and “21,” and video games such as “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory” and “Infamous.” He was born in Brazil, though from age 2 and on he grew up in England. Making music first under the name Cujo, he has been a major influence in the realm of electronic music production since the mid 1990’s.

Amon Tobin

The openers for the show brought an array of original vibes as well, starting with with female producer Gtilldawn, alias of producer DJ Ginger Perry, based in Denver. She was followed by Denver local David Seied, who kick-started it off with some old school dubstep vibes. You may remember Seied from the early Bassnectar days, he has played many shows at Cervantes’ over the years and has captured the attention of bass-heads alike. Although we don’t see much of David these days, his sets are always something to look forward to as one of the “OG’s” in the Colorado bass music scene.

Keota followed, with a highly anticipated set for his Denver fans. Who’s Keota? We “heard he hangs from the ceiling when he sleeps,” a question asked by a persona in the beginning of his self-dubbed “Free Bird” song, “Whom”. Keota, also known by humans as Tom Brennan, makes bass music of all sorts, lately with the intention of getting you to groove to it. In a recent interview with him, Party Guru Press got the scoop on some upcoming projects. He’s currently cultivating a label, similar to producer collaborations like Spicy Bois and Slug Wife, with Smigonaut, Tsimba, DeeZ and Mickman. Their like-minded intentions, chill vibes and professional aspirations have helped them curate a solid relationship as best friends and colleagues. Keep your eyes out for the launch of this, as well as a new mix from Keota this fall!

After Keota came Tsuruda, who brought more of a drum and bass vibe, although the tempo of songs varied across his set and kind of jumped around. Tsuruda‘s slowed down, crunchy and heavy bass sounds have brought upon a new dimension to electronic music, leading to some of the inspiration of future sounding, experimental bass that this underground community is fueled by. During the earlier stages of EDM Trap Music, the creation of slow rap with heavy bass lines, began to emerge, with Tsuruda as one of the memorable first. He continues to make waves within bass music culture and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

Two Fingers

Throughout the night, beginning around the middle of Seied‘s set, a line of anxious bass music junkies wrapped all the way past Cervantes’ Other Side entrance, leading all the way up to the Two Fingers set. Fans ranged from those with X’s on the back of their hands, to seasoned EDM vets in their 40’s. Amon Tobin‘s success, production and persona has created quite a legacy over the years. He’s widely known for one of the largest and most innovative “sound sculpture” studio albums of his, ISAM, with a digital release on April 19th, 2011, and the physical release following on May 23rd. With the YouTube recording of his World Premiere in Mutek, Montreal, in June 2011, hitting over 1.6 Million views, it was clear that projection mapping, music storytelling and dance music could be fused gracefully.

Once Two Fingers took the stage, the crowd gave a wild applause. Although this is an alias of his, with more of a “dancey,” yet experimental vibe, his array of fans stayed engaged, active and with high energy throughout his entire set. Like Amon Tobin, Two Fingers holds the torch for having intention and flow to his music, and that came through in his set that night. Crunchy bass sounds, similar to the heavy lines from ISAM, made their way into a few of the songs, bringing a familiarity to his somewhat nostalgic fans. The show ended about an hour earlier than expected, which caught everyone off guard. This can be a good thing or a bad thing for patrons, but it was obvious that his following was nonetheless impressed with the night, and content to move on the the next gathering. Take a swan dive into Two Fingers newest album Six Rhythms, and follow him on all of his socials.

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Photos By Matthew Salamander

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