Flosstradamus, Baauer, 4B, Yellow Claw… When EDM fans hear these names, most of us think of a specific sound of a somewhat bygone era. Trap music had its heyday in the rave scene throughout the mid-2010s, a period many refer to as the golden era of trap.

While most of these producers either disappeared or reinvented themselves, there is one who stayed true to the trap sound over the years: TroyBoi. He has kept the hype for trap alive for nearly a decade, producing heat relentlessly since 2015 and taking the sound to festival main stages around the world.

Whether you’re nostalgic for the golden era of trap or a new fan ready to dance to some addicting bass lines, get ready because TroBoi is coming to Denver. On December 16th, he will close out his Shut **it Down Tour at Mission Ballroom.  

About TroyBoi

TroyBoi (real name Troy Henry) is a British DJ from South London. While he came from across the pond, the massive popularity of the trap sound in the US has kept him steadily touring in the States.

TroyBoi exploded onto the EDM scene with two breakout hits in 2015: “Afterhours” with Diplo and Nina Sky and “Soundclash” with Flosstradamus. If you went to many festivals that year, you know these songs got major plays, making both certified classics today. TroyBoi kept the hype going with a stellar debut album, Left is Right, in 2017. He then followed up that success with multiple volumes of his V!bez EPs.

This year, TroyBoi released his Say Less EP, featuring gods of the golden era including Stooki Sound, UZ, Hucci, and Mr. Carmack. That doesn’t mean TroyBoi is stuck in the past, though.

A New Era for Trap

Something special about TroyBoi is that while he’s retained loyal fans across a decade, he also appeals to the next generation of ravers. With songs like “Zurna,” a collab with the more recent star producer Jon Casey, TroyBoi shows he’s hip to the ever-changing environment of EDM.

As of late, newer artists like ISOxo, Moore Kismet, and Godlands are revitalizing the trap sound. It’s clear that TroyBoi will continue to take part in that renaissance. In his Instagram announcement for the Shut **it Down Tour, TroyBoi revealed that he’s working on a new album. He said, “as well as fully enjoying the present, we celebrate the future.” And that future holds new music and a killer tour.

Flyer for upcoming TroyBoi tour stop in Denver

Prepare to Shut **it Down

The cleverly named Shut **It Down Tour is an 11-stop run. It kicks off in New York City and closes out in Denver. The last stop, presented by Global Dance, promises one hell of a finale. The full lineup isn’t announced yet, but we can bet the supporting artists will represent more of the trap flavor that TroyBoi fans love.

With all this excitement, it feels like we are entering a new golden era for trap. Get ready to hear one of the most iconic producer tags grace the walls of Mission Ballroom. And spell it out:

T – R – O – Y – B – O – I.

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