On December 16th, British trap producer TroyBoi closed out his 2023 Shut **It Down tour at Mission Ballroom in Denver. On the mic, he called this occasion “by far the best show.” From the roaring crowd to the diverse lineup to the high-energy dancefloor, this night was a testament to the power that the trap genre still holds so many years after its rise.


First up, MZG opened up the dance floor. The duo’s stage name stands for “monozygotic,” a nod to the fact that the two DJs are twin brothers. MZG, real names Zach and Charles Weinert, dropped straight into the trap era that this night was meant to celebrate.

They loaded up flip after flip onto the decks, including en edit of the EDM classic “Chicken Soup” by Skrillex and Habstrakt. To finish, the duo played their new remix of “Gucci Flip Flops,” which is already heading toward viral status on social media. It seems like MZG came to Mission intending to get the crowd moving, and they certainly succeeded!


Next up, GNDHi took the stage with a saxophone in hand. This set from GNDHi whisked the crowd away on a journey all around the world. He dished out U.K.-born genres like U.K. garage and DnB before delving into moombahton, Jersey club, Afro house, and more.

Throughout this vast music exploration, he also indulged in the latest and greatest dance hits. Those included Fred Again..’s “Turn On The Lights” and Hudson Mohawke’s “Set The Roof.” Before his hour was up, GNDHi graciously thanked TroyBoi for bringing him out to Denver all the way from India. The closing track showed off GNDHi’s prowess on sax as he played a cover of what he said was his favorite song, “Tadow” by FKJ and Masego.

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After GNDHi serenaded the ballroom with his saxophone, the crowd was primed for more live performances. EVAN GIIA stepped up to the stage ready to lay down impressive live vocals. Her set started with “Back Online,” an upbeat collaboration with production duo MEMBA. A special moment took place during “For Aisha,” when she told the story of getting to perform the track in India thanks to its appearance in a Bollywood movie.

Then, during “WESTWORLD,” the crowd showed EVAN GIIA that they knew all her lyrics. She professed her love for Denver, saying, “You’re a city that always makes me feel like you have my back.” With her many trap influences from MEMBA beats and beyond, EVAN GIIA was an excellent primer to lead into TroyBoi. 



TroyBoi, real name Troy Henry, is a South London-born producer. He’s known for bringing a uniquely U.K. flavor to the trap sound that found its footing in the American EDM scene during the early 2010s. Beyond his U.S. and U.K. influences, however, TroyBoi’s music takes inspiration from countless regions. From EVAN GIIA to GNDHi to TroyBoi, this tour stop took a trip around the world, showcasing diverse sonic influences from many different regions.

At last, TroyBoi graced the stage to a roaring crowd and massive blasts of haze. He jumped straight into the heavy hitters, dropping the lead single off his new EP (which is also the name of the tour): “Shut Shit Down” with Armani White. Right away, TroyBoi got on the mic to announce that this would be an all-original set. This producer has been loyal to the trap genre throughout its ebbs and flows in popularity, and his discography is a testament to that fact. Early on, TroyBoi played his 2015 breakout hit with Diplo and Nina Sky, “Afterhours.” This track is a certified trap classic, and the crowd’s reaction proved they remembered it beat for beat.

TroyBoi’s new single “Shut Shit Down” with Armani White

Global Sounds

After this nostalgic moment, it was time for TroyBoi to take us around the world. He was born to an Indian mother, and his production shows love for the sounds of that subcontinent. He dropped the Indian-inspired “Mantra,” alongside a reveal of his impressive laser package. Next up, TroyBoi brought out sounds of the Middle East as he played his hit, “Do You?” This track features a vintage ’70s sample from the Lebanese band Bandaly Family.

Afterward, TroyBoi delved into his Latin American influences. He dropped “Papi Chulo” followed by “Carti.” The latter track comes from his 2022 Latin music EP, INFLUENDO. During this song, the visuals came straight from the “Carti” music video in which TroyBoi shows off his Latin dance moves. 

At last, it was time for TroyBoi to take it back to his roots with the U.K. sound. Just a week before this show, TroyBoi released his new EP, For The Love Of The Bounce. An undeniable standout on this EP is “UK Ting,” a collaboration with British breakout star producer Hamdi and Londoner MC P Money. As he played this one out, TroyBoi rapped along to the infectious chorus about his home country: “No matter where you are in the world, right now man’s on a U.K. ting.” 

Trap Classics

After this sonic voyage around the world, TroyBoi closed out his final set of the tour by reminding us why we love him: that classic trap sound. He played his 2015 classic “Soundclash,” a collab with genre-defining trap duo Flosstradamus. He then shelled many tracks from his debut album, Left is Right, including “KinjaBang,” “O.G,” and “Flamez” — all songs that defined the mid-2010s trap era.

At last, TroyBoi ended with a bang and a massive confetti blast during “ili,” a trap banger that has held its spot in his top 10 streamed songs for over six years. All in all, TroyBoi commanded the crowd with his larger-than-life stage presence. As a fitting ending, he got everyone to call out his producer tag: T-R-O-Y-B-O-I. As the years pass, it’s clear that his name and legacy will forever be cemented in the minds of dance music fans.

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