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Troyboi and G Jones Perfect the Art of Finding Your Own Style

Troyboi and G Jones Perfect the Art of Finding Your Own Style


October 22nd, 2019

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As Fall has hit full swing, the 2019 Red Rocks season is nearing its end. Saving one of the biggest line-ups for end surfaced a headlining show by two of the most unique artists. We’re talking about Troyboi and G Jones.

Friday, October 18th marked the day that G Jones and Troyboi would make their headlining debut at the legendary venue. The line-up was complete with support from Keys n Krates as well as Lunice. From top to bottom the event showcased a wide variety of styles and sounds.

Lunice to Begin the Night

Kicking things off for the evening was Canadian producer Lunice. Lunice began his exploration into the production of electronic music following a stint as a b-boy. He previously danced competitively with a group known as The 701 Squad. While competing, Lunice became compelled with electronic music after hearing the music of the artist 9th Wonder. Lunice put out his debut album in the fall of 2017. The album delivered hard-hitting beats, influenced clearly by the sounds of trap and hip-hop.

It’s Time for Keys n Krates

Keeping the Candian talent coming Keys n Krates filled the main support position. This electronic trio hit their stride in the Electronic scene in 2014 with their monster hit Dum Dee Dum .The track still reigns as an all-time classic trap track. Fast forward to 2019 and the group is still delivering music. The release of their project A Beat Tape For Your Friends showed that the group has evolved. In their recent album, they begun to explore other areas of electronic music as well. Their show was filled with more melodic tunes from their newer projects, while still paying homage to their roots.

G Jones

G Jones Brings His own Style to Red Rocks

The first headlining performance came on the behalf of Greg Jones, better known by his stage name G Jones. A mad scientist in his own right,G Jones garnered a large following early in his career. This was due in part to his extensive collaborative work with Bassnectar. Together they produced legendary tracks such as Mind Tricks and Underground.

Coming into a world of his own G Jones released one of the best-produced albums of 2018, The Ineffable Truth, which features some of the most intricate sound design of anyone in the electronic music scene today. Beyond absolutely flawless production, G Jones also delivers a live show where attention to detail can be seen throughout.

Marking his Red Rocks headline debut as a special moment in his career, the performance featured tons of reworked edits, new music, and visual performance that was every bit as good as the audio one. G Jones took to social media prior to the performance with a heartfelt thank you to those in attendance that read as follows: “First headline set at red rocks tonight!!! this feels totally surreal. I want to say the biggest THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has supported me and my music over the years, my whole team, family, friends etc etc…  i feel immensely lucky and grateful to get to play for you all tonight!!!!! Xoxoxo”. Enough good things can not be said about Greg’s talent and dedication to his work. His next return to Denver is certainly a can’t miss for anyone in the electronic scene.

Troyboi Finishes off the Amazing Night

Finishing out the night was again another boundary pusher in their respective genre, Troyboi. While Troyboi is considered to be a trap artist, it is the influences and elements that he works into his sound that makes him so unique. Troyboi is of Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Nigerian ancestry, and works many elements of traditional music from these regions into re-imagined trap bangers. There is a certain exotic and tribal element of his sound that sets Troyboi apart from anyone else in trap music.

Beyond his unique sound, Troyboi has a group of performers who help take his live show to the next level, which includes the work of a dance team and aerial performers. At times it feels like a Troyboi performance is a futuristic trip to the circus. Troyboi certainly knows how to bring a good time filled with twists and turns. He certainly is one of the most unique live performances in the game today.

Providing some of the most innovative and explorative artists of the past few years, the co-headlining performance by G Jones and Troyboi was one of the best shows that took the stage this year at Red Rocks. As these artists continue to refine their craft, it would be safe to bet we could see them both return to Red Rocks in the near future as independent headliners. If you have the chance to catch a show from any of these artists do not hesitate to send it.

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