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Triton w/ The Timberline and The Leshen

Triton w/ The Timberline and The Leshen

Jesse Haswell

October 9th, 2020

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On October 13th, 2020 Metal and Rock will take over FoCoMX: Drive & Jive at the Holiday Twin Drive-In. Party Guru Productions had the opportunity to sit down with the three bands that will be performing and ask a few questions!

The Leshen

The first band to take the stage on October 13th will be The Leshen. Formed in early 2016, The Leshen is an avant-garde metal band from Fort Collins, CO with post-rock and post-metal elements. Myke Fedyk on Guitar and Kirk Alberts on bass are the force behind The Leshen.

For Myke, an introduction to music came at an early age when he heard Quiet Riot’s “Cum On Feel The Noize”. “When I really wanted to learn how to play music was, I think it was, I heard Quite Riot’s, “Come On Feel The Noise” and I wanted to learn how to play the drums”, Myke reminisced. “I guess it was a few years after that I picked up learning how to play the guitar”. Similarly, Kirk’s uncle introduced him to AC/DC. Growing up in a small rural town the main genre of music was country. “My parents always had music playing. I grew up in North-Eastern Colorado. All my relatives were farmers, and it was always country. But my uncle turned me onto AC/DC and that was it”, Kirk explains. Myke and Kirk had joined a few bands prior to forming The Leshen.

The Leshen Is Born

Shortly before they formed the Leshen they were part of a four-man band. Everyone in that band had different schedules making it difficult to meet up for practice. With interest waning, Myke and Kirk knew that they could not stop playing music. They decided to get together and mess around with some electronic beats and experiment with a fresh style of music. They created different digital drum beats and then started laying guitars and effects on top. The idea behind the experiment was to record and be a studio band. Initially, they never had any intention of performing live. However, the goal of having a band is to play in front of people. That created its own difficulties. How could they take something created digitally and play it in front of a crowd? Trial and error. They put on shows and they refined their process to what it is now.

The best part about The Leshen is that they can constantly evolve their sound without worrying about other bandmates. In 2019 The Leshen decided to stop working shows and focus on writing their new album. Even before the pandemic hit their musical tone was expressing more frustration and anger with the state of the world. However, their tone is usually more atmospheric and melodic. The pandemic gave them an opportunity to hunker down and write songs.

New Album

Their writing process sped up in a lot of ways. As a result of the pandemic and other events taking place, songs that will appear later in the album have become an outlet for the frustration and sense of impending doom that they felt around current events. “We kind of abandoned any of the other things that we were working on. All this new stuff was coming out and we were like, this is the direction to go”, Myke explains. For Myke and Kirk, it felt right. Their new album will feature six songs that are anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes long.

They don’t have plans for an album release party since everything is still up in the air as far as live shows are concerned but they have hinted that some of their new material will be performed live at their show on October 13th at the Holiday Twin Drive-In in Fort Collins, CO.

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The Timberline

The Timberline is a modern rock band with pop/punk influences from Fort Collins, CO that formed in 2017 after drummer Clint Petrun and guitarist/vocalist Terran Hause, who had been writing and exchanging music, were joined by guitarist Mike Boschert. They wrote and began recording their first album in August of that same year.

Growing Timberline

Before Mike joined, Terran was living in Los Angeles and looking for a musical outlet. Around that time, Terran began writing songs and sending them to Clint who gave feedback and contributed his own ideas. There were a few other people that were supporting the musical creation process at that time, but things really took off shortly before Mike joined the band. Clint had reached out to Mike through BandMix which is a social networking platform for musicians. Mike was working on some solo songs when Clint reached out and invited him to audition. 

Between Mike joining and the album release party on July 13th, 2019, The Timberline played shows, released singles and EPs, and created a music video. It was at the album release party that the band met bassist Keaton Nalezny. Keaton was working as a sound engineer at Aggie Theater. “We thought he was our runner”, Mike says as the band laughs with him. “We were like, ‘Hey, can you run to the store and get us some stuff? They told us that you were our runner”. In December of 2019, they approached Keaton to be their bass player.

Staying Focused

A few months after their album release they headlined a show at Hodi’s Half Note which was Keaton’s first live performance with the band. Since that show, the band has been finding ways to stay motivated during the pandemic. They were gearing up to play another show at Hodi’s Half Note supporting the band Holdfast. However, federal and state authorities issued regulations that canceled that show.

The pandemic is a big obstacle to overcome for any band. The Timberline is no exception. They planned a small national tour for summer 2020, they received an invitation to take part in FoCoMX 2020, and they started working on some new music. The pandemic canceled a lot of those plans. To make up for it, they took to focusing on the new music they were writing. Additionally, they hosted a couple of live stream shows and applied to participate in the virtual Taste of Fort Collins event.

Now, they are lined up to play FoCoMX: Drive & Jive on October 13th with Triton and The Leshen. After that show, their focus will be to finish their next album. They also have plans to work on music videos and content for their social media pages. They are hopeful that they can keep momentum through the end of 2020 and look for a fresh year come 2021.

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Triton is a sludge metal/stoner doom band that formed in 2016. Guitarist/vocalist Nic Federle and guitarist/vocalist Ryan Grey met while playing in a band called Retract.

Triton Is Forged

When interest in Retract started to wain and everyone went their own way, Nic and Ryan began jamming together. Shortly after, they met Tom Elwood whose roommate worked at Guitar Center with them. Initially, they were jamming in Tom’s basement with drummer Josh Rodgers. Unfortunately, Josh was only able to play one show with Triton before life called him elsewhere. Soon, Nic and Ryan talked with drummer Travis Mason who also worked at Guitar Center.

Triton took a different approach toward creating a band: they wanted it built on fun. They also wanted everyone to contribute to the writing process. They took their time to perfect the songs on their album and because of this, Triton released The Abyss in February of 2019. before the album released, they started working on their second album. Tom mentioned that they liked to live in their songs so that they could release exactly the music they envisioned. Currently, there is not a set release date for the second album.

There have been some video games that have inspired some of their songs. The video game Destiny inspired their song “Hammer Forged” from their album The Abyss. “Hammer Forged is just something that got stuck in my head from Destiny. It’s just a stupid gun mod but it sounded cool at the time and fit with what we were writing,” Ryan explains. “Ryan and I played a lot of Destiny. Not that we’re super fanboys or anything. We had our time with it and it was something fun that we could play together so there is stuff that kinda just snuck in”, Nic adds.

Before the pandemic, Triton had several shows lined up. Unfortunately, all of that came crashing down when the pandemic hit. Their plan of attack for the pandemic was just to hunker down and work on writing music. Earlier in the year Triton took part in a live-streamed event called Death In My Metal Not In My Streets. They felt comfortable playing that show because they could take part while filming during one of their typical practices. Now, they have an opportunity to play a show at the Holiday Twin Drive-In with The Leshen and The Timberline. “The drive-in show was a complete surprise,” said Nic Federle. “That is the only situation where we would have accepted a show”.

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Triton, The Timberline, and The Leshen take to the stage on October 13th, 2020 at the Holiday Twin Drive-In. FoCoMX will be live-streaming the show to its social media page.

Photos By Jesse Haswell

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