Seeming to come out of nowhere, the enigma known as Tripp st. took over the Ogden, in which he showcased his music. Adding to the night was an extraordinary visual experience from the Denver local “Nox Lumina“. The lineup included Maxfield, followed up by Templo. Then the one and only Kill Smth play as direct support for Tripp St. 

All night, I kept hearing the same question being asked by curious fans, “who is Tripp St.?” He made his debut in just 2021 with an all-original 47-minute mix known as “Welcome to Tripp St.” Following up was his debut album “Welcome to Tripp St ” released on Clozees record label Odyzey. Not much is known about Tripp St. With speculations floating around that it’s a side project of a much larger artist such as Pretty Lights, Tipper, or GvO. Although many are skeptical of these rumors, one thing we are sure of is that he’s not new to producing. So the question remains who is Tripp St

The Openers

He got the night started in one of Denver’s most beloved venues, the Ogden with a capacity of about 1,600 people. The building is filled with history, closing its doors in 1917 as a theater and re-opening in 1993. Tonight, it will host Tripp St. as he takes over the Ogden.

Starting the night off as people fill in the dance-floor was Maxfield. With a slow-building eerie intro that drops into his unique style of production in which he seemed to blend ambient sounds with some trip-hop-inspired drums, layered with some deep bass . Contributing to the Maxfield experience was Alyssa Rose on visuals giving fans a visual experience of the music. Following up was Templo coming out the gate strong with his glitchy hip-hop-inspired tunes that had the people moving. At this point in the night, the Ogden is starting to feel like a sold-out event. The energy in the room was high and filled with excitement for the night ahead.

A wave of silence hits the crowd as everyone prepares themselves for the underground legend Kill Smth. The Denver local put on a jaw-dropping performance living up to the hype that surrounds his name. He played his deep experimental bass tunes with a touch of some drum and bass that had the crowd going nuts. In addition, Glass Crane and Actulize were on visuals taking fans on an all original pilgrimage through bass and time.


At this point in the night, the venue is filled with people shoulder to shoulder. Tripp St. takes over the Ogden with a slow-burning intro with cinematic properties, which leaves the audience in an almost meditative state, preparing themselves for what is to come. For the next hour, Tripp St. took the people on a journey through sound mending genres together. This was carried by the steady flow of euphoric free form bass and a combination of classical instruments with a touch of hip hop and funk to tie the whole thing together.


Overall, It was another incredibly unforgettable night at the beloved Ogden. Tripp st. along with his stunning lineup of support, gave his fans an experience they will never forget. Although we did not find out who the man behind Tripp st. is, he did speak on the mic for the first time leaving us more curious about who this man is. We are excited to see what all these amazing artists have in store for the years to come. You can catch Tripp St. again traveling to Iowa for Kosmic Kingdom in June.


Photos by Ethan Klement

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