In an industry where origins often define an artist’s journey, Tripp St. breaks the mold with a background shrouded in mystery. Emerging seemingly from nowhere, this anonymous producer and DJ has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Tripp St. has captured and commanded listeners’ attention worldwide with a series of all-original mixtapes. His unique blend of deep, free-form bass with unmistakable boom-bap influences sets him apart, marking a fresh and innovative presence in the dubstep genre.

A Rich Tapestry of Sound

Despite his mysterious identity, Tripp St.’s music reveals him to be a creator of deep experience and broad talent. With roots deeply embedded in hip-hop production and studio engineering, he expertly weaves elements from his beloved genres into a new sonic experience. This extensive background allows him to fine-tune a sound that is both an homage to his origins and a forward-looking exploration of musical possibilities.

Rising Through the Ranks

Since stepping into the spotlight, Tripp St. has remained at the forefront of the modern bass community’s heartbeat. His collaboration with CloZee spotlighted him as the inaugural artist to release music under her independent label, Odyzey Music. Tripp St.’s Home EP is live on Odyzey Music as of September 2023. This partnership, alongside a nationwide tour and appearances in major markets, has solidified Tripp St.’s position as a dubstep legend.

Home EP artwork

A Night to Remember

The anticipation could not be higher as he prepares to take the stage at Denver’s Ogden Theatre on April 6th. Accompanied by a stellar lineup of supporting acts — Spoonbill, Mindex, Maxfield, and Kuhlin — this event promises to be an unforgettable showcase of innovation and talent. Get your tickets and witness Tripp St., a truly unique artist who embodies the spirit of exploration.

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