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Tomorrowland’s Digital New Years Extravaganza

Tomorrowland’s Digital New Years Extravaganza


December 28th, 2020

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2020 has taken quite the toll on the electronic music industry. Music festivals are essentially nonexistent and people around the globe no longer have a place they can go to that they can really let loose and be their true selves. New Years is right around the corner and let’s face it, it’s not chopping up to be like the years before it. Luckily for us the creators of Tomorrowland have created a spectacular digital world named NAOZ that has four mesmerizing virtual stages nestled within a magical digital world. Celebrate the new year with some of the electronic music industry’s most beloved artists such as Tchami, Major Lazer, Armin van Buuren, and many more.

Due to the seemingly never ending world wide pandemic, the striking Belgian festival has created a brand spankin’ new digital entertainment venue dubbed NAOZ for the world’s viewing pleasure. The digital masterpiece is comprised of over 65,000 virtual flags of 193 different countries, 2,750 virtual lights, 152 virtual cameras, and 1,200 virtual fireworks. The Tomorrowland team was so thorough that they hired live extras (in COVID-19 safe conditions) to create the most realistic digital crowd possible.

The picturesque world of NAOZ is anointed with four uniquely extravagant stages for every viewer to digitally enjoy. There is the Melodia stage, the Planaxis stage, the Atmosphere stage, and last but definitely not least there is the Pulse stage.

First off we have the Melodia stage, this is a stage that features a magnificent tree with a colorful geometric center. A sea of a digital crowd surround the Melodia tree and move along with the beat. Next up we have the Atmosphere stage, this digital stage resembles what we festival attendees would expect from a live stage at a music festival back in the pre-COVID days. The stage features large arks of beautiful light, a series of reactive lights, and the very same reactive virtual crowd. The third stage is the breath taking Planaxis stage. This lavish underwater stage resembles an opera house and features virtual sealift, light fragments, and beautiful walls of coral. Last on the list is the Pulse stage. The Pulse stage is a virtual floating island nestled in a vibrant sunset that is constructed of unusual architecture. The island decorated with tall palm trees, lights, and tropical foliage.

Each stage not only has a visual theme but an auditory them as well. The Pulse stage is set to feature hard-styled electronic music. More specifically artists like Ran-D, Wildstyles, Sub Zero Project, and more. The Planaxis stage is set to cast the magical sounds of Diplo, Boys Noize, Netsky, and Tchami. As for the Atmosphere stage it is set to vibe out with the deeper sounds of Maceo Plex, Meduza, Artbat, and more. The Melodia stage’s crowd will be ushered to the New Year with artists like Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Major Lazer, and so many more. No matter what stage you pick you’re in for a New Years celebration unlike any other before.

The Tomorrowland virtual New Year celebration is set to kick off at 8 p.m. for each country and their specific timezone. The Tomorrowland team even managed to ensure each country and timezone will have their own firework show right at midnight so no one misses the grand finale due to their location!

Wanting to visit NAOZ yourself? Visit the Tomorrowland website to purchase you digital ticket. Each aspiring attendee has the option between multiple tiers of tickets. You can pick a single NYE pass for the reasonable price of 20 euros or 24 USD. A single NYE pass plus on demand is available for 25 euro or 30.51 USD. This pass allows the viewer to relive the show until January 14, 2021. Lastly the event offers a home celebration pass that is priced at 50 euro or 61.02 USD. The home celebration pass provides four on demand passes so you can share the experience with others until the cut off date of January 14, 2021.

No matter where you are you can welcome the new year alongside thousands of other likeminded people all over the globe. Enjoy the wondrous world of NAOZ and welcome a year the new year! Hopefully the next isn’t anything similar to the past.

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