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Tomorrowland: A Digital New Year To Remember

Tomorrowland: A Digital New Year To Remember


January 7th, 2021

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It is January 2021, we’ve made it through quite possibly one of the strangest years in modern human history. Tomorrowland graciously escorted electronic music lovers all over the globe into the stunning world of NAOZ and into the new year. The digital extravaganza was comprised of four stupefying virtual stages, digital fire works, and a faux crowd. The incomparable digital celebration featured highly regarded artists such as Tchami, Major Lazer, Diplo and many more.

The New Years Eve festival allowed 27 time zones to come together and celebrate the end of 2020. The digital world of NAOZ had 950,000 virtual visitors, each of which had their own specific features and attributes. The crowd flew 65,000 virtual flags of over 193 different countries from all over the globe. The crowd really brought NAOZ to life and provided the true experience of a music festivals. The crowd’s dancing, their cheering, and applause essentially authenticated the entire virtual experience.

So what all went into curating such an impressive virtual celebration? First off the Tomorrowland team built two immense green screen studios to record each of the talented artist’s performances. One of the studios was located in Los Angeles and the other was stationed in Belgium (of course).

Each studio was designed to be large enough to allow the festival’s creative team to operate comfortably. Each studio was equipped with a large grid of infrared reflectors to track devices and to measure the exact position of each and every camera. Each camera was transmitted live to servers that recorded the data and provided a full rendering of the experience for the viewers while providing a low resolution version for the set directors and creators. It took 17 4k ultra-HD cameras, 152 virtual cameras, and a resulting 160 hours of footage to sort through.

Each artist would perform inside the green screen studio. All the while the studio’s creators would insure the lighting remained on the artists no matter the positioning. The 4 virtual masterpieces created by Tomorrowland’s creative team is essentially a series of digital layers consisting of lights, visuals, lasers, a crowd, and of course the surrounding environment. The entire extravaganza provided 1,200 virtual fireworks, 184 virtual lasers, 2,750 virtual lights, and 40,000 light cues. The team made sure to program and control the festival in the same manor that they would program real-life Tomorrowland editions insuring the authenticity of the online experience.

A total od 120 computers and 30 rendering engines were used to create NAOZ. It resulted in 1,000 rendering hours total. Originally the software wasn’t designed to feed in live visual images with the stage designs, but with the help of the developers on board they were able to have volumetric light on the live talent during each set. The team spared no effort to blend each artist seamlessly into the magical setting that is NAOZ.

28 of the planets most prominent electronic music artists performed across 4 spectacular NAOZ stages. The Pulse stage featured an album showcase from Coone, and was followed by artists like Da Tweekaz, Brennan Heart, and Sub Zero Project. The Melodia stage held the setting for Major Lazer, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, and so many more. The Planaxis stage featured Tchami, Duck Sauce, Diplo, Boys Noize, Netsky, and a few others. Last but certainly not the least of the four stages is the Atmospherestage. This stage featured Meduza, Artbat, Camelphat, and Maceo Plex.

Miss out on the Tomorrowland celebration? Don’t sweat it, you can still revisit the world of NAOZ on the Tomorrowland website. The reasonably priced ticket is set at a whopping 24 USD for a single pass. Or get the on demand pass for yourself and a few friends for the low price of 61.07 USD.

Experience NAOZ for all it has to offer. Keep an eye out on Tomorrowland’s socials for more digital celebrations and announcements set to come. Til’ next time readin’ ravers. Stay safe out there.

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