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Tobe From the SWAT Is Killing the Ivory Tour

Tobe From the SWAT Is Killing the Ivory Tour

Idalis Richardson

November 14th, 2019

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Tobe Nwigwe, aka Tobe From The SWAT, put the whole Rap game on notice with Wednesday night’s performance at Denver’s Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. Starting the night off right with an opening performance from his backup singers (Lhitney, and David Michael Wyatt), he certainly showed us why he is heading to the top of the Rap game. After his opening act, he then graced the stage with an electrifying choreographed dance routine with his team (The Black Angels Collective). Combining the perfectly placed lights along side with his thrilling dancers made this show an experience rather than a display of talent.

Opening Acts (Lhitney, and David Michael Wyatt) Photos By Idalis Richardson

Tobe: Life in the SWAT

Born Tobe Nwigwe, Tobe is short for Tobechukwu, which means “praise God” in Igbo, the language spoken by one of Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups. Growing up in SWAT (a common local acronym for “South West Alief Texas”), he is an enigma. That is so say, the lyrics and tone of his music tell the story of a difficult upbringing in Alief, TX. Like other rappers who grew up in the proverbial hood, Tobe’s autobiographical tracks also conjure images of gang violence, drug deals, pimps and prostitution. Wednesday night’s performance was just the latest example of black excellence he continues to showcase, while spreading his message “to make purpose popular.”

Baby Ivory

Finally, the close of the show had to be the best part of the night. Tobe started by reflecting on how much his life has changed since his 2017 debut album, “Tobe From The SWAT”; marrying his best friend, “Fat,” and becoming a first-time father. Meanwhile, as he continued to reflect on his past, “Fat” came onto the stage; in her arms was the beautiful baby girl, Ivory, after whom tour is named. Smiling from ear to ear, baby Ivory nodded her head as her father gave us a final emotionally-driven track, “Ivory”. All in all, Tobe Nwigwe is on his way to becoming Hip-Hop royalty with his performances and stage presence. Keep killing it, Tobe. We are all in awe. 

Photos by Idalis Richardson

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