Time stands still for no one, and the Adulti-Verse commands it to move. The Adulti-Verse is a unique concept catering to crowds aged 21 and up at Meow Wolf Denver. The event features different themes and characters that set the vibe for the night. A bar crawl and a dimensional trip in one location lead to unexpected adventures. The theme for this Adulti-Verse was Time Travels, and it led us down a wibbly wobbly night of new encounters.

Time to Explore

There are many iterations of the Adulti-Verse, but the critical difference between this event series and others is the drinks. Staying true to the image of the night, the theme this time was Time Travel. Attendees who gathered were free to choose how and when they embrace the music.

Part of the fun with the Adulti-verse is arriving dressed for the occasion. Marty McFly is in the theater for karaoke, but no skateboard or DeLorean. The Doctor is at a secret bar, but his Tardis is so far away.

Adulti-Verses provide an experience exclusive to adults. Bars are scattered throughout the exhibits — but not always in the same spaces as before. Exploring the floors in their entirety pays off in unexpected ways.

Just outside the galactic library were vendors. A writer stood ready to talk about time-traveling fiction, and beside the table was a jeweler. The theater on C Street became its own central hub, and characters in the alley nearby chatted away with curious passersby. In certain areas, we are reminded that time is a tangible concept, with large clocks dotting certain halls.

The Adulti-Verse is not just another Denver nightlife watering hole. Not only does the space host a variety of local artists and booths, but people get to choose how they want to party. You’re free to mingle, simply observe, or take up a hoop and start dancing. On the main floor level of Numina, anything goes. You’re guaranteed to find a bar on one of the levels in this hall, and there’s bound to be a DJ setting the mood. There’s plenty of time and space to move about and have the night you want.

The Best Time to Travel

Whether you’re looking to get away from the kids or explore the immersive exhibit known as Meow Wolf, the Adulti-Verse is the place for you. The event features less foot traffic than normal daytime operations, leaving everyone to their own devices. The freedom to explore the exhibit at your leisure is more than rewarding. If the clubbing scene isn’t for you, the Adulti-Verse brings spice to your life.

The theme is constantly changing for this concept, and it’s worth checking out once in a while. Time is just a construct, but there’s plenty of opportunity to visit the 21-and-up event. Tickets are on sale now, so choose your theme and explore with an open mind.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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