There are some big names in the music industry that released new music this week! This includes the hip-hop artist Flo Rida, dance music DJ Alesso, and pop star Katy Perry. Plus there are some new songs from EDM producer Zhu, rap artist Grieves, and trap DJ moguls Slander. Take a look at all the new music you should be listening to this week below!

‘Wait’ by Flo Rida

Wait‘ is an upbeat track from popular rapper Flo Rida. Its lyrics describe a man who is waiting for his significant other to make up her mind about whether or not she wants to continue their relationship. In this seductive new track, Flo Rida ditches his typical pop style for an EDM-infused track that harkens back to his old school reggae roots. The song has a lot of elements that are reminiscent of his prior hit ‘Good Feeling.’ While both tracks were produced by DJ Frank E, ‘Wait’ has more of a dance feel to it. Catchy and fun, you’ll be spinning ‘Wait’ on repeat all year long!

‘When I’m Gone’ by Katy Perry and Alesso

Katy Perry and Alesso combined their forces to produce an emotional electro-pop anthem. When I’m Gone combines Perry’s distinctive voice with Alesso’s signature electronic beats. The lyrics talk about her fear of dying before her lover does. It really tugs at your heartstrings when she begs him not to fall in love with anyone else while he’s gone on tour or out with his friends. The song holds strong lyrically and melodically. Alesso mesmerized the crowd at Decadence last weekend when he performed this track during his set. The song progresses very nicely from soft keys to upbeat synths that make it a little more contemporary. This is definitely one of Alesso’s best productions yet, especially because it fits both Alesso and Perry perfectly.

New Release ‘DREAMLAND (DELUX)’ by Zhu

The week was off to a hot start when ZHU released a deluxe version of his most recent album, DREAMLAND. The deluxe album includes two brand new songs: ‘Mannequins & Egos’ and ‘Coral.PINK.’ ‘Mannequins & Egos’ features a pulsing baseline, topped with strange effects and captivating vocals. ‘Coral.PINK’ is a collaboration with Trombone Shorty that is destined to be a club anthem of sorts with its simple yet infectious beat and catchy chorus. Both new tracks show that ZHU continues to take risks in his music; he pushes boundaries that no other producers are willing or able to go. You can stream both songs as well as the full DREAMLAND (DELUX) album now on all streaming services!

New Single ‘Tomorrow’ by Grieves, Marley B., and DJ Hopper

Renowned indie rapper Grieves is back with his newest single ‘Tomorrow.’ He recently teamed up with Marley B., along with DJ Hopper to release a hypnotic new track that gives us hope that he’ll be making some new full-length material soon. With the support of top-tier rappers like Atmosphere, Grieves has made a name for himself in the music scene. The rapper has been out of commission for quite some time, but when he’s on his game there aren’t many who can do it better. Let’s hope he doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon. Listen below to ‘Tomorrow’ here!

New Single ‘Getting Late’ by Slander, if found, and Danni Carra

Slander and artist if found released a dirty bass-infused tune featuring rising vocalist Danni Carra. The single, ‘Getting Late‘ was released on Slander’s record label Heaven Sent. Slander has grown through the EDM scene over the past few years. They have gained a lot of attention from the electronic music community through their collaborations with EDM superstars like Said the Sky and NGHTMRE. Their new song begins with reverberating piano chords before Carra takes over with an opening verse about having no regrets for her actions that night. It is when she sings “But we gotta get going / Because it’s getting late” that she sets in motion what will become an incredibly energetic chorus as Slander ups their production to create one of their best songs yet.

An Amazing Week for New Music

A lot of incredible music was released this week for you to enjoy for the rest of the new year. If you’re looking for some fresh tunes to help get through these times, check out each of these new music releases today!

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