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This Is Rage Nation: Sullivan King Terminates Denver

This Is Rage Nation: Sullivan King Terminates Denver


January 17th, 2020

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Sullivan King

Keaton Prescott, better known by his alias Sullivan King is an instrumentalist/producer that has been bringing EDM production to levels that have not been seen before. He crosses genres of Heavy Metal and Dubstep while mixing in his raw talent of guitar skills and unique vocals. This combination creates such a powerful energy. Sullivan King is an icon, he puts so much heart into his music and if you have ever caught a live set from him, you know exactly what I mean. He will show you how to rage properly.

Sullivan King

These past few months have been huge for the King. Sully announced his international “Thank You For Raging Tour” this past August, with support from Eliminate, Grabbitz, Lick, Swarm, and Yakz. In October, he released his debut album Show Some Teeth. The King’s fan group–Rage Nation–went completely nuts being that finally, after years of singles, EPs and collaborations, there is a full 15-track album of bangers.

Sullivan King Takes Over the Bass Capital.

Sullivan King

On Saturday, January 11, the Ogden Theatre filled up with metalheads and headbangers–fiending for a night of absolute rage. Sullivan King, with Grabbitz and Eliminate alongside, had their biggest sold-out show of the tour thus far.

Starting The Night Off: Grabbitz

Nick Chiari, commonly known by his alias Grabbitz, started the night off. Much like the King, Grabbitz is also a composer, musician, and producer. Sully and Grabbitz also released their collaboration “Crazy As You” this past year. These two complement each other in a way that not a lot of artists do. Their vocals are infectious, the melodies are emotional and it truly builds a masterpiece. 


Grabbitz’s energy was contagious. About halfway through his set, he screamed into the crowd, “What’s the middle looking like in there? Can we start a mosh pit in there? I’m coming in, Denver!”  Grabbitz actually jumped down and full-on sent it into the pit while he had “Sandstorm” by Darude going. It was legendary. I would say it’s rare to see a producer jump into his own pit, let alone a techno mosh pit. 



Nathan Merrill, better known by his stage name Eliminate, was not holding back. Let’s just say that his stage name fully describes how his music makes you feel. Eliminate straight up eliminated Denver. His music consists of weird demonic bass that’s also saucy. Eliminate also presented a little preview of his unreleased collaboration with Valentino Khan. Click here to get a glimpse. Thankfully, Eliminate announced that it should be out very soon. 


Time To Rage: Sullivan King

Sullivan King

The moment Sully stepped foot onto the stage, it was evident that this glorious headbanger was prepared to wreck your world. Our King warned earlier on: “Oh, you’re so f**ked Denver,” and it was no lie. This man tore the roof apart, like literal parts of the ceiling fell to the ground. Some fellow rager’s kept pieces as a memory of Sully’s first TYFR Tour.

Sullivan King

Before his set, Sully tweeted “Ay Denver, y’all cool with me playing some new songs tonight for the first time?” and thankfully, he did. The entire set was filled with non-stop neck-snapping dubs, guitar shredding, and intense mosh pits.  I’ve seen Sully three times and this was by far the craziest and filthiest of all. He played a mashup of Slander’s “Superhuman” and it was absurd, we need that one ASAP. He also threw down his new remix of Kayzo’s “Alone Feat. Our Last Night.” and just as expected, it’s pure grime and Metal. The bass on that down beat: filth. At one point, Svdden Death’s track “Behemoth” was dropped and Sully, in sync, completely shredded on guitar. Of course, he played his tracks from Show Some Teeth but had a creative performance to make the set unique. Hearing Sully sing live is a true blessing, especially during “Wake Up” (his collaboration with Excision). Talk about getting goosebumps! This one hits home.

Sullivan King

Sullivan King does not only just show off his talents as a producer, but also as his own songwriter and musician. That being said, he is more than capable of creating anything within his projects. Very excited to see what he has in store for us next. Come back to Denver soon, Sully!

Photos By Emma Rojo

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