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Thinking Back on the Hot Box

Thinking Back on the Hot Box

Patrik Essy

July 10th, 2020

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Drive in theaters across the world are starting to make a comeback this year, this time with music instead of movies. With venues having to close their doors due to Covid-19, the music industry has come to a pause. The entire world has. Despite the setback, a few creative individuals have created the genius idea to host concerts at drive in movie theaters to best practice social distancing while still getting to party. A few clubs have actually opened back up also, one of the first of which who was hosted by Blunts & Blondes.

Back in February on the 16th, Denver was shown a beautiful performance. Denver was also shown a brand new production created exclusively for the Hot Box tour. Lucky enough Party Guru Productions was able to come out for the night to capture some pictures for an article that was written after. Joined by Subdocta and Bawldy, this was a very unique night. Starting off strong was Bawldy, playing those deep wubs we all came to see. Speeding up next, Subdocta played new and favorited tunes throughout his set. Both being great openers for the tour headliner himself, Blunts & Blondes. He hits the stage with his new track at the time Hot Box, the crowd went insane.

All in all this was a great show with a stunning production. Last weekend Blunts & Blondes actually returned for his first show down in Florida at one of the local clubs. Everything looked like normal besides crowd growers were required to wear masks. Hopefully soon we can start to see more shows start to come back, until then we have our livestreams.

Photos and article written by: Patrik Essy

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