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The Trifinity Takeover

The Trifinity Takeover


November 13th, 2019

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This Trifinity show was one for the books. Every act put on a phenomenal set. To start the night off, Lowpro set the vibe. Then followed by Godlazer who kept the crowd going. It was then time for Supertask, a crowd favorite!

Supertask is a very captivating artist that puts listeners in somewhat of a solace state. He composes euphonious arrangements as well as leading people to get lost in the soothing vibe from his music.

In short, Supertask was an amazing opener for the Trifinity! The vibes leading up were unreal.

The Trifinity Message

Trifinity sets are extremely unique in the way they are performed. It is unlike other sets. Above all, they give a message to the audience. We enter the triangle portal.

This is the message they aim to share:

Inside of you lives a creature of light. A creature of limitless potential. The cosmos smiles upon those who embrace this being. The path to ultimate prosperity is through the pyramid of light. Together we can open the pyramid of light to its maximum potential and bring humanity into an era of pure triangular bliss! Throughout time three triangle sages have been reborn many times, in many forms. Their purpose is to strengthen the pyramid, and enhance humanity’s inner light creatures. JOIN US and become three with the triangle. JOIN US and enhance your inner light creature. JOIN US and allow every piece of your existence to be blessed by the limitless power of The Trifinity. Bless to you, and bless to The Triangle!


The three members of the Trifinity are Yheti, Toadface, and Mt. Analogue. As you can see, three is the go-to number. Three members and three points of a triangle. This show was actually the trio’s 333rd show! So, it was a very special one.

This is the second Trifinity show I have attended and both times have been a trip! Most of the show is Yheti and Toadface providing the beats while Mt. Analogue raps over it. In fact, his words are very inspirational.

The energy in the ballroom of Cervantes was insane! That is, it was an abstract and unique use of music. Also, everyone was forming triangle signs with their hands and holding them high. Bouncing through the crowd was very fun. The Trifinity motto is “It is not a cult.” Nobody really knows if that is true or not. In fact, the fans seem to even have a cult-like mentality.

Religion of the Triangle

At one point Toadface was passing out pamphlets on the religion of the triangle. It talked about three commandments for the Trifinity. This could certainly be seen as too over-the-top, or absolutely genius. People didn’t know whether to join or laugh and I think that is what the Trifinity was trying to do. Meaning it seemed as if they wanted people to be a little confused about it. All in all, people really seemed to enjoy their shows and I am here for it!

Photos and article by Ashlyn Daniels

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