Next weekend, Levitt Pavilion Denver invites you to Super Chill, a concert event featuring The Polish Ambassador as the headliner, with a stellar lineup of supporting acts that promise to make it a night to remember. Scheduled for June 22nd, this event showcases a unique blend of beats and environmental activism led by the man in the vibrant jumpsuit, The Polish Ambassador, also known as David Sugalski.

The Artists

The Polish Ambassador has become a staple in the electronic music scene. His career spans over a decade and is characterized by his colorful stage presence and commitment to meaningful artistic expression. His performances are not just for dancing; they’re crafted to inspire and activate, pushing musical and social boundaries.

Super Chill will feature a DJ set by David Satori of Beats Antique and Dirtwire, adding an eclectic mix of world fusion and electronic beats. Boombox will bring their signature electronic rock sound that fuses bluesy vocals and psychedelic visuals. Grandfather Gold of Jumpsuit Records will round out the lineup, ensuring a night filled with eclectic sounds and high-energy performances.

Artist and Activist

The Polish Ambassador’s impact goes beyond music. He is a dedicated environmentalist and proponent of permaculture, living a lifestyle emphasizing harmony with nature. He creates music in a solar-powered studio on his 25-acre homestead in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Like all his tours, this concert is planned in a way that minimizes carbon footprint in mind, reflecting his commitment to sustainability.

In addition to his musical and environmental endeavors, Sugalski is an active community participant, having initiated a village-building convergence in Northern California. His label, Jumpsuit Records, not only launches the careers of diverse artists but also donates a portion of its proceeds to non-profit organizations chosen by fans.

Activist, Farmer and Artist the Polish Ambassador

The Show

The upcoming Denver show promises a journey through TPA’s extensive catalog, highlighting his range from global house to midtempo funk. Attendees can expect a fusion of West African percussion, Kirtan melodies, psychedelic sax solos, and fresh verses from talented emcees.

Tickets are still available for this electrifying evening. General Admission Lawn seats are $35 plus service fees, while VIP tickets are $49.50 plus service fees. Join The Polish Ambassador and his talented lineup of friends at Levitt Pavilion for Super Chill. It will be an evening of dance, music and community wrapped in the beats of one of the most forward-thinking artists in today’s electronic music scene.

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